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  1. Bandster Brad

    How Do the Guys Do It?????

    The reason I did it was twofold: 1) I had a lot of co-morbidities, and at 46, I wanted to get my health in control so I could stick around to help out my wife and children, and maybe even be there to see them have children. 2) My wife is such a wonderful woman. I felt that she deserved a more handsome, healthier, sexier man, and that I could do better for her. She never asked me to do it, and was terribly fearful of my doing it. I am so glad I did. Taking into the account the surgical risks, I would recommend it wholly to any man that needs to lose around 100 pounds, or has co-morbidities. It certainly has improved my quality of life in ways I had never thought possible.
  2. Bandster Brad

    Rabbits and Turtles United New Year Challenge

    Hi, 244 down from 256 makes 8 pounds lost, as of the end of the Sundance Film Festival! and an amazing NSV - After starting out in men's size 46 jeans, now I fit comfy in size 38's; a little tight in 36's; and I bought a pair of 34's so I could stare at them until the time I fit into them comfortably. Once that happens, I figure I should start thinking about stopping losing weight. Tonight, I tried on the 34's just to see if I could even pull them over my legs. They snapped closed and zipped up! ... My wife said "you're getting too skinny. Once you fit comfortably in those 34's, you are DONE losing weight!" :whoo: Yee haw!
  3. Bandster Brad

    For Those Who Have Been Banded for about 1 Year

    Hi, down 59 pounds in 8 months. Down 8 pant sizes so far. Life is great and getting greater!
  4. Bandster Brad

    who has maximum fill

    Hi, 11.3 CC's in my 10 cc vanguard band. I understand I have 1.7 left to go, since the tubing accounts for 3 cc's.
  5. Hi, I recommend you ask the following: How many bands have you installed? (stats show that competency begins at 100 surgeries. The more they do (some have done thousands) directly relates to the probability that YOUR surgery will be a success. Ask about thier support group. How often, who, do they have a dietician on staff? Monthly support groups for a year is probably the optimal standard. What about getting fills? Is it free? Should/could be. For a year. Ask. good luck!!
  6. Bandster Brad

    New member

    Welcome to lap-band-land! I am sure you will enjoy your journey once you get to the resort! In preparing for your trip, please be sure to carefully search all of the relevant information on this site. It will help you anticipate how it will go, and may provide some critical information about who you select to help you on your way!
  7. Bandster Brad

    How Many Calories do YOU eat?

    Hi All, thanks for your added narrative updates. It helps make sense of the data. But realistically, since the poll only accomodates one criteria, it gets REALLY unscientific, really fast. Nonetheless, it is possible to peruse the data, compare it to the results, and make some correlations. Once this poll closes, I will put it in excel and play around with it and see if we can derive anything meaningful from it. There are some definite trends, though. Also, I have noticed that my weight will often plateau for up to two weeks, then when I am totally down in the dumps over it, something will shift (like maybe extra exercise or less salt... or who knows?) and all of a sudden, my weight will drop 5 pounds in about 3 days, never to return. I would appreciate any comments that add some context to the poll results, along with any comments that shed light on the above phenomenon, so we can determine if its common, and what causes it. Anyone else plateau, then drop a bunch? Cheers!!
  8. Bandster Brad

    Rabbits and Turtles United New Year Challenge

    Mini-challenge weight - 256 Todays Weight - 247.5 Weight loss so far 06 - 8.5 pounds! NSV - walking past a Starbucks without buying a green tea frappucinno! Have a great week!
  9. Bandster Brad

    How Many Calories do YOU eat?

    Intereseting observation, as of this morning, the poll showed 54 people responded, of which 22 didn't respond with an average weekly weight loss. This suggests that I should have included a line for "less than one pound a week" or even "zero." Maybe that would explain where the missing posters went. If you respond to the poll and have a value which is outside of the poll range, (ie less than a pound a week weight loss, or perhaps if you haven't lost any weight yet, if you are pre-banded) it would be beneficial if you could share a posted comment to explain where you are at with your weight loss. Thanks for participating in this poll!
  10. Bandster Brad

    Okay people, let's make a cookbook!!

