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  1. I was operated on by Dr. Almanza on July 26 of 2014. Great results. I've lost 60 pounds and am within 20 pounds of goal weight (I am 5'10"). I was very sick for a couple of weeks after surgery, but it passed and I am thrilled with my results. The best thing I've ever done for myself. Best of luck!
  2. I weighed 210 when I had surgery with Dr. Almanza. I am 5'9". Have lost just under 50 pounds in 3.5 months.
  3. Cerika111


    I can eat about a quarter cup of salad, but then I can't eat more than a quarter cup of anything - and even that leaves me stuffed! My head still tells me I want more, but my tiny tummy rebels! Beats the heck out of having almost 40 pounds back on me though! I have almost. 40 to go to goal, but what a difference already.
  4. Cerika111

    Doctor warning

    I had my surgery with Dr. Almanza and have had very good results. I did research and I have followed up with my doctor at home. I did not have to wait 6 months, go through months of testing (they did blood test and EKG), or pay a ton out of pocket. So glad I did mine there. All surgeons have complications at one time if they practice long enough - no matter where they practice. Just sayin'.
  5. I hit a 3 week stall too! I knew the weight was one my body was at for years pre-surgery and my last gain before finally having the surgery done, but it was frustrating. I am now back to losing almost a pound a day for more than a week! Yay! Knowing this stall ended will help me get through the inevitable next one. Hoping all of you are feeling great!
  6. Cerika111


    #498 EvEisMySleeve said Any July Sleevers hit the dreaded 3rd week stall??? I did!! Ugh please tell me when it will end!! Yeppers no change x3 days for me so im guessing we are in same boat. I try not to step on that da#$ scale but can't. Im trying to change up meal choices. ..kinda always the same & hope that will help. Good luck to you!! I haven't lost for last 3 days and I have not been able to get in more than 300 calories on any day (mostly shakes that are 100 calories -'18 grams of protein each.) Occasionally broth, but I tried some puréed food and it did not feel good. Is this the three week stall or am I doing wrong by not forcing more down. I'm so afraid of stretching my tummy out and not losing. Any helpful advice would be great. I'm doing ok with water.
  7. Wish i knew what to say on acid reflux but am grateful ive had none now that i am back home. Maybe a couple more days and yours will stop, too. Fingers crossed for you!
  8. I had a good day of actual surgery and was a TRAIN WRECK the following 4 days. Now I'm feeling really good. I have yet to be hungry and force myself to get in about 250 calories a day. Broth and maybe 2 100 calorie protein shakes daily. I am forcing water down, but it's work to get in even 48 oz of water. I feel full after 3 sips. Down 10 lbs so far. Walking 2 miles a day since Wednesday. So great not to be vomiting and peeing myself every 10 minutes now. Ugh! I'm assuming hunger will return at some point, but for now I have none. Feeling good!
  9. Cerika111

    Tummy Tuck after Sleeve

    I had a tummy tuck and a breast lift 8 years ago in TJ during one of my thin times. Dr. Jaime Caloca did my surgery and did a very good job. I was still living in Orange County at the time, which was good because I overdid it too soon and had a problem with liquid collecting between muscle and skin - but nothing to do with the doctor. We had to drive back and have it drained (really icky) but all healed well. Both US surgeons I saw for my gastric sleeve wanted the see my scars and feel abdomen and were impressed with the job Dr. Caloca did (neither asked me where I had it done). Anyhow, a good experience that saved me about $20K over having it done in the states. I hope that helps.
  10. I'll be wishing you great luck and easy recovery! I am bringing my friend with me to surgery - are you bringing someone, too?
  11. July 26 here - in Mexico. I've had great results with ps there when thin, so I am comfortable with my choice. My BMI is on lower end (for surgery - not in general) and I am very hopeful!

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