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  1. Dianechef

    Workout Dvds anyone?

    It's funny you started this thread!! I just bid on 2 DVD's that were "Walking Away the Pounds." I had never heard of them & was hoping they were good ones. If anyone else has these videos let me know!! Not sure if I should outbid someone if I don't win. I want to start working out at home too!!
  2. Dianechef

    Weight Loss Shake

    Hi Gabi! I don't have any experience with any of these products. I wish I could offer some help. I'm thinkin' the reason others aren't posting is for the same reason?!?!
  3. Dianechef

    2006 Christmas pics

    The tree is beautiful. Your home is gorgeous!! I'd love to have a house like that.
  4. Dianechef

    The new Smoke-Free Ohio Law

    I am all for this law. I had a dear friend die from Lung Cancer. He never smoked a cigarette in his entire life. But, he worked in an office that was filled with smokers who freely smoked around him. Second hand smoke is bad!!
  5. Hi Speck! There really are very little scars. What you've read about the fills here is correct. The fills are not incisions, just a needle. I've attached a picture of what my stomach looks like 16 months after surgery. I virtually have no scars. I have had 6 fills. You can't even see the original scars from the surgery. You have to search for them.
  6. Quote by Sunta: "I still think people that have extreme amounts of children are idiots, and that they are uneducated regarding the environment." Sunta, I am not going to judge you, but I do want you to understand that what you're saying is extremely hurtful. I think it is wise to get to know a person before you make blanket statements about them. It sounds as if you may know a few people who actually have several children & didn't seem to like the choices they have made. You are therefore judging all people who have lots of children because of the handful you know. PLEASE, PLEASE think before you say things. I try to think postively about others & since I don't know you, I am just going to assume that your statements were made without intentions to be hurtful. This post is simply to let you know that you indeed are hurting others. If hurting others truly is your intent, then I feel very sorry for you. :phanvan
  7. I am from a family of 10 children. I am the 6th child. My parents were NEVER on welfare. They paid for everything themselves. All of us kids have grown up to be good, hard-working adults & contribute to the society in a big way. We are all educated & successful. We aren't crazy christian people. My mother loved children & was very very good at raising us. There was lots of love in our home. The posts I have read on here make me cry! You don't know my mother, but you are calling her an idiot because she chose to have 10 children. If everyone had a mother like I did, this world would be a much better place.
  8. Dianechef

    phoenix fill dr. for mexican patients.

    This is wonderful!! What is the name of the doctor, where is he located & how much will he charge?!?
  9. Dianechef

    about fat free cool whip

    It's artificial EVERYTHING!! Even though it says zero on calories & carbs, I stay away from it because it's just fake food. I'd rather have a dollop of real cream. :girl_hug:
  10. Dianechef

    Mystery Bruises

    Hi Carlene! I used to get bruises on my thigh too. I found it was was from table that stuck out & I kept hitting my leg on it everytime I walked by. It never hurt & I didn't realize it was making a bruise until one day when I walked by & went - "Hey, this table is it!!!!!" I moved the table & never got any more bruises. Okay, so this may NOT be your problem!! But, I thought I'd put it out there anyway. Do you have a table that sticks out?!?!
  11. Dianechef

    Musicians Unite!!!

    Hi Doug!! I got your PM, but thought I'd post here too!! I've been teaching piano for almost 20 yrs. & currently have 25 students. We're having out piano Recital this coming Tuesday. It's my favorite time of the year. I love to see little fingerst trembling on the piano. And they have so much confidence when they're done!! It's just CUTE!!
  12. Dianechef

    It's been one Hell of a Ride!

    We want pictures! We want pictures! We want pictures!! We want pictures!! (Can you hear us all chanting?!?!?) You've inpsired is with your numbers, now inspire us with your pictures. Great job!! I am jealous!!!!!!!
  13. Dianechef

    Me Thinks The World Just became a little safer

    I agree with Kathy!! Having all these Democrats in charge scares me more then all the war crap that's going on!!! I am very sad at the election results. :phanvan
  14. Hi Vinesqueen, I completely understand that marriage isn't just for making babies. My point was that one of the many purposes of marriage was to have children. Whether we choose to or not is our choice. However, when you are married to a person of the same sex, making a child is virtually impossible. There is a reason that it takes one man & one woman to make a child. I don't care what's written in the bible. We all know this is fact.
  15. I'm not going to quote the bible or bash anyones beliefs on this. I am only stating a fact. Two women cannot physically make a child together. Our creator made our bodies in a way that you needed one man AND one woman to create a child. In that respect, we call this union a marriage. If two women want to be together, that is their choice. However, they need a sperm from a man to create a child. Be together, but do not call it a marriage. As much as I like my gay friends, I am concerned for their children. What do they say to their children about how babies are made? How do they explain that a man was needed to for them to be born?

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