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  1. I didn't eat egg whites on my liquid diet wish I could help.
  2. My surgeon said it was dehydration. That your tongue is one of the first signs of dehydration. When I was able I upped my water intake and it went away...now when I don't pay as close attention and get behind on my water I get the same thing. Good luck guys!
  3. last night I dumped it was horrible I ate a few bites of my daughters cheesesteak not the bread just the meat and cheese and a few hours later when I was sleeping it hit me it felt like labor pains I was sweaty I was nauseous and I had diarrhea never again also 5 weeks out I lost 5 pounds since last week I'm down to 179 178 and mean
  4. I weigh 183 now. So I have lost 20 pounds in one month since surgery. I'm down from a size 18 to a 13! I can't believe it has been a month already. I was able to get 1/2 cup in early on in the soft food stage but now I am barely able to get 1/3 in. I drink two high protein shakes a day and eat once or twice. I love the light babybell cheese for a snack or meal...and the P3 protein snacks are a favorite though I can't usually eat the whole thing. My second day on meats I made a roll up with deli chicken breast and egg and didn't chew well enough. The food got stuck and it was absolutely horrible. I tried papaya enzyme and it didn't work...I stood over the toilet for an hour afraid to throw up because I didn't want to hurt any stitches in my belly but it was a nightmare. I kept spitting out saliva that made it's way up every thirty seconds. Finally, I gave in and threw up foam. It was weird. But I wasn't finished, I still felt like a boulder was lodged in my chest. If you've ever gotten a lump of bread stuck in your throat imagine that times 50. I finally threw the rest up and felt better. If that happens again I won't hesitate, I will be sick right away.That hour standing over the toilet hurt my back as well as my stomach. My pouch was tender after retching but felt better the next day. I never want to feel that way again! I am trying to not be afraid to eat non soft foods now so I am easing into it. I have no appetite really but if my pouch gets empty it hurts so I know its time to eat. I tried coffee the first time yesterday and it was delicious! Taking it easy on that I just wanted a taste. Also, I have a head cold. I called the pharamacy and the pharmacist told me I could take any cold medicine I wanted to.. A nagging feeling told me to get a second opinion so I called another pharmacist. I wanted to take phenylephrine for sinus pressure and wanted to know if that was ok for gastric bypass almost a month post op. He told me he didn't recommend it because it can cause a spike in the blood pressure so sudden it could cause rupturing...even with my low blood pressure of 94/62. He recommended no cold medicine...only saline nasal spray. So I suffer. But at least I'm alive to suffer. Really greatful for that voice that told me to get a second opinion.
  5. Christina44

    Anyone really lightheaded?

