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  1. I've scheduled my first consult for plastic surgery for April 1st. My #1 area of concern is my abdominal pannus. I've had one since middle school. I remember how embarrassing it was when my family talked about how I should wear my jeans, with my pooch under my waistband or flopping over it. At the time, I was like 12 maybe, low rise jeans were in.

    Now, as an adult, I wear my jeans over my pannus, creating an unsightly fat bulge below my belly button. I don't leave the house without making sure I'm presentable...wearing a long shirt/tank to hide it.

    I'm wondering what it's going to be like not having to hide the area...what it's like to wear jeans normally.

  2. Like another poster said, moving on from a friend is hard.

    You just gotta do what's best for you. Your goal is probably to be more physically healthy AND mentally healthy. There comes a point when that person can become so toxic that it may negatively affect your progress. That's not being selfish, it's finally thinking of yourself for once.

  3. The constipation! Ugh. I unfortunately had to go to the ER due to painkiller induced constipation. It was terrible and embarrassing. I was only advised to take two 100mg capsules of Colace after surgery but that did NOT help me. They had to give me an enema in one of the ER rooms while I sat on a bedside commode. I apologized over and over to the nurse but she and her assistant were angels about it.

    I have found that milk of magnesia and Miramax powder are the best, man!

    In other words, stay ahead of the constipation. It sucks balls.

  4. Unfortunately your own record does not count. They are looking for weight loss attempts and programs that were doctor/nutritionist supervised and documented. 6 months will go by faster than you think, even though at the time it seems like FOREVER until you get to take advantage of this great tool. You should use this time to get yourself accustomed to eating healthy, not drinking with meals, educating yourself as much as you can, etc...

    You'll get there!!!!

  5. On 12/21/2018 at 3:23 PM, ALFxRNY said:

    Other nsv, my new obsession with actually trying on clothes lol. Was always afraid to because things didn’t fit and I’d be disappointed. Not the case anymore!

    I love being able to try on anything! Even if it ends up looking absurd lol!!!

  6. Ok, so, my fiancé and I are planning a trip to Orlando for next July. I’m having some serious anxiety about leaving my puppers for so long (5 days maybe). Like I’m to the point that I don’t want to go! I have a place that I trust to board them, but I’ve only ever been without them for one night. Talk about human separation anxiety.

    Any thoughts?

  7. Ugh. It’s been a several months since I had the local Chinese food and gotten sick, so my brain must’ve forgotten how sick I got last time because I got some tonight for supper.

    ugh. It made me so sick. Why am I such an idiot? Ugh! Dummy!

    Dear future me,

    Should you think Chinese food sounds good...you’re wrong. You’ll end up puking, taking your Zofran, and laying in the tub while hot Water rains down on you until your stomach feels calm enough to lay in bed without wanting to dry heave. This feels terrible, you do not want to feel like this again. Don’t do it, rather don’t EAT it.

    With Love,



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