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    Congrats and fantastic weight loss. Everyone’s surgeons’ instructions are different. None of us have the same release to lift time frame. Hope you get the professional green light soon.
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    Carbs and Resistance Training

    First, Follow your professional’s advice. You are doing fantastic. We all have our starting fitness level. Glad you are in the weight room to build muscle. I’m female in my 50’s it can be done and it’s never too late in life, right? 😉 I have some questions for you. You are six months out, how many calories and carbs are you consuming now? How many calories do you burn working out? How often to you train? Are you working with a trainer or have access to staff at your gym for some advice on weightlifting and diet? Did your dietician give you a new carb goal to hit? Were you instructed to start eating your maintenance phase diet? Are you ready to move into maintenance diet to support weightlifting? or do you want to eat in weight loss phase to lose more? Only my experience from my first year out. (What works for me may not work for you) Weight loss phase, my fitness routine included cardio and weightlifting. I greatly improved my strength and fitness level. However, I did lose muscle with rapid weight loss. (Part of it was due to exercising on low calories) Adding carbs may feel scary at first, Its normal to feel this way transitioning to maintenance. I didn’t add carbs until I got close to goal and a higher fitness level. (sounds like you are close to goal) It has been easier to gain strength and muscle going into maintenance diet. My maintenance instructions are adding low glycemic carbs. (whole grain, plant based, sweet potato, brown rice, nothing white, processed with added sugar) I stay within my new maintaining calories and carb range. I’m now five years out, I distance run and lift. I hired a sports medicine dietician to help me fuel my body correctly. I wish you the best in hitting your fitness goals, Jennifer
  3. Hugs Give yourself credit for all your hard work. The goal is healthy, and you achieved that. Trust your professional’s guidance as you work on things.
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    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    I hope - *evil grin*
  5. Healthy_life2

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    I hope people understand the title of the thread. I would hate for someone in weight loss mode to eat a maintenance menu and expect to lose weight.
  6. Healthy_life2

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    Yes, you can ask questions. We understand. It takes time to learn this site. No one is intending to be disrespectful or exclude newbies/sophomores. The website assistance thread may help answer your question in detail. (link below) https://www.bariatricpal.com/forum/992-website-assistance-suggestions/
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    Weigh gain - 3 years post op

    Many options to try from people that experienced regain and worked it off. This site helped me get my head back in the game. My gain was in my 3rd year. I worked it off. (I’m still maintaining five years out) Old behaviors slipped back in. My discipline was not at the same level as my first year. I have extra sleeve space and hunger feels different. I found ways to fill the extra space and keep calories low. I feel more satisfied with real whole dense foods. Shakes and soft foods empty out of my pouch quickly (slider foods) @Emilyme Find what works for you. Try reset or real food stage. Reset does not shrink your stomach. Its one method to get back on track. For me, I found going back to liquids and soft foods too restrictive. I went back to real food stage and felt more satisfied. Carbs - Slowly start reducing carbs and get them to your personal range. Detox *smile* All of us have a different weight loss calorie/macro range. Using your food log app. Start at 1200 calories Carb range 50/60grams. You can dial your calories up or down by 100 to see where your body loses weight. Doing the head work thread – the mental battles of getting back on track @Dr-Patient Is your Dr's WL plan protein only?
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    No probleem to be on a soap box. Some things stike a nerve in people. Take what’s useful on this site and ignore the rest. These are things for my personal motivation over the years – I have had my struggles. Find whatever motivates you.
  9. Healthy_life2

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    Maintaining weight loss mode - 1008 CALORIES – 100 protein – 55 carbs -21 fiber – 42 fats BREAKFAST : 2 cups coffee 1 cup untweeted cashew milk 4 Splenda with fiber packets LUNCH – salad (broken into three meals) in a full size salad bowl Black beans 3.6 Ground turkey 93% 7.3 Shredded iceberg lettuce 1.6 cups 50/50 spring salad mix 2.6 oz 5 grape tomatoes Hemp hearts .5 oz Chili lime pepita’s .5 oz Salsa 3oz LATE DINNER – Chicken soup regular size bowl Carrot 3 oz Onion 1 oz Green beans 1 oz Celery 1 small stalk Hot sausage 1.2 oz Chicken 4.5 oz Broth 2 cups
  10. Healthy_life2

    When did you guys start the gym?