    Tasty Green Tea Protein shake 1 cup Tazo Matcha Green Tea (liquid) 1 cup 1% organic milk 1 cup ice 1 cup Water 2 scoops vanilla whey Isolate 1 shot Starbucks Melon Syrup Throw it all in a blender until smooth. This gives you around 350 calories, is very soothing, and tastes as close as I can get it to a Starbucks Green Tea Frappucinno. The volume is enough that you can carry it with you all day, and get at least 1/2 of your day's required water. Enjoy!!
  11. Bandster Brad

    Rabbits and Turtles United New Year Challenge

    Hi, its been a very frustrating new year. In December, I was losing so much weight, I replaced my avatar with a rocket shooting earthward. That's what it felt like. So far this year, I have lost "0" - (as of Jan 15) However, I started preband at a size 46 man's waist. Last week, for grins, I bought a pair of size 36 levis at costco. I figured some day I would get into them. (I have been at a 38 for the last month, which in and of itself is nothing short of miraculous) So, for grins today, I thought I would pull them on to see how far up they would go on my thigh before getting stuck. I pulled them on, and they actually FIT! I buttoned them with no problem. IT WAS A MIRACLE! My wife responded with: "You need to not get any smaller than you are!" :wow2: (I don't recall ever hearing that in my life). I responded by telling her that I am looking forward to getting into some 34's one day, since that was my size in high school. And to know that its possible, since it is only one size away, well, that is truly amazing. Thank you, bandland!! :rockon:
  12. Bandster Brad

    I am banded!

    Congratulations to you both! The memory of the pain will become indistinct, and the fun of getting your life back will continue on and on! The port pain is the worst, and it gets less every few days. Eventually, you won't even know its there. (But sometimes I rub mine like its the remnant of a buddah belly good-luck charm)!
  13. Bandster Brad

    REvised surgery

    Glad to hear you're OK, and you are still "with the band!"
  14. Bandster Brad

    Two emotions that came from being Fat all my life....

    That was wonderful! I really liked the part about building an addition. :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:
  15. Bandster Brad

    How Many Calories do YOU eat?

    That's a great idea! Nothing to get really excited about, but maybe it will chase away the night time munchies! A little jello might just do the trick. Thanks!
  16. Bandster Brad

    How Many Calories do YOU eat?

    Hi Harley Nana and DeLarla, good points! I can stick around to maybe 1000 until right at or before dinner, but its that staying up in the night from dinner until 9-10 PM that kills me. Just hanging around with MDW and kiddies, makes me want to scrounge something else up. And that's where those naughty calories come from! I read something confusing in a "body sculpting" book. It said that we should focus on carbs, and minimize Protein, and of course, do away with as much fat as possible. This seems counter to the bandster diet. Anyone have any insights into this seeming contradiction? Higher protein seems more comfortable than higher carbs. Lots of good expertise on this board. I sure appreciate the opinions! Best, Brad
  17. Bandster Brad

    NO NO foods

    I was just reminded that you CANNOT CHUG Water anymore. Not even a 1/2 cup! Funny, I was dreaming last night that I hurt my band by working out vigorously and drinking too much water. Well, it happened today. Sip it!
  18. Bandster Brad

    how much have you paid SINCE banding?

    Twelve fiddy fixed cost, first year's fills for free. 10 fills so far this year. What a great doc! Total cost: $25,000. (you're including the cost of a new wardrobe every 60 days, right?) :peace:
  19. Bandster Brad

    How Many Calories do YOU eat?

    Hi, thanks for your very straight-forward factor! I like simple! Part of why I started this poll is it seems like when I eat 1200 - 1500 (not as often as I would like) I lose weight. The more often I am "near" but still below, 2000, I tend to stop losing weight. (like the last month). Using your formula, lessee -:decision: 225 x 13 - 15 = 2925 to 3375. I can only answer: "I WISH!" I wonder if those numbers are more for weight maintenance?! Cheers!
  20. Bandster Brad

    Oh how I love sushi

    Hi, Sushi *was* my favorite thing. I kinda laughed after banding, because every time I checked, it was like "A-OK, rice is still going down, I am blessed." Then, almost 7 months and 50 pounds lost after banding, I was at a client christmas party, and THAT SUSHI RICE DID NOT GO DOWN! It sent me scurrying for a bathroom. I have checked twice since, and have conceded that "Sashimi" is now my favorite thing. It goes down fine.... Cheers!! :chinese
  21. Bandster Brad

    Anyone Self Pay???

