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  1. 630racoon

    Side Effects!

    get on a steady regime of BIOTIN!!!! or a quality hair, Skin, and Nails vitamin! The Vitamin shoppe or GNC, I started it now so hopefully I won't have any problems with that after my surgery. Good Luck
  2. 630racoon

    NY - NYC/Long Island

    I am also in Long Island on the South Shore, I would love to attend too!
  3. 630racoon

    Any 2014 June Sleevers

    I am also scheduled for June 25th wool woop!! Excited but nervous!!
  4. 630racoon

    Surgery is today!

    So happy for you!! Be well, this is the start of your new life!! I am almost there too. Good Luck.
  5. LOL lylabelle, Coco Butter is really great for that!
  6. Jess, I am not thrilled about having to do 2 weeks of the pro-op liquid diet either but to have the single incision procedure done I much prefer the 2 weeks of liquid over the 5-7 incisions.
  7. Lylabelle, My PA did tell me that not everyone is the ideal candidate for the single incision. She told me that what they look for is patients who Have a body mass index of 40 or less plus 1 or more co-morbities. Has had no prior abdominal surgery. Does not have a lot of central obesity. (stomach area) My BMI is 41 and my weight is all over, I have high Cholesterol, and a bit of incontinence due to weight, which they thing will all correct with the surgery.
  8. 630racoon


    Forgot to mention, I also have a 2 week post op diet. Am I looking forward to it, nooooo! But my surgeon told me the smaller you shrink your liver before surgery, the more visibility he has once inside and less chance of complications due to enlarged liver in the way. He is a very reputable surgeon so I have to trust him. Right? There is a reason why they feel you need a 2 week pre-op so trusting your surgeon. All the best and talk soon. Pamela
  9. Having surgery june 25th, 2014 anybody else have that date? Cannot stop thinking about it and would love to have somebody to share study cards with before and after Pamela
  10. My surgical PA stressed to me that in this office they insist more on the 2 week because of the single incision my surgeon does, she said that for patients who qualify for the SIGS even a moderate amount of shrinkage makes it easier and safer to move around through my belly button. But yes you are correct, every single surgeon has different feelings and opinions on everything. We just have to trust the one we have chosen to use. Good Luck to you! Did you have surgery yet?
  11. 630racoon

    ONDERLAND! Hallelujah!

    Oh my gosh this makes me want to cry! You look so unbelievable and gorgeous! Keep it up and keep posting pictures of your weight loss, it is such an inspiration for me, cannot wait to see the end result! I am at the back end of my clearences so my date is coming!!! Pamela
  12. 630racoon

    Going in at 9:30 am today

    OMG, good luck and remember your on your way to a new more healthier, skinny you!! Prayers are with you.
  13. 630racoon


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