    I am! I went to my two week post op visit today and my blood pressure was 94/62! The surgeon didn't seem too concerned,just said it would get better (the dizziness ) in two weeks when I start my Vitamins. I feel a tiny bit better when I get more Water in. Good luck to you!
  6. I drank a lot of water this morning after I took my thyroid pill. I have to wait half hour before eating or drinking anything except water after taking it because if I don't it effects the pills absorption. I wanted to get to the grocery store before the snow storm hit so I hustled my three kids into the car and grabbed an ensure on the way out the door. I only had 1/4 of the shake before we got to the store and this was a big mistake. I was too embarrassed to be carrying around an ensure through the store (I know I'm weird lol) so I took my water in with me instead. Next time I will just put it into another container but like I stated before I was trying to beat the snow. I got the cart that allows all three kids to be in so I was pushing an 8,6,and 4 year old (it's worth it lol) plus groceries and became so lightheaded I instructed the kids on what to do if I would fall. I did take it easy and I sipped my water while finishing up. I sat in the car sipping my Ensure until I felt normal again. Lesson learned. I tried another new food today...new since my RNY anyway. I am allowed 1/2 cup ricotta cheese with 2t marinara sauce. It's amazing how the simple things can be so rewarding! I was convinced before surgery I was going to miss out on foods. Not so! I am learning to appreciate new ones. Ricotta is amazing! Kind of tastes like stuffed shells. Before the noodles and sauce taste kind of took over.. This way with only cheese and a hint of sauce the cheese has flavor and is sooo delicious and healthy. I couldn't finish it! I can certainly do this! My scale is not moving. The doctors scale read 191 yet mine remains a steadfast 194. It's ok though because I lost a pant size and these smaller pants are loose already and this morning when I looked in the mirror I actually liked what I saw!!!! I always thought my face was pretty but today I started appreciating my body as well and I can't remember how many years it has been since I didn't look in the full length mirror with a shrug and a sneer and a "Well that will have to do!"
  7. Thanks for taking the time to replyguys I really appreciate it! I had an appointment with my nut yesterday and she said the hairy tongue was actually a dry tongue as our tongues are one of the first predictors of dehydration...and yes you guys were right... I was dehydrated. The gritty feeling was actually reflux...foamies.....I was swollen inside so it was harder to get the shakes down..they came right back up and sat in the back of my throat a while..the nut and surgeon wanted me to focus on the shakes because "protein heals"and I counted the shakes toward my liquid intake. I am ten days out today and can now tell when I am too full and I slow down...taking smaller sips...and just letting the swelling go down helped tremendously .
  8. I went to the doctors for my post surgical check up yesterday and I weighed in at 191 lbs!!! I had another appointment the same day and weighed 191 there too. When I went home I reweighed myself and my scale said 194....same as it did thatmorning Weird. My scale obviously is the one off lol. Anyway, I was soooo happy! I really didn't expect that weight loss. That was ten lbs in nine days! I was allowed to proceed to stage 2 diet and tried my first egg white. I ate 2/3 of it. I could have eaten more probably but I was afraid to overdo it. I ate another one later in the day, this time the whole egg white, with a pinch of mozzarella on top and it was delicious!!!! I put on size 16's this morning and the legs are loose....yay! Yesterday, I had an odd dull pain in my left shoulder and the nutritionist said it was probably gas. Today I have an odd dull pain under my left rib cage under my arm....I took a Gas x and feel a little better.Both pains felt like someone blew up a balloon and lodged it in there. Still grateful for this surgery and so thankful for my new lease on life
  9. Christina44

    Countdown-Four days down....ten to go! preop diet

    You are welcome I hope your liquid diet went well!!
  10. Christina44

    Eleven days PreOp

    Day three of my preop liquid diet...eleven days to go...I've got this! The first two days were horrible (I was sooo hungry and irritable) but I am feeling a lot better today. It didn't help that I had a raging headache yesterday. I rarely get headaches so it was extra horrible....but as much as I am complaining it will still be worth it. I can't believe in eleven days I will be on the Losers bench yayayaya!!! The months have flown by faster than I expected. I really hope I can get off this bipap machine too...I keep breaking out where the mask surrounds my mouth
  11. Five days down...eleven to go. I can't believe in eleven days I will finally have my surgery! Today I felt weak..I had trouble gripping my pencil to sign my name. I drank another protein shake and felt a bit better. I also am plagued by dizziness more today...usually when I walk upstairs to go to the bathroom... so I am working to get extra water in to combat it. I have the ketosis taste in my mouth too but I am ok with it because I know I am burning fat! Woohoo!
  12. I am currently on day 9 of my surgeon's required liquid diet. I thought I was doing well with cravings etc lol...then last night I had a dream in which I ordered a huge greasy cheeseburger (usually not my go to food) made with swiss cheese and onions and gooey sauce and as I took my second bite I remembered my diet and yelled "oh NO I am on a liquid diet!" and spit out the second bite....then I was embarassed because I have good manners and well, that wasn't good mannered lol....I forgot I was on a liquid diet until after I had a bite and then I worried that bite would mess up my surgery lol....what a weird dream.....especially because when conscious I mainly crave hoagies or salads .... also I went to the store today to stock upon cream of soups...I felt slow motion and kind of dizzy...After leaving the store it occured to me that I hoped nobody thought I was drinking or on some type of drugs. Didn't help that I bought a pill crusher too. Along with Biotin. I will post my preop list later.
  13. Christina44

    Preop Diet Day 6 Down 6lbs

    I upped my water intake and lost more. Definitely remembering that after surgery.
  14. Christina44


    One day to go! One day to go! One day to go! Breath...one day to go!!!!! Lol My surgery is on Tuesday!

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