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  1. Happy 43rd Birthday imb316!

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  3. 4 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 4th Anniversary imb316!

  4. imb316

    Cross Addiction

    Thanks for your response. I find it hard to believe that I am the only person here that has turned from food addiction to alchohol addiction.
  5. imb316

    Cross Addiction

    In the media you always hear a lot about people who have weight loss surgery and then since they cant squash their pain with food they turn to drugs and alchohol. I dont see much about this on this forum but unfortunately I am one of those people. Has anyone else turned to alchohol since being banded and not being able to stuff your face? I am also curious if anyone has even gone to a detox center to cleanse your body from the alcholol? I am scheduled to go next week and wonders if it works.
  6. imb316

    Alcoholism and cross addiction

    Has anyone ever gone to a detox center for alchohol?
  7. I had my surgery in Dec 2007 lost over 100 lbs and was finally skinny. Why did I go for an unfill so that I could enjoy myself by being able toe eat again? Now it has been a good 4 months and I have been trying to lose the same 10 pounds. I am either too tight and lose the weight right away but get sick or too loose and gain the weight back? What is wrong with me? Why didn't I just leave it alone. Why did I need to be able to gorge myself with food? Will this go on for the rest of my life?
  8. I know I will get a lot of negative responses but I ate whatever I wanted up until the day before surgery. Who are we kidding, if we could stick to a liquid diet we would not need surgery. BTW I am over 2 years out and over a 100 pounds lighter.
  9. if you are not losing weight then you are eating enough food to sustain your body - think like a thin person not a fat person if you want to lose weight get a fill
  10. imb316

    HUGE disappointment

    stop using money as an excuse - if you get a fill you will save so much more money on food!!! stop making excuses.
  11. imb316

    psychological counseling

    Maybe you were not ready to be banded. It sounds to me as if you don't really want to lose the weight. As someone who always turned to food for comfort I can tell you that if you use the band by having it filled you will lose weight. I had to speak with someone to deal with the depression of not being able to comfort myself with food. I am now taking cymbalta and it has worked out great for me.
  12. imb316

    Is it possible to eat too little

    I will tell you what my Dr told me. Stop thinking like a fat person and think like the skinny person you now are. If you are eating too little you would be losing weight. She told me this when I asked her to losen my band. I insisted that I need to eat more so she loosened my band. Needless to say in 3 days I had gained back 2 pound and went for a fill.
  13. imb316

    Does Your Throat "Growl?"

    For me it's more like a "gurgling" water sound than a "growl". My kids find it amusing though.
  14. My husband was against it as well. After seeing how miserable I was being fat (and 2 years of kvetching) he finally said I don't encourage you but I won't stand in your way. Do what is best for you. It has been 15 months since my surgery and I have lost 103 lb's and never looked back. Good Luck!!
  15. imb316

    Do you keep your 'fat' clothes?

    I had a box of clothing that used to fit me when I was at my thinnest after a fad diet about 8 years ago. Once I lost all my weight with the band I took out the box to see if anything fit. Well nothing fit because they were way to big on me. That was when I realised that I will never be fat again and threw out all my fat clothing (including what was my previous skinny clothing!)