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  1. taylor_holt

    Anyone want to show pics :)

    Hi everyone!! Highest weight 236 2/26/14 Surgery weight 230 3/24/14 Current weight 190!!!! It's an amazing life changing experience ????
  2. taylor_holt

    March 2014 Sleevers

    Amasd- I went and bought them!! Went down smooth!! & so far so good! Thanks for that!!
  3. taylor_holt

    March 2014 Sleevers

    Is anyone swallowing a multi vitamin?? I'm allowed to swallow now but the ones I have a soooo big and I'm having trouble. Just curious if anyone has a smaller one that works for them?
  4. taylor_holt

    So i have the 3 week stall ugh

    Going into week 4 of my stall! SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!! lost 6 lbs in 3+ weeks. Gonna try to up my protein and water to kick this stall in the butt! Hoping it works!
  5. taylor_holt

    March 2014 Sleevers

    Just came across this thread! I was sleeved March 24th. HW 236 SW 230 CW 199.5. I'm so bummed I've only lost 6 pounds in the last 3 weeks!!!! Very frustrating. I can't seem to be getting in as much calories and protein I'm told too. See my doc for my 6 week check up on Monday. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get out of this stall!?
  6. taylor_holt

    4 weeks out-soft solid stage

    It's driving me insane!!!!! I'm on soft foods now meeting with my doc on Monday for a check up hopefully he can tell me something I can do. But yes it bums you out very easily when the scale doesn't move
  7. taylor_holt

    4 weeks out-soft solid stage

    Is anyone stalling? I've lost 6lbs in 3 weeks idk what I can do to help
  8. I'm 21 & was sleeved march 24th!
  9. taylor_holt

    No carbonation ever again?

    How long were you post op before you tried a beer?
  10. taylor_holt

    Finally Becoming Happy

    You look awesome! Congrats!!!
  11. taylor_holt


    Delran Nj!
  12. taylor_holt

    4 weeks out-soft solid stage

    I'm in the same boat start today! Id love to hear ideas!!
  13. taylor_holt

    No carbonation ever again?

    How long have you been post op?!
  14. taylor_holt

    Docs in Philadelphia

    Well if you have any questions I'm here!!!
  15. taylor_holt

    Docs in Philadelphia

    Yes that's the same as Dr. Korus! And believe me that office is always full! And they all can't be there for my doctor! She must be doing something right! Did you read up on her online?! I went to an information session way back and I went to a pre-op support group I want to go to a post op one soon!