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  1. isumomterri

    Anyone here from Indiana?

    I have Indiana HIP. I started the process just a little over 2 months ago. Everything done, just waiting on surgery date.
  2. isumomterri

    Is DS considered Bariatric Surgery?

    Yes it is bariatric surgery. If you talk to 3 different customer service reps at BCBS you will get 3 different answers to the same question. You should call and get your evidence of coverage from BCBS. They have to send it to you, whether a pdf version you can download from the internet or the hard copy.
  3. I'm confused. What surgery did you have. I thought my the thread title you had the DS. But you said you have pouch so that makes me think you had RNY. Was just wondering which it was.
  4. isumomterri

    Board Newbie: Advice/Input Sought

    I am still preop but what I have is that we need a minimum of 100 g of Protein, I was told to shoot for 120-150g. You need lots of fat too. On average DSers only aborb 20% of the fat they intake. So you need about 100g of fat a day. Then carbs are about 100% absorbed. So they should be kept to 50g or less during the loss phase. I didn't see your liquids intake but at the minimum you should get 64 oz, while 80-100oz is preferred. Once you get dehydrated it is hard to catch up with out IV fluids. You also have to make sure to be getting your Vitamins in. When the DS is done in two parts some of the "rapid" weightloss is lost. But you will get there.
  5. isumomterri

    Pre-Op Diet tips?

    I did not have to do a pre-op diet. I am also not on here very often. I actually go to another board that has many members that have had or are going to have the DS. IT is a very active board with DSers. It is bariatricfacts.org and you should also read dsfacts.com
  6. I am pre-op but after the DS you have to supplement with Vitamins. Most of the nutritionist give RNY or sleeve advice. So you will have to be very vigilant to make sure you don't have deficiencies. You have to do blood labs at least yearly if not more often. You will also have to get plenty of Protein and liquids in. As a DS you will not absorb but about 60% of these and only about 20% of fat, so you have to eat extra butter, catsup, sour cream and such. You would have to watch carbs because those are absorbed 100% and can bloating a gas. I am very rarely on this site anymore as I have found one that is very active with many people who have had or going to have the DS. They know pretty much everything that there is to know about the DS. It is called bariatricfacts.org You should check it out. Also read dsfacts.com it is very informative.
  7. I am not sure how many people with the DS are on this forum anymore. I haven't been here in over a month. I have found and newer board with a lot of people who have the DS or are preparing to. I am still pre-op and Will who posted the original thread is there too. The site is Bariatricfacts.org You should come check it out. Very active board.
  8. isumomterri

    Anyone here from Indiana?

    Good luck. Keep your eye on the big picture.
  9. isumomterri

    Specific friend advice needed! Pic included

    Have you lost a significant amount of weight in the past and gained some/all of it back? If you have lost weight in the past did she say anything then? Did you say anything to her in past like I am eating better, going to lose this weight once and for all, etc? If so she may be wondering why you are not sharing your new "diet" with her. She may not want to say anything because to her knowledge you are on a diet and if previous attempts at dieting have been failed attempts she may not want you to feel bad if you gain this weight back as well. Also if she feels you are doing this to look good for her wedding she may feel guilty that you feel you have to do it for her. She could just love you for you, not by the size bridesmaid dress you wear. If in the past you have shared your diet strategies or triumphs with her and then said nothing this time she may be taking a cue from you that you don't want to talk about it. It may be that she doesn't see your weight. I know when I look in the mirror or think of myself I never look as heavy as I do when I see a photo or video of myself. You guys have been friends for over 20 years you have to know she loves you for you and if she has not acknowledged your weight loss you know there is a reason why. If you dig deep you will find it. You probably know her better than anyone. With that said she probably knows you better than anyone. It could be that you are giving off signals that you are hiding something. I find it very hard to keep anything from my best friend without her knowing something is up, sometimes it's the tone of our voice, the look in our eye or even our body movement. You may be acting different and not even realizing it.
  10. isumomterri

    Vitamin Question

    With the DS or RNY you will have to take to Vitamins throughout the day. This is due to the malabsorption. Your body will not absorb everything you take in so you will have to supplement with vitamins. Some vitamins can not be taken together therefore you will have to take at different times.
  11. I haven't told many people because I don't want people that I don't really talk to much calling every week wanting to know how much I have lost so far. But I think when people ask me what they should do I have decided I am just going to say "Have 80% of your stomach cut out. That should fix you right up!"
  12. isumomterri


    I am pre-op hoping for surgery May or June. I have been reading a lot. I have some questions mostly about Vitamins. I know Vitalady is a wealth of info but why purchase from her rather than say CVS or Walgreens is the cost about the same? Also for a Multivitamin will a prenatal work? I am not pregnant nor can I get pregnant, I have just always taken the prenatal as my multivitamin and wondered about continuing. Also was wondering about Protein powders and drinks. What Proteins are complete and which ones aren't? These are my two concerns about WLS is getting in the vitamins and proteins that I need. Thanks in advance for any input.
  13. I am pre-op but I chose DS. I have read everything I can on it (dsfacts.com is fantastic). I am also on this forum and others to see what "real" people are saying. I chose the DS for several reasons: 1) after a couple of years the RNY looses it's malabsorption. That is why some see regain. 2) the percentage of getting rid of comorbidities is higher with the DS. 3) higher percentage of excess weight is lost and kept off with DSers. 4) I only want to have surgery once. I have seen so many RNYers post they are having surgery again to revise to the DS. I have also seen banders and sleevers getting sleeved or resleeved. (This is when I just want to yell go with the DS and get it done right.)
  14. isumomterri

    Anyone here from Indiana?

    johnking you are doing fantastic!
  15. isumomterri

    Anyone here from Indiana?

    Luckyinluv what part of IN are you from? I am also having my surgery at St. Vincent's in Carmel. Are you having RNY or DS? If RNY who is your dr.? I am having DS, Dr. Inman is the only one that does that surgery.
  16. isumomterri

    Anyone here from Indiana?

    Hi I am from Evansville also. Just joined today. Go for psych appt next week. If all is well with that then surgeons office will submit to insurance same day.