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    taylorj7 reacted to Introvert in Salad's How Long ? !   
    My surgeon cleared me to eat salad one month out. But he warned me of really roughages like raw broccoli, carrots and lettuce has to be chopped small before eating and chewed very well. I've had NO problems with anything. I feel blessed.
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    taylorj7 reacted to HikeEveryMountain in Salad's How Long ? !   
    I started salads at about 3 months, never had any difficulty with them.
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    taylorj7 got a reaction from Zoey716 in Salad's How Long ? !   
    Thanks Guys, Your Info Is Greatly Appreciated !
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    taylorj7 reacted to swimbikerun in Salad's How Long ? !   
    As long as you chew it well, why is there a problem? You need healthy food too.
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    taylorj7 reacted to WhoKnows in Salad's How Long ? !   
    I think I started eating raw veg around 8 weeks. But my healing process was really smooth and I've never had any trouble with anything I've eaten. So, 8 weeks might be too soon for some people.
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    taylorj7 reacted to Zoey716 in Salad's How Long ? !   
    I started eating salad about 3 months post op. Didn't really have any trouble with it. I don't eat raw carrots or celery as they are too tough still. I always pair my salad with a Protein - chicken or tuna. I would say try eating a very small salad (few pieces), and see how your tummy handles it. If you feel ok - next time try a little more.
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    taylorj7 reacted to mamaruss5 in Salad's How Long ? !   
    Was sleeved June 17 and did try a salad last week and didn't seem to have much difficulty. Couldn't tell if I felt fuller faster or not. No stomach upset after. I really haven't pushed the issue yet.
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    taylorj7 reacted to DivaDarling813 in African American vsgers!   
    @@taylorj7 You go!! Keep up the great work!
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    taylorj7 reacted to ChrisVSG in first stall   
    that's perfectly normal actually NOT a stall Your doing good WTG
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    taylorj7 reacted to tc_99 in first stall   
    Glad you posted this guys, I was sleeved of 24 th July and have been stalled for the past three weeks. Am very much hoping it's over soon.
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    taylorj7 reacted to VPenn in first stall   
    I was sleeved on 08 July 14. Starting weight was 363 and surgery weight was 338. Down to 312 as of a week ago but have stalled since then. I've upped exercise, worked to get in the required Water and Protein.
    I was beginning to worry that there was something I was, or wasn't, doing. Feel better now. Loving how much better I feel, that people can visibly notice the difference in my appearance, and starting to really notice the change in how clothes fit...or don't fit to be more precise.
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    taylorj7 reacted to Bob2013 in first stall   
    It happens to everyone. It will happen throughout the time your losing. I've stalled 4 or 5 times in the 7 months since surgery. I am currently in a stall. I hit 188lbs and have seen the scale move up to 190 in the past 2 weeks. same thing happened about 6 weeks ago. Getting ready to drop below under 200lbs and poof I gained a couple pounds. A week or so later I was down to 197.
    There is no time frame and no set schedule for stalls.
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    taylorj7 reacted to Rogofulm in Drinking with meals.   
    I agree with the rest. Drinking Water all day long (except for the hour around a meal) is the key to getting it all in. I bought two 24-oz Tervis tumblers – one for home and one for work. I drink one tumbler of Crystal Light (or generic) Decaf iced tea throughout the morning, finishing it 30+ minutes before lunch; another throughout the afternoon, starting 30+ minutes after lunch (and finishing before snack); and finally one at home throughout the evening, starting 30+ minutes after dinner. That's 72 ounces a day, plus any coffee or tea I might also consume. I set drinks out for my family at dinner, but don't put one out for myself anymore. If I need a chaser to help get something down, I take a sip of their drink, or go into the kitchen and take a small sip of Water. I hope this gives you some ideas – it's a system that works for me!
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    taylorj7 reacted to waneta35 in African American vsgers!   
    Got sleeved two days ago. Not in much pain but I have to remind myself to sip. If I drink to fast I get the burbs.
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    taylorj7 reacted to Peekboo in African American vsgers!   
