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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. rdy4chnge14

    Your Journey

    Hello everyone!! Please feel free to share your journey!
  2. Hello all! I have to do a 6-month supervised diet and exercise program (ill be finished Aug 29th) (Aetnas requirements) and then after that ill submit my paperwork and hopefully get an approval within 3-4 wks (hopefully sooner). Its a struggle sometimes but it gets easier..... my last weigh in cant be more than the first weigh in.... so I have no doubt that ill do well and complete this program successfully so that I can have surgery.
  3. What should I expect before and after being sleeved?? How was the liquid diet for people? One of my friends states that she had a drainage tube put in during her surgery and it was removed before she was released from the hospital; did that hurt or does it hurt?? How long were you in the hospital? How long was it before you could start having sex? How long should you wait before getting pregnant? I know its a lot of questions lol but i really want answers because I am nervous. My 4th weigh in is June 30th.
  4. rdy4chnge14

    Trying Not to Stress! HELP!

    oh okay. yeah, I was told it could take 3-4 wks for an approval. I did my first weigh in March 29th and my last weigh in will be August 29th. I am scheduled for my 4th weigh in on June 30th. I am getting nervous because it seems like these months are flying by hahaha!! How much weight have you lost so far??? How much did you lose within a month or two?? Was it a long time before you tolerated solids?? Also, how long do you have to refrain from sex?? hahaha, my fiancé wants the answer to that question
  5. rdy4chnge14


    I have Aetna and I was told by several reps that Aetna has 30 days to approve or deny a person for surgery.
  6. rdy4chnge14

    Any aetna better health patients?

    Just read that you were approved. I am happy for you!!! =)
  7. rdy4chnge14

    Any aetna better health patients?

    I have Aetna and I called them 3 times and asked them about the 6 month supervised weigh ins and she each rep stated the same thing that my surgeon stated. They all stated that your first weigh in cannot be more than your starting weigh in. I wish I could ease your mind but with Aetna, yopu CANNOT gain weight at all. Not sure if it varies by states but I am in Virginia. My starting weight was on March 29th. My last weigh in will be August 29th. On March 29th I weighed 406lbs. So in August, I cannot weigh more than 406lbs.
  8. I have Aetna and they too require a 6 month diet and exercise plan supervised by a physician. You could've used weight watchers if you were doing it with your primary doctor or if it was being supervised by a doctor for those 3 months and the doctor has to have it written in their doctors notes. I started my process March 29th and just did my 3rd weigh in on May 28th. I know the 6 month process can be long and stressful but it is getting easier each day. Your last weigh in just cant be more than the first weigh in.
  9. So I went for my 3rd weigh in on May 28th. I think it went well. I have Aetna insurance and they are requiring that I do not gain weight for 6 months and I must follow a supervised diet and exercise plan with my primary doc. They state my last weigh in cannot be more than my first weigh in. So far so good. Do anyone else have Aetna insurance? How long did it take you to get approved? my last weigh in is August 29th. It is approaching FAST and I am getting nervous. =( please help and tell me what I should expect.

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