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    I am marrried with 3 kids(almost grown) and a wonderful husband who is so handy and cute!
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  1. bellabill

    Just threw up my multivitamin

    I take Centrum Silver chewables for adults 50+. I am a year and a half out getting sick of chewables. I have to force myself to take them. Some days I skip them so I wondering if I can just swallow one like a pill. I was sleeved. Anyone do this?
  2. bellabill

    Now I'm pissed. Seriously pissed...

    I am pissed ,too. Seriously, what happened? What happened to people? The people in the middle east? Here in US? The corruption in the government? TMI on social media? So on and so on.......like someone said Love will conquer hate. It has to start now. Those of you who have young children, turn off the tv and they will play on their own, books and fun activities. These innocent kids do not need to know what is happening out there! Lots of prayers !! Have a good day ????
  3. bellabill

    Big Fat Fab Life

    She is 30 years old. She has ways to go. Is fat beautiful? Not for me! This is her denial. She has some growing up to do. Her parents are comical....they got a pig. The boyfriend....ugghh!! You can't see his face. I agree with gowalking. I get she is annoying and it's because she needs to mature. What would she being doing if it weren't for the show? They are paying her. She would not be living with Buddy in the house. Her dance class would not pay her much. So because of the show they add the dramatics to make interesting.
  4. bellabill

    Big Fat Fab Life

    I am watching the show tonight all because I do like the girl. I like her parents and friends. With all the denial she is going through as we all did. Took me 10 years to say yea I need to do something I just hope in time she'll decide to have surgery and we can all under stand what she is going through and support her. Let's see how this show will evolve...
  5. bellabill

    Big Fat Fab Life

    When she said she is happy fat...I kept saying out loud, "no,no,noooo!!" Plus, her and the gang in the hot tub! Another no!
  6. bellabill

    So it turns out my wife is gay...

    I am happy for you finding your way . See life does get better! Hang in there !!
  7. bellabill

    Veterans ONLY please. One year + post op.

    Great idea. I was getting bored seeing the same questions and honestly I have not been on here for some time. I would like to get back in the game.
  8. bellabill

    Knee pain and sleeve

    I was told 10 years ago I needed replacement and look into bariatric surgery. I did not want a bypass at the time. I regretted not doing this sooner cause I would have been like most people...weight comes off pain goes away. I waited to long.
  9. bellabill

    Knee pain and sleeve

    Hi Jenny, I had the sleeve surgery a year and 4 months ago. I need knee replacement so yes I had this surgery so I can lose weight before surgery. It's been a long time I finally got a date this this summer. The problem I noticed is when the weight was coming off I was moving more and therefore more pain occured. I have not lost a whole lot since walking is an issue. I feel I am bone on bone, very painful. Once both knees are done the weight should come off as I do more walking. I hope this helps with a better I insight. Lisa
  10. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Not a big fan of the show but it sure reminds me that I do not want to be in their shoes. Their lifestyle needs to be reexamined.
  11. bellabill

    Ok Veggies:

    Spagetti sqaush is awesome! I just cut them in half clean out the seeds and roast them on the grill or bake it in the oven. So good with chicken parm or any dish. It's a life saver for me.
  12. bellabill

    Are you excited about 2016?

    Same here! I love to watch things grow. Plus all the great organic produce to eat!! Way to go!!
  13. bellabill

    Success is the best revenge

    You go girl!
  14. bellabill

    Protein Problems

    I found atkins and muscle milk is tolerable cause it comes in cartons. You can actually finish the whole thing versus the larger bottles. Carton comes 15 grams of protein.
  15. Thank you for trying but I just to log in on my tablet and it said wrong password/ username? Not sure what to do? Lisa

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