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  1. They need beer flavored jello. ????
  2. micmt

    Just one more time

    My surgery date is November 4. I go in October 23 for my pre op appointment and lab work. On October 25 I start my 10 day liquid diet. Its a crazy fast schedule once the insurance approval came in. Only took a week and a half from my last dr appointment to the insurance approval. The holidays will be hard but come next spring I will be a new person.
  3. Oh I am excited. But I thought I had another month to mentally prepare for the procedure. It's life changing in so many ways. To have it move a month closer and that I was done with the hurdles was a shock to my system I guess. It made me realize that something I have wanted for years was actually going to happen. I'm sure everyone is different. But for some it's like bungie jumping off a bridge. You really want to do it. Get all prepped. Then you see the drop and say what if the line snaps. But you just jump anyways. After it's over you say I why did I not do that jump sooner. There's nothing to be afraid of.
  4. Congratulations! I'm set for November 4. I was told 2 weeks ago that I was done with the dr supervised weight loss when I was expecting another month. It was a huge shock. I felt the same way. Heck I still feel that way.
  5. Ok so I went to do my final nutrition apt and exercise appt this morning. Then afterwards I jaunted over to the Dr office for my second weigh in. At the end of my allotted 5 minutes. (Ok it was longer but feels like just 5) he says ok let's get this submitted to the insurance and get you scheduled. Ok sounds normal right! But the surprise was that I thought I had another month of weigh ins! I looked at him confused and said huh. That's not right. Well they count the first visit as month one of the weigh in. I had a holy crap moment this is going to happen really fast. It's like going to a vacation spot you always wanted to go.... London, Paris and you plan for it but it's just planning until you actually get on the plane and it's real. And it's gonna happen fast. Two weeks for ins approval. 10 days for pre op liquid diet and 10 days for any possible delays. Scheduled my surgery for November 4. On a really funny and dry humor side I'm thinking if how much money I'm going to save during the holidays cause I'm not gorging on huge feasts.
  6. micmt

    Weigh in surprise

    Thank you. It really surprised and caught me off guard.
  7. micmt

    Finally on the right road

    Awesome! It's never too late. You have many decades ahead of you still. Make the best of them.
  8. Its a sad thing that I have kept all my skinny clothes hoping someday I can lose enough. I keep telling my wife I'll fit into those again don't throw them out. I have come so close so many time to just donate them because I just can't lose the weight no matter what. But I am so excited that I did keep them because soon I will be doing exactly what you are doing. Instead of culling away my skinny clothes it will be my fatty clothes. I look forward to trying on my army uniform from 20 years ago and it fitting! That's my personal goal!
  9. Just finished my second dr appt and I lost 14 lbs on his dr supervised diet. The dr was very excited. Will the insurance deny the surgery if I lose too much weight? I'm still over the 40% bmi mark but what if I lose another 30 lbs? I would still be 80 lbs from my goal weight. I have a proven track record of gaining it back. Just concerned that I am adhering too strictly to his goal of 1200 cals a day.
  10. The dr seemed excited about the lose. He did not caution me against losing too much but he was surprised I did lose the 14lbs. Losing 14 lbs is not that hard for me due to my size. It is getting harder to do as I get older though. But that's my cycle of lose 10 lbs. gain 15lbs. I can lose it but it always comes back bringing friends.
  11. micmt

    H pylori

    There are multiple ways to test. A biopsy is the most accurate for a current infection as it looks for the actual organism. The blood is an antigen test. Testing for the response your body is currently or has in the past responded to the organism. There is also a breath test. Stool would look for the shedding of the bacteria but could have variables. The gold standard is the biopsy though.
  12. micmt

    October Buddies wanted

    Ok I'm curious what the time frame is from getting approval to surgery date. Is is like 2 weeks. 30 days. So 2 weeks waiting for approval then 4 weeks for the surgery date. Another 45 days from paperwork being submitted. Any ideas?
  13. That's awesome. I'm sure it took a lot of hard work.
  14. So I told my boss this morning that I am planning on bariatric surgery and that date will be in October or November. I don't have a date yet. She asked me to wait until December since it's elective. I really don't want to wait until the holidays dang it. I want this done ASAP. Not wait a month and half after my last dr appt. tempted to just hit fmla up and do it sooner anyways since they can't stop fmla. But is it worth it to piss off my boss? I work for a large hospital and the October/November months are our inspection window this year. What do you all think? Should I discuss this with the HR dept?
  15. micmt

    Asked to delay

    I just don't like others who do not know employee rights or try to push there view. It's more a principle thing. Large employers have no right to tell someone to delay a surgery even if it's voluntary when some one files FMLA or even if they think the employee is going to file. It becomes hands off. I was not asked to delay. I was told to delay.
  16. micmt

    This time maybe

    Good luck! I'm also hoping to make surgery in October.
  17. I thought about this also. So if the first visit is let's say May 1 with a dr and second visit is June 1. That would be one month. So for a three month supervised diet you would need to see the dr 4 times?
  18. micmt

    whine: I want soup!

    Cream soups such as cream of chicken? Maybe it's the fat content of the cream? Idk just shooting in the dark.
  19. I wonder I feel large. Look at this picture taken yesterday at the beach. In 6'3" and 325lb. Everyone keeps telling my I carry my weight well. I'm calling BS! Ain't no way I can look like this and carry my weight well. Even my wife is behind me now on getting it done.
  20. Just saw the surgeon today to get this journey started and I told him I was interested in the sleeve. He told me that he prefers the complete bypass since the sleeve requires some work on the diet end and you can cheat on it. He wants me to be on a 1200 cal diet for three months. Really? If I could do that by myself I would not need surgery. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  21. Thank you all for words of encouragement. I don't post pictures of myself on Facebook so I guess you guys will just have to see them.
  22. micmt

    Pre req diet

    I will see how the next appt goes. I'm more on the fence now between the sleeve or the RNY
  23. My first bariatric Dr.s appointment is tomarrow and I am kinda nervious about bringing up the subject of colon polyps with the Dr. I had a colonoscopy 4 months ago becuase I thought I had a bleeding ulcer. When it was over the nurse exclaimed "thats the most I have ever seen." OK thats not what I wanted to hear. I had 39 polyps and I am only 37 years old. Genetic testing come back negative. My next colonoscopy is in August. My question is- Is polyps a contraindication for Bariatric surgery? I would really appreciate any thoughts.
  24. micmt

    Colon Polyps

    I'm hoping getting the weight off will allow me to become more active. I have been fairly healthy (non-weight) wise up to about 6 months ago. Then I started falling apart with colon polyps, high blood pressure last three times I had it checked, knee pain, major neck pain and I'm sure I'm headed to being diabetic and slipped discs in lower back. I need this weight off. It won't be easy I know. But with two young boys I need to get more active.
  25. Got a call yesterday for my first nut appt for next Tuesday. Man do they want to get the ball rolling fast. I was able to tag the EGD onto my colonoscopy that I already had scheduled for August 15th. I have Coventry and they only require 3 months of dr supervised diet. I guess my first appt with the dr was the start date for that right? And that was last week. I am really excited.

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