    Taylor j7
    That's awesome
    I like the EAS too
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    taylorj7 reacted to motherof5 in African American vsgers!   
    @,peekboo= I am using EAS chocolate Protein.
    @Taylor= you r doing an awesome job!
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    taylorj7 got a reaction from m4nurse in African American vsgers!   
    I was sleeved on 8/6/15 So far down 51 Lbs
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    taylorj7 got a reaction from m4nurse in African American vsgers!   
    I was sleeved on 8/6/15 So far down 51 Lbs
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    taylorj7 reacted to SleeveyLooser in African American vsgers!   
    i get sleeved sept 30th
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    taylorj7 reacted to spelmanite10 in African American vsgers!   
    Try limiting your carbs by increasing Protein and green veggies. Some veggies are even carby. I tend to eat the following and practice the interval eating no eating and drinking at same time
    2 Water bottles on wake up and way to work
    Breakfast 9 am 2 eggs sausage patty
    snack 8 cheese cubes and sausage link
    Water 2 bottles
    lunch baked chicken and 1 cup spinach
    2 water bottles
    Snack 8 cheese cubes 2 celery stalks
    2 Water bottles
    dinner before 8 chicken and salad only vingerette
    I wait two hours before I go to bed after I eat.
    I did this for two weeks and I lost 20 lbs
    I had to lose weight to gey back to my approval weight
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    taylorj7 reacted to LuvDaNuMe in African American vsgers!   
    I log everything I eat in MFP. Typical day:
    Early morning Protein shake (30g)
    Breakfast: 1/2 c Oat meal, scramble egg, 1 turkey sausage.
    Snack: Protein Bar or P3 snack
    Lunch: grilled chicken salad
    Snack: Protein Shake
    Dinner: meat loaf, spinach, or steamed veggies.
    I limit carbs because too many makes me stall.
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    taylorj7 reacted to TheBlissfulNatural in African American vsgers!   
    Two Protein Shakes, 1 Protein snack and one sensible meal. Everything has to be less than 1000 calories total. I'm so accustomed to eating A LOT more....lol. I'm keeping my eyes on the prize...this time next week (God willing), I'll be sleeved!!!!
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    taylorj7 reacted to waneta35 in African American vsgers!   
    Hi I'm from Chicago I get sleeved on Tuesday Sept 23rd. I'm ready but nervous for the change. Glad to hear about everyone! !
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    taylorj7 reacted to mick in 1/4 cup for life?   
    I am almost 8 wks out and I can eat about 3/4 cup of soft foods. My favorite "meal" is 3 slices of deli sliced turkey or chicken breast rolled up with a slice of cheese in the middle. Fills me up and i can eat on the go. Every now and then i eat a tiny bit of mashed potatoes w/gravy and some meatloaf or whatever kind of meat.for dinner. I am mostly eating meat for Protein to see if I can get my weight loss moving.
    The only thing I miss and having trouble getting used to is drinking while I am eating or right after because sometimes I get really thirsty.
    The folks i am acquainted with tell me to have patience, the weight will go.
    Last night i went to Dickie's Bar B Que with my family and ate mostly chicken with a tiny bit of mashed potatoes but I was a little frustrated because it smelled so good but I was feeling stuffed.
    If losing weight and keeping it off means this is the way I will have to eat the rest of my life then so be it.Now I can fit in a booth at a restaurant, don't mind going out in public, and shopping for clothes is actually fun instead of frustrating, just to name a few things i am thrilled with.
    Best trade off I've ever made.

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    taylorj7 got a reaction from #9grammy in Cheer me up please   
    Hang in there, I recieved a call from my Doctor Four days befor my surgery, he said that he had some kind of eye infection and had to postpone the surgery until one week later. Then on the evening of the new schedueled date, I recieved a call saying it had to be moved from Wednesday to Thursday due to the fact that he had to rescheduel so many surgeries. I Felt like he just didnt want to do it!!. Well Five weeks later it's all done and I'm moving on and so will you.

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