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  1. Wow thats great! I also have diabetes. I am having RNY done on April 22nd and presenly I am on the Optifast liquid diet. I had to do it for 4 weeks and I am now on week 3. My insulin has dropped from 96 units at bedtime to 12 units already. I am off one of my pills for my diabetes and I think by time my surgery is here I may be off all of my diabetes meds. I have lost 25lbs and I am so excited to have this done. Good luck :-) Val

  2. Hey Sally I am 62 and I will be having RNY on April 22nd. I am presently on week 3 of my Optifast liquid diet. I must be on it for 4 weeks. I am like you in that I want to ejoy the time I have left here on this planet. I want to experience the feeling of being slim before I exit this beautiful world. I have lost 25lbs so far on this. Good luck to you as you journey forth. :-) Val I may have addressed this to the wrong person. I think it was to rhinny oh well its for evetyone :-)

  3. Mmmm ranting. Human nature. We have become some what spoiled I guess never getting passed the need for imidiacy. When we want something we want it now possibly yesterday? In our minds we say ya I got this, no problem. Im going to breeze through this. Even with all we have read or heard others tell us about what to expect we still are in silent denial. Oh that happened to her or him but I will be ok. Im tough I got this. Well then its now your day and guess what? This sucks big time! But we all will get through it and move on. I will be there on April 22nd and I will probably be whining like a little baby but I know I'll be glad. Glad that I did this for me and glad that I am strong enough to see it through. Thanks :-) Val

  4. I am starting week 3 tomorrow of Optifast liquid shakes. I can also have the broth and sf jelly. But my Dr says the broth and the jelly are optional if I feel hunger which I never do. I am only having the

    opti shakes and my Water. The first 3 days is when I had the broth and jelly but none since because im not hungry. Once you are in ketosis your hunger usually leaves you. Are you permitted any vegies ie lettuce peppers cucumbers etc. Hang in there it will get better. :-) Val

  5. I also have sleep apnea. I am on a cpap machine as well. It took me about two weeks after I was put on it to become used to it. I have to say that I get a way better sleep with it than without it. My daughter had RNY surgery Oct 22nd/13 and she was on a cpap machine as well. After surgery she never used it again. That is what I'm hoping for. Even though it does help me I think wouldn't it be nice to sleep peacefully without something on you face or in you nose. Can't wait :-) Val

  6. I am on day 13 of the Optifast liquid diet. I have to be on it for 4 wks. My surgery is April 22nd. My first 3 days were hard but I stuck it out. Today day 13 I'm a prostar!! Once I hit ketosis my hunger was gone and I can honestly say I don't feel hungry at all. It is a big mind game and you just have to get your head around that. Stay the course you got this. We are all here for you :-) Val

  7. Wow everyone that replied here I am a bit envious I am having my RNY surgery in Toronto on April 22nd. My surgeon David Lindsey has me on 4 weeks of Optifast. I am finishing up week 2. So far not too bad at all. I wonder why there are so many differences between surgeons after all a peach is a peach is a peach lol just wondering. :-)

  8. Wow it amazes me how people feel they have the right to pass judgment on others. Obesity I believe is one form of predgidism the world can certainly do without. Your decision to become healthy is yours to make. However you chose to do it is also yours as well.. you are starting a new journey don't take negative people on your journey with you. Keep smiling :-) Val

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