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  1. Rovobay

    Halloween Challenge!

    starting weight 197 goal weight 190 thanks
  2. Wow, time flies when you are kicking butt. I am happy and down 125 pounds from my high weight. I am a few pounds from my self made goal and the scale has slowed to a crawl. I am okay with that. I have done things I wouldn't have ever dreamed of in this past year. I am physically active, have stopped abusing alcohol, eat much better, and feel amazing. Oddly enough my brain can not catch up with the size of my body. I still see that same big boy. I KNOW how much I have lost, but my brain hasn't fully adapted to my new body. weird weird weird. I can't wait to see what my 1 year follow up will be like as I prepare for maintenance mode. Thank you to all of you on this site as this site was a huge factor in my success. Pictures will follow in a different thread.
  3. 1 year post op today!!! down 125lbs. a few more to get to my original goal. life is great. new lease on life!!!
  4. Rovobay

    Halloween Challenge!

    please and thank you!
  5. Rovobay

    Is there a Halloween Challenge?

  6. Rovobay

    Premier Protein

    A premier Protein shake is 11 ounces. 30 grams is equal to approximately 1 Fluid ounce so protein being the number one ingredient would me a very thick shake!!!
  7. Rovobay

    Labor Day Challenge!

    ugh. stall... still 196.
  8. Rovobay

    Premier protein shakes on sale

    that is a good deal. I just got some. I was running low and don't drink them much anymore, but I should have a supply for those special days!
  9. Rovobay

    2 Weeks Post-Op Stall?

    you just had major surgery. let your body recover.... so many things are happening to you and your body right now. follow your plan and you will be just fine. congrats on the surgery. you can do this!!!
  10. thanks for the update. glad all is well. congrats on LIFE!!!

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