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  1. Lucrezia Borgia

    Got naked, nobody died of shame...

    You go girl!...can't wait to post the same ????
  2. Lucrezia Borgia

    Day 14 Post op and weight stall?

    Thanks to all of you "veterans" out there...I was sleeved on 9-16 and was doing just fine until this past week (the dreaded week 3). I lost 22 lbs in the first 2 weeks and this past week...nothing. Very frustrating, but happy to know I'm not alone! Guess I should stop getting on the scale every morning...lol.
  3. Lucrezia Borgia

    Is my Sleeve Working?

    Hi there, I am having the exact same experience! I was even starting to wonder if they "forgot" to do my sleeve. I haven't had any problems getting in my liquids or protein. I was sleeved on 9/16, & I was just cleared for pureed the other day (a few days early 'cuz I've had no problems ). Even with the puree (I've tried chicken salad, soft cheese, refried beans) and still no problems. I'm trying to eat really slowly, but even that's challenging. HELP...THIS IS MAKING ME SO PARANOID! (I know that sounds nuts, but it I just feel like this should be harder ).
  4. Lucrezia Borgia

    doing okay but frustrated!

    Just finished my full liquid stage the other day...thank goodness! Other than a variety of cream soups (that I made with Skim Plus milk for extra protein), the one thing that tasted wonderful to me was V8 juice (I would also had a few tsp of unflavored protein powder to that).
  5. Lucrezia Borgia

    Wanted: September Sleevers!

    Is she OUT OF HER MIND? I can't even imagine! I'm getting in my 64 oz a day and my protein, but it's pretty much taking me all day to do it. My stomach gurgles after a few spoonfuls of yogurt or cream soup!
  6. Lucrezia Borgia

    Wanted: September Sleevers!

    Good Luck !
  7. Yes,..had my surgery in the 16th. Really like him and the rest of the staff. So far, no problems at all! :-)
  8. Lucrezia Borgia

    Wanted: September Sleevers!

    sugar free pudding counts as full liquid per my nut (same goes for blended (smooth) non fat yogurt. I've tried them both...eat them slowly!
  9. sorry you're having issues...my doc said no to the puree for 2 wks post op due to risk of leaks...I imagine yours is saying same. Hang in there. Have you tried adding unflavored protein powder (I use Unjury) to low fat cream soup or tomato soup (I could have those after 3 days post op) If you can tolerate milk, I found this one in my local store called Skim Plus. Cal count is slightly higher than reg skim, but 1 cup has 11g of protein. Been making the soups and shakes with that. Hope that helps! Janis
  10. Hahaha! I had the exact same questions! I'm 6 days post op and SO over the liquid "food". Mom was eating an Italian sub yesterday and I seriously wanted to rip it out of her hands!
  11. Lucrezia Borgia

    Wanted: September Sleevers!

    Yes, happy to report that we're both recovering well!
  12. Lucrezia Borgia

    Sagging Skin ?

    You look FABULOUS! Congrats!
  13. Lucrezia Borgia

    tummy troubles

    Guess I've been lucky...haven't had any of the tiredness or nausea since I got home. Only 5 days out and I feel fine. Only issues I'm having is occassional gurgling noises, & some gas "bubbles" (like I need to belch). The one thing I am getting is some cramping...feels like a severe hunger pang. Anyone else getting that or know what it's from? My 1wk f/u appt is Tues, so I'll ask about, but I was just curious if anyone else felt that?
  14. Lucrezia Borgia


    V8 is ok per my doc's instructions. And it tasted so wonderful after all the "sweet" of protein shakes! I mixed in a few tsp of Unjury unflavored protein powder just for a little xtra protein. Couldn't even taste it.
  15. Lucrezia Borgia

    Wanted: September Sleevers!

    I can't believe tomorrow is day 5 post op already. Started full liquids today...felt really good to have soup! But you know what tasted wonderful to me? V8 juice. I know this isn't exactly on topic, but I feel the need to share my "coming home from the hospital" story. I finally left at about 7:30 pm on Tues. Got to my condo at about 8. So, my neighbor had kindly offered to carry my suitcase upstairs, as well as my mom's oxygen tank (she drove up from VA to be with me in hosp & to help me for the first week after. But she has COPD, hence the O2 tank). As my neighbor & I were on the stairs, I hear this crack & thud outside....I hobbled outside, & there was my mom, on the sidewalk, flat on her back, leaving a puddle of blood under her head. Well, after I called 911 and saw that she was conscious, we spent the next 4 hours in the ER. 8 stitches and lots of bruises later, but thankfully nothing broken or a concussion, we made it back home. I'm glad I've been feeling ok, 'cause I've been taking care of her more than the reverse. WTF!!! Just needed to get that off my chest.

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