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    Working on myself for once. Improving for myself and family.
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    cooking, the beach, photography, dogs, Harley Davidson, movies,country living, canning
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  1. I had to be unfilled 6 weeks ago due to being too tight and vomiting mom stop. When I had my surgery to put my band in he fixed the hernia. No more acid reflux after that until now. I got a small fill 2 weeks ago and feel no restriction but for the past three nights I wake up with horrible acid reflux. I am really worried. I go back for another fill in 10 days. When he fills me I under the X-ray the whole time and was told the bad was great and in the right position no worries. So now I so afraid that something is wrong and I do not have the money to do anythin as my insurance doesn't cover anything. Advice???
  2. country lovin

    One Year Bandiversary!142+lbs Gone!

    you are very inspiring....would you mind sharing any tips? I was banded March 28, 2014.
  3. country lovin


    I'm in south Fort Worth area banded 3-28. Have had 2 fills. It's been a struggle with not filling full but this past week something clicked and I have been making better decisions. I just hate exercise and know I have to do it. Good luck.
  4. country lovin


    I currently take one very large nasty chewable multivitamin recommended by my nutritionist. I get it at the vitamin shoppe. Does anyone have any suggestions for an easier to tolerate multi vitamin? These are ao nasty! Thanks
  5. country lovin

    no time for me

    Wonderful advice everyone....I am going to go for a walk this afternoon at my son's baseball game....ya'll are wonderful!!!
  6. country lovin

    no time for me

    Thank you all so much for the advice and support!! I will start incorporating small things into my schedule today!!
  7. country lovin

    no time for me

    So I am sure many of you deal with very busy hectic lives find it hard to fit in exercise. I am needing advise on how to incorporate exercise into my daily life of working about 60 hours a week at a very stressful job where my decisions affect people's lives, raising 2 step-children as my own (one that takes up my every waking minute due to her behavioral issues) and one involved in sports. My husband is so supportive of me, but he does not like to exercise either. I find myself already getting up very early in the mornings to get things done for the day and kids ready for school. I then work all day and am so tired when I finally get home and then deal with dinner, the house, the kids, bible study...then it is at least 9pm and I am BEAT. I know I have to exercise! Any advice/motivation??
  8. Wow! Congratulations on a great success. Very inspirational..would love to see some of you favorite tips and things that kept you on track. Keep up the great work!!! D
  9. country lovin

    Kids meal and wine

    Ordering off the kid's menu is a great idea, but most placed I have been say you must be a kid and put an age limit on it. Has anyone ever told the restaurant that they had bariatric surgery and needed to order the smaller portion?
  10. country lovin

    Not Losing- 4 months Post op

    I am in this exact same situation. My problem is I am not exercising. I do bands for my arms and back and some leg exercises. My sister is a personal trainer, so I know what I need to do. She has even told me how to avoid some of the excess skin that will most likely happen later on. I stay so stressed out from my job and other things going on in my life right now that I never get to focus on ME and workout or even go for a walk. The only exercise I like is swimming and I cannot afford the gym membership right now to use the pool. I also am having a problems with the mental aspect of this lifestyle change. I am thinking about seeing a counselor to help with that but again it is finding the time. I really wish that I had 3 months off work to focus on myself and get things going good. I have so much vacation and sick time built up but cannot use it due to how busy we are. WOW...so sorry for the rant!! maybe someone has advice???
  11. country lovin

    Learning by doing

    Thank you for sharing that story it sounds similar to mine. I am really struggling right now with bandster hell. I just seem to be eating way to much daily and at this point nothing has made me sick. I have to remember that right now this is a diet to still until I get the fills I need. I never wanted to be on a diet again...well thanks again for sharing and keeping other people inspired.
  12. country lovin

    letting other's determine how i feel

    Thank yu everyone for the awesome advice. I am new to this sight but loving it so much already. you all have given me great ideas!!
  13. country lovin

    It's amazing!

    that sounds so good to have a tight band. my first fill is Monday and I cannot wait!!! congrats on doing good yall.
  14. I am on this journey to a healthier me for myself. unfortunately now that I am almost 4 weeks post-op and not losing any weight I feel very ashamed. I am ashamed when someone asks me how much weight I have lost..they don't ask because I look like I have lost...they ask because they expect me to drop the weight so fast. These are people I love so much and they do not mean to hurt me, but I am finding myself focusing on what other people think than what I need to do for myself. When I focus only on how I feel, I do so much better. Does anyone else have these issues or advice?/
  15. country lovin

    Very depressed ,Need help and guidance :((((

    I also in Bandster Hell I believe. I am looking forward to Monday when I get my first fill. I have people that know I had the surgery asking all the time how much weight I have lost and it is so embarrassing to say 30 then gained back 10....UGH

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