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    Hi! My name is Jessica. I am married and we have three beautiful kids! I have struggled with weight for most of my life and I am ready for the struggle to be over. I want to be healthy, not only for myself but for my family as well.
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  1. Dulce_jtrivera

    Looking for 7/22/14 surgery buddy

    Hi everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for the past week and a half. I am doing better with the protein, I'm getting about 60g and still getting all of my fluids. So far so good! I have lost 14lbs since surgery. I have been walking 30-45 minutes a day at a slow pace, and I have a good amount of energy. I was so worried that I was going to have problems, but I haven't had any. I love my new tiny tummy!!!
  2. Dulce_jtrivera

    Looking for 7/22/14 surgery buddy

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to check in and let y'all know how I was doing. So far, I feel really great! I am able to get in 80-90oz of fluid a day. The only problem I am having is protein, everything I try makes me so sick! I don't know if it is the smell or the taste, but my tiny tummy does not like it. I am getting about 20g of protein just by drinking some skim milk. Everyday gets a little better! Hope all of you are doing well!
  3. Dulce_jtrivera

    Tomorrow Is The Day!

    I'm getting sleeved tomorrow! I have a 9 am arrival time! Good luck to everyone; are y'all as excited as I am??
  4. Dulce_jtrivera

    Looking for 7/22/14 surgery buddy

    I was told that those shots are the wrong type of protein. They are the collagen protein and I think we are supposed to be getting isolate. I would ask the nutritionist. Also, I was told that you can only really use about 20-30g of protein in one hour, so if you drink the whole shot your body would just waste the other 10-20g of protein. If you do the shot, do half one hour and wait for the other half until a couple hours later.
  5. Dulce_jtrivera

    Looking for 7/22/14 surgery buddy

    Thanks y'all! They are definitely the same ones! My grandma, I love her to death don't get me wrong, but she is the worst about this. She is the first to comment about me getting too big, or putting on "a little" weight. But after hearing that I was going to have surgery, she says "well then, I guess you don't want to eat what I cook anymore" like my decision had something to do with her. I can't just go over there to spend time with her or to take the kids to see their great granny. No, it has to be a big to do with a four course dinner and all the fixin's. She means well, I think, but doesn't see anything wrong with the way she eats.
  6. Dulce_jtrivera

    Looking for 7/22/14 surgery buddy

    @@evanslaura79 You sound like you are doing GREAT! My surgery is this Thursday and I am just praying that this goes as smoothly as possible. It is what I have been waiting for for so long now it seems, but I am getting little doubts now. My family, who have been very supportive of the whole thing are starting to make little comments like: are you sure this is what you want to do, you will never be able to eat that again, can you live without it, or you are just big boned -- you will never be a little person.... all of this has been weighing on me. For one, I am not BIG BONED... I am 5'3, how big could my bones be? Secondly, I have been dieting now for over three months and have lost almost 30 lbs, I can live without sodas, cakes, ice cream, and all the goodies that they are worried about. ( that comment came from my grandma as she was eating her second donut..) And then lastly, I am sure I want to do this. Why be so negative about something that I have studied about, took the time to research. I've discussed it with two doctors, the psychologist, the nutritionist... This is what I want. *sorry if this is kinda ranting, need to vent somewhere* I just want to be happy! I want to go into this on Thursday morning with no regrets and no doubt that I am doing the right thing. Everyone seems to be doing so well, I just want you guys to know that you are helping me to feel good about my decision. Thank you for your support! It is definitely appreciated!
  7. Dulce_jtrivera

    Looking for 7/22/14 surgery buddy

    @@DimandGirl you probably should be getting way more liquids in than what you are. The guidelines that my surgeon gave me says that I can't even leave the hospital if I cannot get down at least 6 oz of Water in 1 hour. It is really easy to get dehydrated and they do not want to have you come back to the hospital to get more IV fluids. I would call your doctors office or the nutritionist and see what they recommend. Ours give us three little 2oz shot glasses and that is how we keep up with the fluids. Maybe that could help you to get in more? Best of luck to you! I have surgery on the 31st so I am not sure about the restriction part, but I personally think you should be getting a lot more than 10 oz in two days.
  8. Dulce_jtrivera

    Looking for 7/22/14 surgery buddy

    Glad you are doing well @@Boise Sounds like you are doing good keeping your liquids down. I am one week away from being on the on the losing team and I am just now starting to get worried about the surgery. I am starting to think about what the complications could be and I sometimes question my decision to go through with it. I love hearing about positive outcomes, because it just reassures me that the worry and doubts are all in my head. I know that in my heart, this is the best thing for me. Keep up the good work and I hope to hear more from everyone about how they are doing!
  9. Dulce_jtrivera

    Looking for 7/22/14 surgery buddy

    Good luck to all of my sleeve sisters who are going in today! Speedy recoveries and god bless you! You are all in my prayers!
  10. Dulce_jtrivera

    For those who didn't tell anyone - betrayed

    I am sorry. I had a similar experience, but my mother told my grandparents and then my (very loving, but very nosey) grandmother told the whole family (cousins, uncles, aunts, some people who I haven't seen in forever, and anyone else that would be on her "phone tree"). Needless to say, I was in the middle of one of our big family get togethers when one of my distant cousins brings it up in front of everyone. All eyes and ears on me! I was so embarrassed and heart broken. I was not comfortable at the time and did not want anyone to know. That was a couple of months ago and I have become more open about it. I am not hiding it anymore. I don't know if the situation with my family helped to force me to be comfortable, but now I can tell anyone and not give a damn what they think. I know how hard I have tried. I know that the weight isn't going to come off without it, and I know that this is the best choice I could have made. I know how bad it feels to have your secret out in the open, but I also now see the liberation that having it out in the open can bring. Best of luck to you!
  11. Dulce_jtrivera

    Looking for 7/22/14 surgery buddy

    Good luck to all of you whose surgery is this week! I will be right behind ya'll! Save room on the losers bench for me!
  12. Dulce_jtrivera

    Looking for 7/22/14 surgery buddy

    @@tfowler Thank you for checking in with everyone! I am doing good. I am not hungry and this is day two for me on the preop diet, since I started a day early. I did want my normal cracker break yesterday when 3pm hit, but I drank a Protein shake that I brought from home. So far today, I am not missing anything. I am just ready for my date to be here! It's like a kid waiting for christmas or their birthday. The days go by slowly, but I know it will be here before I know it! And you have only 5 days!! It's so close... I know you have to be so happy! I have not really had a dream about food, but I am craving things that are out of the ordinary. Like popcorn. I hardly ever eat popcorn, but for the past week I have been dying for some popcorn. And chocolate covered pretzels. I use to get them as a kid when my grandma would take me to the grocery store with her. Haven't had them in years. Now I want some.. completely crazy. Maybe it's my subconscious telling me that I need to eat these things, because what if I will never be able to have them again... who knows.
  13. Dulce_jtrivera

    down 75 pounds!

    That's great! Congrats!
  14. Dulce_jtrivera

    Looking for 7/22/14 surgery buddy

    @@jenngottaloseit 72lbs is awsome!!! Wow! You go girl! I am starting my liquid diet today and so far so good. I will probably singing a different tune when my snack demon starts gnawing at me later . I will send you a message on facebook so you can add me! Thanks!
  15. Dulce_jtrivera

    Looking for 7/22/14 surgery buddy

    I mix it with water, but a girl that's in my support group uses almond milk or skim milk. That adds more protein to it. And I have never heard of the Smoothie King either... but I will try anything that will help me through the liquid phases!

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