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  1. robysrose


    Thanks for asking. I've had two failed paraesophageal hernia operations and wasn't aware they were fixed with mesh well it grabbed the stomach and liver and diaphragm and connected them all together, when my surgeon went in to fix it the stomach was so munched up he had to cut it out to get everything loose, he was able to do the bypass as a last resort with the little bit of stomach he could save. I wasn't expecting any of this,neither was he he only scheduled the surgery for 3 hours but it ended up being 10.5. My husband was freaked out and me also so I kinda got thrown into this rny thing but I'm here so it's all good. It's really a wake up call and I get a lot of help and support from this app. Good luck to you and again thank you for asking.
  2. robysrose


    If you don't want to share...I get it...but was wondering why you had all that happen to you! accident, illness, etc...you don't have to ansr if you don't want to.... Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  3. It is different for everyone but mine was very difficult. No lie you get nausea quite a bit. You get kinda mental lol. My bowel obstructed at 2 weeks so another surgery. was in and out of the hospital 18 days the first two months. At 6 months the gallbladder had to go so another surgery.I'm 18 months out now and it's still a challenge can't be far from a bathroom but hey I'm a size 4. Life is good and there are good and bad days so I'll keep on going cause I can't turn back now. Good luck with your journey.
  4. robysrose

    Unflavored protein

    Genepro I ordered it off amazon it's the best
  5. My surgeon was 6 hrs from home so I did stay in a hotel for 2 nights. Just in case. I couldn't have done it alone, I was one of the ones that stayed sick for several months after. Had a bowel blockage so another surgery and another week in the hospital . My surgery wAs 10.5 hours I spent a total of 18 days in the hospital 6 hours from home. Was helicoptered out once and again by ambulance. It's been a very challenging journey. Now I'm 18 months out and it's still a daily challenge.
  6. robysrose


    At 1.5 yrs out I must say I've cheated a lot. One day I just wanted a doughnut so bad I drove to Krispy Kreme and got one. I ate it I dumped I felt guilty I haven't done it since. I give in every now and then just to satisfy my mental state if that makes any sense. I sorta was forced to have this surgery so the weight really wasn't the issue. My starting weight was only 181 today it is 120 I had rny as a resort to my stomach being removed. I have no remnant pouch it had to be removed during my surgery which took 10.5 hours 8 days later an obstructed bowel surgery, then the gall bladder 6 months later it's been a rough road but I'm on it [emoji847]
  7. No carbonated beverages !!!! It's not a smart decision.
  8. I'm so sorry your feeling bad but I also was terribly sick the first 4 months or so nausea, tired, just plain old sick. My surgeon said some people it just happens to and it will get better. I didn't really believe it but eventually it did get better, but at 1.5 yrs out I still am very sensitive. But it's all good. The mental thing is still hard cause I want more food in my head but my tummy say ooohhh noooo!!! Lol I just take one day at a time. Good luck with your journey.
  9. robysrose

    Open Gastric Bypass

    72 staples from pelvic bone to right above where your bra hits scar is thin but very noticeable especially by my belly button
  10. Hello I also had a bypass for hernia repair because a Nissan failed. However I'm 9 months out and still get heartburn but it's controlled with nexium. I received the gastric bypass at a starting weight of only 171 lbs insurance did cover it though. It's been quite a road living this lifestyle and recovering from the surgery as there were a few complications. The bypass took 10.5 hours 8 days later the bowel obstructed and 5 months later the gallbladder had to go. So it's been trying. My advice is just do a lot of research on living after surgery as it is quite different in a mental aspect. Good luck
  11. robysrose

    What size do you think I might be wearing?

    I'm 5'3 128 lbs and wear a size 4
  12. robysrose

    daVinci robotic surgery anyone?

    He's not sure how bad adhesions will be.
  13. robysrose

    daVinci robotic surgery anyone?

    Yes I've had two failed hernia repairs and there could be a possible gall bladder removal
  14. robysrose

    Size 12!

    Wonderful !!!!
  15. robysrose

    daVinci robotic surgery anyone?

    Hey, I'm scheduled for the 15th my surgeon is going to try with the robot but is preparing me for an open just in case he needs to open me up. I'm a little unsure of the robotics. Just me though. Good luck