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    Wow, I need to clean the dust off my mirror. Ten-pound bounce and my clothing still fit’s. No one notices my weight bounce. Clothing is a little bit tighter. Capsule wardrobe is helping to maintain. Some of my investment pieces are four years old. I refuse to buy smaller or larger sizes.
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    Capsule wardrobe Same Nike golf pants and loafers. Sweater is one of four in my closet.
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    Love this skirt.
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    I'm also Loving @sillykitty nice rounded butt.
  5. Healthy_life2

    Eating out after Gastric bypass surgery

    Hug’s. Please don’t stop posting. It must be hard trying to decipher responses to posts. People won’t always know that you are dealing with autism when they respond to you. Once people get to know you, they will be more aware of your situation. Great job on your first-time navigating restaurants. It gets easier over time. The cards are a great option for small portions. If a restaurant doesn’t offer small portions, take home a box for no cook smaller meals later. You are right, can’t take home food from a buffet. Safe bet is to order a protein. Ask to swap veggies for the carbs and sugar.
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    Urgent Message - Spam

    I’m on my computer. It alerted my message box. I thought it was @FluffyChix. I clicked it and automatically opened. (no link to click) Its only effecting this app. pages shrink. Tried logging back in. I’m now going to my protection software
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    Last Doctor Visit!

  8. I use this YouTube subscription to the mindful movement. It is mediation, yoga and pilates. 🙂No harm in giving it a try😉 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu_mPlZbomAgNzfAUElRL7w/videos Some topics that they cover: Mindful eating - reach and maintain healthy weight Habit change Developing confidence Letting go of the past and suppressed emotions Self-care - self-love – you are enough Relaxation techniques Reducing stress/anxiety Sleep Clear clutter in your mind Grounding Healing from trauma
  9. Raising my hand, I overthink think to feel control. It contributed to my obesity. I felt so out of control with food and weight gain. I had to work on stress emotional eating. I’m much better with it, but some days it creeps back in. Always a work in progress. I agree 100% staying grounded and in the present.
  10. The mental battles with weight loss are real. I never joined a face book support group. Thanks for sharing your observation about enabling. I agree, some of us struggle with behavior change and have more risk factors. Many posts about regain and fighting food addiction. This thread is helpful to get back or stay on track.
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    Weight Calculators

    @Superman84 @AJ Tylo I agree, charts and all the stats are vague. It’s a guideline for people that are curious. You can’t predict how much or how fast your weight loss will be. It’s a different journey for all of us. @superman if you click the link, you can enter your height and weight. https://www.obesitycoverage.com/how-much-will-you-weigh-after-surgery/
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    Happy Tuesday, @Superman84 You have come along way. Congratulations on goal. Working out will compliment losing your last pounds. It also increases serotonin levels. It helps with anxiety and depression. You don’t have to leave home. You can purchase dumbbells and other equipment at thrift stores. If you want to try a gym. Ask the staff what time frames a small number of members are working out. Invest in headphones to tune out others. Members are working on their own goals, they are not watching what you are doing. Staff are there to help you with equipment etc.. It sounds like you are fortunate to have a small amount of loose skin. Muscle has helped to fill out the skin a bit. The only way to get rid of it is plastics. I agree with @AZhikercreams don’t work. You can google dumbbell and body weight routines at home. Here is a link to other resources. https://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/429185-weightlifting/?tab=comments#comment-4830285
  13. Online support would work better. I have to fight traffic to get to my local group. Sent from my SM-G930T using BariatricPal mobile app
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    7 Months Post Op

    You are not failing. 100 pounds down in seven months. It's fantastic that you are in size 36. Are you experiencing diet burn out or feeling the honeymoon phase is over? Think of where you want to be at your first-year mark. Weight loss slows down as you progress out. The last pounds are the hardest to lose. It's frustrating but it can be done. 1-pound loss a week is fine. Does this feel like maintaining? If feels similar to me. The work does not end after goal. I’m five years out. I maintain a ten-pound bounce range up and down the scale. I indulge within reason. I eat in weight loss mode to work off a slight gain. It's still frustratingly slow to work the scale down.
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    Fantastic 73 lbs down. Congrats Start slow and build your fitness level up. Visit or call gyms in your area. Find out all the services your membership covers. Some charge extra for a trainer. My membership covers four training sessions a year. The trainers are always in the weight room. I can ask for help at anytime. I started out researching bodybuilding.com and had help of lifters on this site. @BlueCrush @BigViffer @Albus @oldbriannomore @NurseMichael @PWMDMD (I'm not sure if they are still around.) Bodybuilding.com Lifting data base. Shows how to use the equipment and form. https://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/ Body building. com Lifting plans https://www.bodybuilding.com/workout-plans/ Muscle and fitness workouts https://www.muscleandfitness.com/workouts https://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/418762-is-it-possible-to-build-muscle-after-the-sleeve-im-about-to-find-out/ Ask your gym about crossfit or HIIT classes I can only dream about being as strong as Ashley Horner *laughing* I'm posting her video just for fun.
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    It is a BIG DEAL. Borrowing “normal” sized clothing and being fit/healthy to enjoy the day in the snow. Did you ever think this would feel so fantastic? Enjoy this moment and NSV.
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    Weight Calculators

    Let me know what you think of this calculator. (link below) https://www.obesitycoverage.com/how-much-will-you-weigh-after-surgery/ Congratulations on 13 days post op. Hope all is going well. It's hard to predict how much weight you will lose. The speed and amount of weight loss is different for each of us. I’m a sleeve, I surpassed the statistics.
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    Capsule wardrobe red leather trench. A bit tight this year. *laughing*
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    High end of my bounce range after thanksgiving. (clothing still fits) Heading out for Lunch and shopping.
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    Nothing tastes good or the same

    Hug's I hope you are at a healthy BMI and not underweight. 13 months out, It must be hard to go into maintenance diet when you have an aversion to meat. Food can be a challenge. Have you tried any bariatric recipes to mix things up? Are you drinking shakes to get protein in? Links to the vegan bariatric forum and the maintenance thread below. It may help with food ideas and to stop weight loss, https://www.bariatricpal.com/forum/1101-vegetarian-or-vegan-eating/ https://www.bariatricpal.com/topic/425802-the-maintenance-thread/?tab=comments#comment-4782396
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    Not sure where to start?

    Welcome to the site and congratulations on your baby boy. Getting back on track can be done. You may want to call a bariatric surgeon to go over all your options.
  22. Healthy_life2

    The Maintenance Thread

    pre surgery, I felt like an addict looking for a fix on food holidays. I couldn’t wait for the great meals, leftovers and overstuffing myself. The weight gain that followed gave me stress/guilt/anxiety. First few years I was scared to indulge. I questioned if it would derail me or if I would go back to the old me. I now indulge on holidays. I had to work on not feeling guilt/stress/anxiety over a slight weight gain. I can control my food world and weight. I expect slight gains and fluctuations. I won’t have a significant regain if I weight myself regularly, keep my behaviors in check, and get back on plan when needed. I have all of you to give me a smack upside the head when I need it.
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    No leak test done?

    Where did you have your surgery done? Interesting post op book. Not everyone will have a drain after surgery. I’m a sleeve. I was never tested for leaks after surgery. Only during the procedure. One week out are you on liquid, soft, or pureed food stage? What do you eat in a day? How much can you eat or drink in a sitting? How long does it take you to consume it?