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  1. angiem1973

    The Ghost Sleeve

    Thank you for asking this!!! I'm 4 days out and I have no problem drinking and the shakes - I can get about 9 oz in at a time. So happy to know it will start restricting!!
  2. angiem1973

    March 2014 Sleevers

    Hi gang! I was sleeved on 3/27 and so far everything has gone well. I didn't have any nausea issues and I walked like a fiend in the hospital because I did have KILLER gas pains in my shoulder. I had low potassium and they gave me two giant horse pills to take (seriously???) . As soon as I got home on Friday, I had the biggest and loudest fart I ever had and voila - pain in shoulder is gone. I've been taking it easy and focusing on hydration. I hate the protein shakes- but I think I found a brand I like- unjury and I'm waiting for it to come in the mail, I also found Mexican flavored tortilla broth from Swanson that is to DIE for. I blend it with Campbell's poblano and queso soup and it's so wonderful. It seems fairly easy so fat and I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Pain meds work great and I'm sleeping well.
  3. angiem1973

    Good Water Ap?

    I use Waterlogged. It's super easy and you can use oz or mL
  4. I had my sleep study done a few years ago but I remember this thing happening to me. Something about the apneas not showing up really bad - the second night test is a different way for them check your sleep. I do have sleep apnea and currently sleep with a CPAP machine. It is normal - I just wish I had more info to give you
  5. I am on day 2 of the 2 week pre-op diet. I know all surgeons are different and have different pre-op diet plans, but I am having a rough time with the shakes. My plan is as follows: Protein shake for breaksfast Greek yogurt for morning snack Protein shake for lunch 1 cup of veggies for afternoon snack Dinner: 4 oz lean meat and 1 1/2 cup of veggies Evening snack: 8 oz of milk + 1 sugar free popsicle Has anyone ever substituted a protein replacement BAR instead of a shake?? I've got some other shakes on order to see if I like them, but it's not the taste, but the texture (I don't even like regular milkshakes) Thanks so much!! Angie
  6. Hi gang! I am on day 2 of pre-op diet and i just had the most hideous orange loose stools I've ever seen. Is that normal? I know my stomach is saying "what are you doing to me??" and I tried a new shake this morning (Bariatric Advantage Vanilla) - and I don't have a gallbladder... anyone else had this? (Sorry for the grossness)
  7. Thank you for the recommendation. I am on day 2 of the pre-op diet and having the WORST time trying to choke it down. I hate drinking my meals and so far, the ones I have had are icky. I'll go order some of the Chike now!
  8. angiem1973

    Pre op diet

    I'm scheduled for the 27th too!!! I started my pre-op diet today and it is NOT fun. I know the first couple days are the worst, but I am so hungry and I haven't found a shake that I like yet. Thank goodness for dinner I get 4 oz lean meat plus veggies. Hugs to you!!!!!
  9. I am so glad to see this thread. While I don't have MS or Lupus (bless you all that do have it), I have debilitating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am pre-op (March 27th!!) and I am hoping the loss of some of the weight will help the pain (it certainly can't make it worse)
  10. Great thread!! I have been on antidepressants for 14 years (13 years Prozac and switched to Zoloft one year ago). I am two weeks until surgery and my biggest concern was the depression meds. I know there may be some absorption issues, but not as much as the RNY (that's why I am choosing sleeve). I hope everyone gets the right mix of meds. I always tell people I'd rather be fat than deal With depression and anxiety. Hugs to you all
  11. angiem1973

    depressed for no reason

    Hi all- I am pre-op so I can't speak based on experience, but what I learned is hat the stomach holds a lot of the seratonin in our body- and since most of it has been excised, the chemical balance is going to get out of whack too. Your body is saying "what did you do to me?" - and u remind your body "I'm Saving your life". Pray you get some relief from the depression.
  12. angiem1973

    03/26/14 date is set

    Oh my- we are exactly alike! I've told a few people, but I haven't told my mom. She lives 1000 miles away and we only see her once a year so I'm looking forward to surprising her when I do see her. I didn't want to tell my mother in law (she lives 5 minutes away and I love her!) but we may need her help with my kids.
  13. angiem1973

    03/26/14 date is set

    I am 41 and Hw is 258 and CW is 255. I'm 5'7
  14. angiem1973

    03/26/14 date is set

    Hooray jojo! I'm getting sleeved the day after you. Would love to buddy up! I'm sure we both have so many questions that we can't answer, but I'll be your "walking through the trenches/compare war wounds and recovery stories " buddy!!
  15. Hi everyone! Just found this forum and I can't wait to be sleeved!!! I had my preop class today and I start the two week pre-op diet on Thursday. Would love to find a sleeve buddy. I'm 41 and have two daughters and have been married for 19 years. So much to read!!!!

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