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  1. Writerjennifer

    Eating too much too soon?

    I had the same thing... the first week or two I didn't get nauseous, or feel over full, I could eat anything as long as i chewed it to pulp and only had something get stuck once. However, I portioned every bit of food out because I was afraid to overeat and bust my staples. Now, three weeks out, I have started getting nauseous when I eat greasy foods. I eat sugar (imitation sugar gives me migraines), but i have not eaten the unhealthy sugars (like candy), only things like yogurt, popsicles and instant oatmeal. I am still watching portions carefully. fear does wonders. Jennifer
  2. Writerjennifer

    Protein Powders/Supplements

    unjury has a viariety sample pack, 2 each of 5 flavors for about 24 bucks. MuscleMilk will send you a sample if you email requesting it. Insure will give you $3 coupon for proving your information, and i think they are emailing more offers. I know there are others... and one of the discussions on this site has a more complete list, a quick search should pull it up. But companies want you to try their products... all you have to do is ask. Jennifer
  3. Writerjennifer


    Ok all... anyone who had surgery in June 2014... if you would like to join the facebook page I will need your email address, the one you use to login to facebook, in order to send the invite. You can message your email address to me via the "send message" button. Just hover your cursor over my name and a box should open, on the bottom left there should be a "send message" button. Let me know if you need anything else. I have gone through my mail and sent the invites (as well as checked this forum. If you already gave me your email address, please go to your facebook page and check to see if the invite is there. If I missed your request, please send me your email via message here. Thank you, Jennifer
  4. Writerjennifer


    I'm not sure where you requested... If you want to join, just message me your email address (the one you use for facebook). I will send the invite once I get that. Jennifer
  5. Writerjennifer


    Yes. I went a few days without going and when I tried to go it was too big. Ouch. Next time I will be taking a stool softener before I get to that point again.
  6. After you cut back on carbs... did your stall finally end? Details. How long were you stalled? How far out from surgery were you? Jennifer
  7. Writerjennifer


    I don't know how to "message" you except for this way (I'm new to BP), unless this is what you mean by message you. I had surgery on Monday (June 30) so I just got in under the wire. Anyway, please invite me. Should I send you my F'book email "publicly" like this? Please let me know. Thanks so much. I'm really eager to join the FB group! I sent you a private message... at the top tight of the bariatric pal website there should be a mail icon. click it and it should open the list of mail you have received. Let me know if you have any questions. writerjennifer
  8. Writerjennifer

    Pouch test

    Did your doctor actually tell you to stay under 600 calories a day? A lot of people find that when they aren't getting enough calories their body goes into starvation mode and refuses to let go of even one pound. You might want to check with your nut or the doctors office.
  9. Writerjennifer


    To: @@manofsize, @@danaalonzo, @@tiggr6199 And to anyone else interested in the Junies 2014 facebook page: It's a closed group so no one on facebook will see out posts. If you want to join, please message me here on BP and provide your facebook email address and request to be added to the Junies Group, I will invite you. (Please, only those who have had surgery in June 2014.) Jennifer
  10. Writerjennifer

    showering - how long

    I was told it's ok to shower, but no baths or jacuzzi until after the incisions are completely healed. Jennifer
  11. Writerjennifer


    I sent you an message...
  12. I have HMR shakes, and they are pretty good. My Surgeons office sells the Bariatric Advantage too... but I wasn't 'required' to get them.
  13. Writerjennifer

    How long is too long?

    My nut had me on shakes with one healthy frozen dinner and veggies for months before surgery... Does your doc require you to lose some weight before surgery? Also, going on liquid, or modified liquid like mine, helped me to adjust to the post-surgery requirements. Good luck!
  14. The only time I have been nauseous is when I ate too much. I would suggest you review your surgeon's recommendations and make sure you're not pushing the shakes to fast. Good luck!
  15. Writerjennifer

    Chewable calcium citrate

    Oh hell yes! I got a bottle of the chocolate flavored calcium chewable tablets. I think they are Bariatric Advantage. Disgusting! And they have fake sugar in them. That stuff gives me migraines. I did like the lemon calcium chew, but it's only like 150mg of calcium so I would have to eat 10 of them. I was never big on candy, and now I can't imagine how long it would take me to eat 10 of them, on top of all the other Vitamins and Protein shakes and meals. Insane. Jennifer