    I self-paid. I think it was $12,500, full boat, no extra's. Even included a year's fills and complete, I MEAN COMPLETE, care for a year. During the first 7 months or so, I have had 10 fills. Based on the idea of paying for fills, that means I would have already been at $15,000 had I gone somewhere else that charges $250 a fill. I feel like a got a great surgeon, a great support staff, and a great deal. In short, "a low-cost, high quality, new lease on life" Check out Dr. O. Layton Alldredge in Sandy, UT if you want a low cost, ultra high quality alternative to Mexico. SLC is a Delta hub, and I imagine that at $12,500, its competitive with Mexico. That way, you also get state-side FDA oversight, and Dr's covered by US malpractice insurance, and domestic flight expense if you are not close enough to drive. Cheers!
  22. Bandster Brad

    Rabbits and Turtles United New Year Challenge

    OK, I think I've got it now. Starting weight - 256 (what I weighed a couple of days ago when this challenge was issued, and I accepted -) Goal Weight on March 1, 2006 - 244 pounds = 12 pounds down or 1.5 pounds for almost 8 weeks - (Barely enough to keep me from being disqualified as a bunny, and just enough to avoid qualification to join the turtle club) Recent GIANT NSV - In Winter of 2004, I went skiing with my CEO. I was in such bad shape that I had to make up excuses when I could only last two runs. (knees, goggles fogging up, can't see, boots hurt, etc.) Yesterday, (one year later) I did over 15 runs with him, kept up, and would have loved to continued skiing, except the lift closed! My, what an amazingly beautiful day, and wonderful experience to be able to ski again! What's more, I looked up the caloric consumption of a day's skiing. Figuring half the time was on the lift and half the time was spent skiing, I still burned 2,200 calories. BURN IT, BABY!!! :banana See you all on the other side of the scale on March 1, and GOOD LUCK!!!!
  23. Bandster Brad

    What R We Eating

    Breakfast: Green Tea Frozen Whey Protein Shake 1 cup ice, 1 cup lowfat milk, 1 cup macha green tea, 1/2 shot Starbucks melon syrup, 2 scoops whey isolate. Put in blender. 1 cup oatmeal with 5-6 small pieces of nuts in it and a half a cup lowfat milk. Lunch: Smoked Salmon Caesar salad with dressing on the side. Includes about 4 oz salmon, and some romaine lettuce Snack: a can of chicken noodle soup, usually "bachellor style" (Cold, drank directly out of the can) Dinner: Small portion of beef, chicken, or fish. Maybe 4 oz. Small serving pasta A couple of brocolli florets Snack: If I am evil, somewhere I snag some ice cream. Those Klondike lowfat chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bars are pretty outrageous. Observations: If I stick to the above diet without the ice cream, I end up around 1350 - 1500 calories a day, which is perfect for consistent weight loss. If I suck, and go for the ice-cream, what's the old saying from this site? "Bad food loves the hole"? You can get started on an ice-cream craze and down a half a pint really ease. Even with low-fat Haggen Dazs, that wrecks two days of weight loss in a hurry. Really, really, best left alone. This could easily add between 200 - 600 calories for the day. Maybe its wrong, but if I am way low on calories that day, like around 900, logically, maybe it won't hurt. But the scale seems to consistently feel differently... Wish I could come up with a good ice-cream replacement. Methodone?? Any suggestions???! Cheers!!
  24. Bandster Brad

    Travel After Surgery Question

    I travelled (from the West Coast to the East Coast) 3 business days following my surgery. Boy, was THAT a mistake! I didn't actually feel human until about 10 days following surgery, and within a couple days after that felt great. The only real downside was a sensation of absolute discomfort, and not being able to eat anything, and nausea. I figured, I will not be feeling well, anyway, so I may as well be productive! Not smart! But with you being 2-3 weeks out, you will likely be fine. Individual mileage will vary, see your dealer for details..... Cheers!
  25. Bandster Brad

    Rabbits and Turtles United New Year Challenge

    I'm not sure how to do this, having never entered a challenge before, but the idea intrigues me. Last year - let's see- down 51 pounds since being banded in May 05, and I lost 19 pounds over the holidays, counting from Halloween through New Years. That's gotta be a first for me! What do we do next? Set a goal? OK, how's this - 1.5 pounds a week for the next quarter. Hmm. :guess That's about 18 pounds or so by end of March. That would be well worth it! Cheers, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :banana

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