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  1. krimrod

    Bluepoint Surgical Group

    Of course! Like I said, I'm just going to throw them out otherwise. Might as well try to give someone some use out of them. I'm post-op and drinking a variety of other protein supplements, so I just have no use for them. I'll message you
  2. krimrod

    Bluepoint Surgical Group

    Oh the soup was horrendous. After two days I just stopped eating it. I couldn't.
  3. krimrod

    Bluepoint Surgical Group

    Hey all! I have a TON of the leftover Batiatric Advantage powder - Iced Latte, Vanilla, and Banana. I only had one scoop of the Banana. If anyone is interested, you can have them for free if you're willing to pick up in NoVa. I figured I'd offer it up before I totally waste it and throw it all out.
  4. My plan says no corn, popcorn, or seeds for 9 weeks until the sleeve fully heals.
  5. Jen - have you tried lentils/ lentil soup? Lentils are very high in protein and in soup they're quite mushy.
  6. Okay I've caught up on all of the facebook invites. They've all been sent
  7. Okay I think I got everyone who requested in here and who sent me messages. Invites sent!
  8. Invite sent, @@chellede
  9. Invite sent @@Peekboo!
  10. Hey all! I saw the discussion about the FB group. I 100% guarantee you it is secret and no one will see it. I essentially told no one other than my husband about my surgery, so that's why I wanted to start the group myself to ensure it was totally secure. I was skeptical so I did all sorts of tricks/investigating to make sure. Also, as an extra precaution I changed the name of the group to October 2014 Friends. If you want to join, just send me your email and I'll send an invite to anyone. The more the merrier
  11. krimrod

    Bluepoint Surgical Group

    I can't say enough great things about BluePoint. They have upfront costs, but they have their stuff together. No runaround, no guessing. And they have a great follow up program. My date was 10/21 with Dr. Pourshojae. I also met with Dr. Moazzez for one of the pre-appointments, and I have to say they are both amazing. You will not regret using them.
  12. krimrod

    New group for oct sleevers

    I just need your email address. If you message that to me I'll send out an invite.
  13. I've sent invites to everyone who asked.
  14. @@chellede Everything above is true. Closed groups may show up on your timeline. However, the group I'm sending email invitations for is a private group - no one will see that you've joined it and only members can see your posts. I'll add those of you above who gave me your email address today. I'm at work right now and for whatever reason the phone app won't let me add people to the group so I have to wait until I get home.

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