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  1. holliwood1980

    December Surgery Thread - we rock!

    I'm one year out and down 113 pounds! This was the fastest year of my life! I am so happy that I finally made the decision to have surgery. Best decision I ever made! I still have a little ways to go but I am so pleased with my progress.
  2. holliwood1980


    That's great progress! I do Zumba as well I love it!
  3. holliwood1980


    Why not talk to your NUT? Are you getting in all you Protein and Water? Are you exercising? Your issue may/or may not be the number of calories you are eating. If it is, the solution may actually be to eat more and not less. Why not make an appointment with your NUT? Embrace the Stall! I called her today actually! ☺️ thank you for your advise! Some great ideas there thank u!
  4. holliwood1980


    I have been eating around 1100 calories a day maybe i should lessen it for a while.
  5. holliwood1980


    I am 9 months out and down 102 pounds since surgery. I am very happy with my progress so far but I have been at a stall for the past month. I am following the calories that my doctor set for me and I am exercising regularly. I'm not sure why I am at a stall. I need to find a way to get the loss going again!
  6. holliwood1980

    Labor Day Challenge!

    251 same as last week ????
  7. holliwood1980

    Whenever I'm having a bad day...

    Thank you so much!
  8. holliwood1980

    Whenever I'm having a bad day...

    @@holliwood1980 old pics - new pics it is amazing to see before and after you might say, "was that really me?" then you look at your new pic, in your full length mirror and you might say something like "i look and feel great" what a difference I wish i had bunches of before pics to look at i always stayed away from camera if i was in a picture (under protest) i hid in the back hubby took one picture of me a couple of weeks pre-op next one was after i hit my goal i wish i had thought of taking more frequent pics during my transformation where were you 3.8 months ago and you could have told me to take more pics? oh well, i still love ya coming to the board for any reason is uplifting looking at others experiences and success-does give you encouragement this experience with weight loss is amazing you will reach goal!!! then what?? you will/must continue to follow all the rules you've learned for the rest of your healthier, happier, longer life what a wonderful life you will continue to have 99.5 lbs down!!! i'm holding the door open for you to walk/ enter the century club room lovely before and after pic of your pretty face - what a difference keep up the great job good luck kathy congrats Thank you so much!! As of this morning I hit 100 pounds lost!! Yay!! Thank you!!
  9. holliwood1980

    Labor Day Challenge!

    251 today. Down 4 since last weigh in and down 100 since surgery!!
  10. holliwood1980

    Whenever I'm having a bad day...

    That was total since the day of surgery. Total since pre op diet is about 120.
  11. holliwood1980

    Before and after

    Another recent before and after. We all need to do this! It is amazing! You look fantastic!! Amazing transformation!
  12. I am 8 months post op. I am down 99.5 pounds. That number doesn't even seem real. This journey is so amazing. We are the only ones who will ever understand the highs, lows, and complete life changing situations that come with weight loss surgery. Some days are great, some days are not. Whenever I have a bad day I get on this site and read everyone's success and tips. I also look back at old pictures to see how far I have come. I encourage everyone to do the same. Make some before and after collages. You will feel amazing in no time! The before pic is two months before surgery. The after is about 7 months post op.
  13. holliwood1980

    Before and after

    thank you!
  14. holliwood1980

    Pennsylvania Anyone?

    I live in Ohio about 45 min from Pittsburgh. I had my sleeve in December at Magee!