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  1. I had the sleeve 4.5 years ago.... no problems after surgery
  2. tfarr

    New GERD diagnosis

    I’m willing to go through a surgical fix. I can’t stand this anymore.
  3. tfarr

    New GERD diagnosis

    Hi everyone. I’m 4 years post op sleeve. I’ve been getting acid reflux since 6 months after the procedure. Never had it before. After multiple meds and finally an upper GI done 3 weeks ago i now have GERD. Big deal right? Well, I’m taking protonics 40mg, but, I just heard that causes cancer. What doesn’t right? Lol I just want to know, is the only permanent relief going to a by-pass?
  4. tfarr

    Sleeve to Bypass Revision

    Such a relief to hear others are going through the same thing. I was sleeved In 2014. About 8 months after I got severe heart burn, had the gall bladder removed. Still heart burn. After multiple meds I got an endoscopy over two weeks ago with some biopsies. I would LOVE to fix this, I don’t care if I need to have surgery.
  5. tfarr

    Fat shaming ?? Post op over 4 yrs

    Hi! Today is actually my 4 year anniversary, I’m also sober 11 years sober. I do also find myself judging, I mean, we know what it’s like. I tried Intermittent fasting. Hell no lol I was STARVING!!! Lol I found losing weight was harder than quitting smoking and drinking together. I still have difficulties with emotional eating. But realize it when it does happen and I step back.
  6. tfarr

    Calling all vets- where are you

    I’m still here. I going on 4 yrs post op. I’m not on here a lot, but we’re here❤️
  7. tfarr

    Calling all vets- where are you

    I’m still here. I going on 4 yrs post op. I’m not on here a lot, but we’re here❤️
  8. tfarr

    Sleeve Veterans: What makes you successful long term?

    What makes me successful long term is.... never stop believing in yourself. Corny yes, but helps me. I talk to myself in a mirror ( I know , I know ). But seeing what I’m saying and thinking what I’m saying are two different things. I’ve been down for a good 1.5 years and was about to say “F this” but, I prayed and prayed and started to believe in myself.
  9. tfarr


    I think I’ll just not try the Keto thing lol
  10. tfarr


    Thank you guys for the input. I read that doing Keto you have to not eat as much protein because it will counter act the Keto and make you gain? Has anyone else heard that? Also, what the hell are “Micros and macros” and why do you need to track those?
  11. tfarr


    Hi everyone! I’ll be 5 years post op in December from the sleeve. I’ve been able to maintain the same weight for a long time now. What is Keto like? Does anyone currently do this?
  12. tfarr

    Bathing suit

    I’m trying to find a top that will give me the lift and support like no other lol I got a few from Hapari, although nice, not enough lift. My breast’s went from a 44 DD to a tiny 36C. I feel deflated and want something to help my self esteem this summer. Any ideas? Thank you[emoji173]️
  13. tfarr

    Chest pain, ER

    I don’t see him till December, but I can make an appointment to see him if it gets any worse
  14. tfarr

    Chest pain, ER

    Funny, my name is Tracy and I too was a”76” baby. I actually had my gallbladder removed 10 mo this post-sleeve surgery. I got off my butt and filled it. It’s helped a lot. I’m still wondering why I have having such pains? One can’t possible take Protonics forever, right? Ugh. Hiatal hernia huh? That sounds painful.