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    I was sleeved on 3/27 and have PCOS too. Ever since I started the pre-op diet, I've had just a little bit of bleeding every single day - but not a full on period. My doctor said that the estrogen is flowing like CRAZY after the surgery and your body is just bazerk - and it will stabilize. I've not ever had normal periods - even as a teenager. However, I was able to get pregnant wthout any problems. I've lost 35 pounds so far and I think I felt myself ovulate yesterday. I had a painful cramp down where my right ovary is and doc said that's probably what it was (it's now gone away and my gallbladder is already gone). It's amazing how my body will talk to me! Good luck - hope this helped some.
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    Pre and post surgery pics
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  4. Before my surgery (3/27), I only told my two best friends, my husband and two children. My parents live 1000 miles away and when I told my mom it was something I was considering, she didn't think it was the best idea. So, I decided not to tell her and the next time I see her, I will surprise her! I ended up telling my mother in law who was helping out some with my kids. But tonight, toe weeks out, we are having a big family get together and I'm nervous about telling them... I guess I will see how it goes and decide on the spot whether or not to tell the,.... Of course I will be eating my Taco Bell pintos n cheese instead of the pizza and cake, so I may just have to say something,
  5. angiem1973

    My boobs are my best friend.

    Mallori - congrats on your surgery!!! As you know everyone is different and hopefully you will keep your big boobies. I'm currently a 40 c and I know the first thing to go are my boobs- but I'm also 41... You are young so hopefully you will be lucky and keep them!! Good luck!!
  6. I've got a crazy question for you all- is anyone else losing weight at a rate they think is too fast? I was sleeves 3/27 (10 days out) and I've lost 13 pounds since surgery- I'm dropping about a pound a day. This just seems too fast (no complaints- just worried!) I am no getting much protein in because I can't handle the shakes (NUT is ok as long as I stay hydrated). But I'm sooooo weak and I get dizzy if I overdo it. I have follow up doc appt on Thursday. thanks!
  7. angiem1973

    Weight coming off too fast?

    You guys are awesome! Thanks! The Protein is a battle right now- I've tried ALL of the brands- the fruit based, the milk based - they are all disgusting. But I may just have to hold my nose and get it in. So I guess the "3 week stall" is what I should watch out for and look fondly back at the "oh crap it's coming off to fast" when that happens. I'm keeping my Water up pretty good- I'm not having any nausea and I can almost chug water without problems . Thanks again for the support- this newbie has lots of questions.
  8. angiem1973

    drinking again

    I am 10 days out today and I only had to sip for a few days and I could then chug... Until today. Today it feels like my tummy is back to two days post op. I feel very lucky.
  9. angiem1973

    03/26/14 date is set

    That's great! I was done 3/27 and was doing great until today.... I've been a little off and had a hard time drinking today- feels like a lump in my throat.
  10. angiem1973

    Pre-op diet begins tomorrow

    Hey there! I just sent you a private message, but I was just sleeved a week ago by Dr. Schroder (3/27) and I'm so excited for you!! You will do great and let me know if you have any questions. I'm by NO means an expert, but since surgery was so recent, I can help you with my experiences. Good luck!!!!
  11. That is bizarre - my only thought is perhaps they fell below the BMI requirements from the insurance company - but that would be so weird, because the weight will come back as soon as you start eating "normal".
  12. While I'm only a week out, I have been having extreme difficulty getting any shakes down. So today, my nutritionist said to not worry about it. She also said she would rather me get my Protein from real food (starting next week I get to have pureed food - yay!!) So far, I've learned that each and every surgeon is different - but I don't see a problem with you getting your protein from a shake or real food - as long as you get it. It may be a personal preference thing. Congrats on the great progress!!
  13. I know that everyone heals at their own pace, but how far out from surgery did you attempt to ride amusement park rides. I live near an amazing park (Busch Gardens Williamsburg) that is great to walk around, but I know I will want to ride the roller coasters - but don't want to hurt myself. I will ask my surgeon next week - but just wondered if anyone had any experience. :-)
  14. angiem1973

    I'm trying to come to terms with the idea that...

    I can't wait to stop being the "fat mom" - Love all the reasons you listed. I'm looking forward to chaperoning the kiddo's band trips and being able to stand without being exhausted.
  15. angiem1973

    The "W" is gone!

    That is awesome! I am only a week out and I can't wait to be out of the "w"!! Way to go
  16. I am five days post op and on liquids only for two weeks. I know our sleeves are only about 3-4 ounces, but I don't have any trouble getting down 8 ounces of Water in a short period of tome. Also- hubby just brought home a 7.5 ounce Rita's sugar free Italian ice and it was gone on 10 minutes. I'm not uncomfortable at all. Will the restriction come when I start with real food? I've been sipping water since surgery and I forgot today and accidentally chugged three swallows with no consequences. Thanks!
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    0327 Surgery Day

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    0319 Presurgery

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    0313 Presurgery

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  21. It may slow the weight loss after the surgery, but I look at it this way - the pounds are gone forever! I think it's a psychological thing that we want to get a big number loss after the surgery. I know I lost 12 pounds before the surgery and then it was a little slower afterwards (I'm 5 days post op now) - but then my logical brain takes over and says "hey - that weight is GONE!" :-)
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    day 4 post op

    Haha!!! This is soooooo me! (Sleeved on 3/27). I licked my kids tater tot and it was divine!!!

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