    Agree with @catwoman7 Your surgeon’s will give you a release to do more than walking. Exercise will compliment your weight loss. Lifting has helped me gain muscle and fill out the skin a bit. I still have loose skin but it’s livable and hides easily.
  11. You are new and have only posted several times about being hosed. If you are real, fill out your profile. What type of surgery and when? Avoid any site that sells bariatric processed crap food. I would suggest eating real whole foods. Hope you get your money back.
  12. Healthy_life2

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    I will post in OOTD on New Years
  13. Healthy_life2

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    Congratulations, you are almost 3-months out. Sorry that you are dealing with asthma issues, Steroids are notorious for weight fluctuations, Right? Keep plugging away the scale will move. *hugs*
  14. Healthy_life2

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    First time in the years I’ve been at my gym to have this awkward moment * Total stranger said he could help me lose my midsection. If he thought this was a pickup line, he was dead wrong. I posted about this in the rant section. My husband still thinks it's hilarious.
  15. Healthy_life2

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    A bottle of gas x would be a nice gesture from your drinking friends *laughing* How far out are you?
  16. Healthy_life2

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    5 pounds in less than a month. I think my motivation is in a good place. I had a guy in the gym tell me he could help me lose my midsection. (NOT a compliment) I love to prove people wrong. A bit of anger motivates me. My diet is more disciplined and I changed up my exercise. My big motivation. New year’s gown.
  17. Healthy_life2

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    First year out, I didn’t drink alcohol. The empty calories were not worth stalling or stopping my weight loss. I still have a great time. My friends use me as the designated driver. I get free food and nonalcoholic drinks. After goal, I started drinking occasionally. I am a total light weight after surgery. It's not pretty when I go over two glasses of wine. I can’t keep it classy.
  18. Healthy_life2

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    Maintaining my bounce range –Five pounds down as of today. I’m still eating in weight loss mode to get to 130. Holidays are killing me. A few more parties and all the food shenanigans will be over. Calories 1,163 - Protein 79 g -Carbohydrates 86 g plant based -Fat 61 g - Fiber 30 g Breakfast: 2 cups Coffee ½ cup unsweetened cashew milk 4 Splenda with fiber packets Lunch: This was two separate meals 12:00 the other at 2:20pm 5 oz ground turkey ,1.6 cups Shredded iceberg lettuce, 2.5 oz spring mix, 5 tablespoon fajita seasoning and 3 oz salsa Snack: 3oz sugar snap peas and 3oz pine nut hummus Dinner: This was two separate meals 4:30pm and 6:15pm 5 oz Salmon, ½ cup coleslaw, 2.5 oz spring mix, 2 tablespoons pickled onion and 4 grape tomatoes Snack: 1.2 oz biena roasted chickpea snack - 1 cup sugar free cherry jello
  19. Healthy_life2

    Pouch reset

    The pouch reset plan: You start with liquids and progress to solid foods just like you do after bariatric surgery. Only my opinion, The pouch reset will not shrink your stomach. It is a way to get back to healthy habits. Some find liquids, shakes, and soft foods too restrictive. You can get back on track by eating your bariatric real food plan. Log your food, hydrate and exercise.
  20. five years out, My maintenance calorie range is 1200 to 1400 calories. I eat mainly clean/healthy. I indulge within reason. Calories/carbs look different when I’m distance running (1500 to 2000+ depending on the event) I keep my weight in the 130’s - When I have a slight weight gain, I go back to bariatric weight loss calories. (1000 to1100) to work it off.
  21. Healthy_life2

    This has become too much! PLEASE HELP

    Some tips for cooking for the family. (low to no cooking) link below Any meal can be frozen into small portions– freeze leftovers, take them to work and microwave them. No cook meals at home when you are busy. Chicken/beef fajitas you omit the tortilla = Family can have the tortilla. buy a bag of frozen john souls chicken strips – Microwaveable peppers and onions. Frozen turkey meatballs, spaghetti sauce with a can of diced tomatoes, microwavable zucchini noodles. – Family can have pasta and garlic bread. You and the family can have any protein with vegetables – Let your family have bread or a precooked microwavable side dish. Sunday meal prep – Cook enough proteins for you and the family for the week. Freeze in family portion sizes. (some items you can freeze others keep in the refrigerator) Precut up veggies place them in freezer bags – (some items you can freeze others keep in the refrigerator) Precook rice and pasta for the family– place in freezer bags and put them in the freezer. Or Buy precooked microwavable, veggies, pasta, rice, and side dishes.
  22. BUMP - Any low to no cooking ideas? keep posting your goto easy meals.
  23. Healthy_life2

    Calories and macronutrients

    I agree with @AZhiker Years out, things look different. Best advice is from your dietician. Only my two cents, Finding personal weight loss calories and macros: to start, I set my calories in my food log app to 1200 - 1300. After two weeks, I dialed my calories down by 100. My body started losing weight. Find a range that works for you (Dial calories up or down by 100)
  24. Healthy_life2

    Tracking food

    Myfitness pal has been my tried and true. It doesn’t take much effort to log. My foods and recipes have been stored in this app for years.
  25. Healthy_life2

    Weigh gain - 3 years post op

    15lbs is not a large gain. You got this. Some options to try, Personally, I wouldn’t go back to shakes to rest. You will feel more satisfied with real food. Go back to bariatric basics. Follow your plan and log your food in an app like my fitness pal. stay within your weight loss calories/macros. Get temptation foods out of the house go grocery shopping Real sugar and extra carbs make you crave them more. They cause hunger Detox off them When you deny cravings, you want them more - Keep healthy low-Calorie options for sweet/salty on hand Eat dense protein (not soft foods) with other items on your plan. Allow yourself to eat as much veggies as you want to satisfy hunger. Join the December weight loss challenge for motivation.