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  1. Vtsoutherngal

    September 2015

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    vtsoutherngal on MFP... add me!
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    Before & After

  5. Vtsoutherngal


    Beginning 2 months post
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    4 weeks post op got my first fill.. appt once a week now for 4 weeks
  7. Vtsoutherngal

    4 weeks post op & scale isn't decreasing

    With weight loss and exercise Sometimes the fat turns to muscle and you may not lose pounds per say. But the weight moves around. Thus one can lose inches rather than pounds
  8. Vtsoutherngal

    4 weeks post op & scale isn't decreasing

    I was at a stall with 25 lbs lost at 4 week post op. I had my first fill yesterday. I can tell I am going to start losing again. The NSWs during the stall... were lost inches. I can tell it in my clothes. I also am sleeping better and not getting up in the middle of the night to snack. I can tell my joints already feel better. I don't get as exhausted and tired from doing my gardening work. Everyone is correct... it is normal to stall and as a wise one told me... the time between surgery and your first fill is a "healing period" and you shouldn't be worried about losing the weight.. just do what your doctor told you to do and all will be well. Again, I had the same thoughts and feelings you are going through right now.
  9. Vtsoutherngal

    Between surgery and first fill...

    I think someone answered this already pretty much what I thought.
  10. What was your average weight loss during this period? I'm stuck at 25 lbs and don't feel restricted. Just wondering if others went through this. Plus, will it start to come off more quickly once I get a fill? Anxious and discouraged I guess. Thanks for any feedback.
  11. Vtsoutherngal

    Before and After pictures

    Congrats to all of you! Keep up the good work
  12. Vtsoutherngal

    banded today

    Congrats! and good luck. keep us posted
  13. Vtsoutherngal


    Photos over the past 10 years
  14. Vtsoutherngal

    Old appetite is back

    I was banded May 6th, I have lost 25 pounds since start of preop liquid diet. As ksc1965 stated.. it is a marathon and not a sprint. If you are "rushing to lose 45lbs and don't want to wait til you hit your sweet spot" you may be disappointed. Don't set yourself up for failure. Follow the rules and the weight loss will follow. Your doctor or nutritionist should have told you how many calories you should be having and what foods to eat and not eat. Good luck and keep us posted.

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