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  1. Thinkin I'll just live off of beef jerky since my stomach doesn't tolerate any other meat. Lol

  2. Finally lighter than my boyfriend! SCORE! :P

  3. Today, I am 9 months post op! I'm down 148 since surgery and 203 from my highest weight! I "only" lost 7 pounds this month, which is less than half of my average, so I'm thinking I am leaving the honeymoon phase. :'( 7 Pounds is still 7 pounds, and my life and health are both really great. So, no complaints here!

  4. Day 5 of Pre Op Diet, Down 8 Pounds in 4 Days :)

    1. GermanShepherdMama


      @LadyClair I can't wait to weigh myself on Tuesday to see how much I lost over the weekend!

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  5. Tommorow is the last appointment before insurance submission. Im excited cant wait for the approval call. But a little nervous about the weigh in , but i know ill come in under my last weight...woohoo

    1. GermanShepherdMama


      Yay! I'll cross my fingers for you!

  6. Day 3 of Pre Op All Liquid Diet. Going good so far. :)

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