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  1. GoalInProgress

    CA- Orange County

    These dates work for me Thank you for setting them up
  2. Hi OC 50's, I'm 54 years old, living in Irvine. I'm scheduled to be sleeved at Fountain Valley Hospital on June 2. I will be going through surgery and recovery utterly alone. Once I'm able to drive again, I would love to share our lifetime journeys. Please send me a private message and we'll exchange phone numbers and addresses or meet beforehand. I would love your encouragement and support! Ang
  3. GoalInProgress


    My date is June 2. Very nervous!
  4. GoalInProgress

    CA- Orange County

    Hi Jenna, If everyone's okay with sharing drinks only, we could also go to a casual restaurant. Unfortunately, my friend had another grand mal seizure after he was released from Western Medical Center last week & I'm helping him manage his bills and other tasks. I'm visiting him a lot, but I think I could work in a needed break on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. It doesn't matter where at this point because I'm willing to travel, but there is a nice marketplace across the street from my home, where there are courtyards of tables and chairs. It's nice on a warm day and nicely lit in the evenings. It's close to the 73, 405 and 55 Fwys. If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm inundated with tasks. But, please keep me posted on any progress and I'll check my account every other day or so. Can't wait to get together!
  5. GoalInProgress

    CA- Orange County

    Hi Jenna, I just saw your post. I don't know if I'm losing my wits, but this site, although wonderful for bringing us together, is difficult to navigate. Maybe I just need to get familiar with it. I also had a week where I was helping a friend recover from two grand mal seizures. But, thank you so much for your support! It means a lot to me. I'm pretty scared but your words are encouraging Anyway, congratulations on your weight loss! It will be great to support you in person too!
  6. GoalInProgress

    CA- Orange County

    My place in Irvine? How many of us are there?
  7. GoalInProgress


    Hi Piercedqt, sounds like you're doing exceptionally well! You're a success story for us all. Where did you get your surgery done?
  8. Hi mamadeb, how are you doing?
  9. Hi Sylvie, getting surgery in June? Maybe we can follow each other's journey. Let me know how you're doing often. Was your insurance approved? Do you have a surgery date?
  10. Not sleeved yet. Scared to death. "Giving it a hell of an effort," describes my feelings exactly
  11. GoalInProgress

    CA- Orange County

    Hi Jen, I'm having the sleeve scheduled for June 2 with Dr. Mir Amir at Fountain Valley Regional Medical Center. I have a hiatal hernia which I've heard makes it very painful to swallow. I'm pretty scared at this point because my coordinator has changed my physician from a very experienced physician to a less experienced physician. So I'm feeling fortunate that you're willing to give me support. Thank you!
  12. GoalInProgress

    CA- Orange County

    Hi Jen I would love to support you in administering an Orange County group. Where are you located & where would you like to meet?
  13. GoalInProgress

    Pain question - hiatal hernia repair

    I'm going to have a hiatal hernia repair in June with a novice physician. I'll fill you in about my experience then. Hopefully, the pain will subside soon.
  14. I can empathize. I started last October. I completed my psych evaluation in November & didn't hear from the coordinator, until December. She kept giving me the run-around saying that my insurance wouldn't approve it, but by late December, I had found out that she was trying to get an approval by an insurance company that I wasn't with. Then she told me that I would need to wait until after the holidays before we could continue the process. My insurance immediately approved but the doctors office wouldn't accept the pre-op process. Then my coordinator re-scheduled with another surgeon (less experienced). Now my date is in June with this less experienced doctor. I feel like I've been given the shaft originally caused by their mistakes. I don't know what to do. Who would be fine with a less experienced doctor after having gone through so long delay & run-around? I'm frustrated to no end.
  15. GoalInProgress

    Giving my concerns a voice!

    I empathize with you. I too live alone at 55. Food is my friend & I know life will be so much lonelier without my friend.

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