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  1. sleeve30

    Dr. Alexander Abkin

    I had surgery in edison and I was there pretty much from like 8am to 6pm. I was so happy to go home the same day. Good luck to you! You'll do great..
  2. sleeve30

    Dr. Alexander Abkin

    Hey congratulations Justjaime your surgery is this week. How are you feeling? I use premier protein... is ready to drink.
  3. sleeve30

    Dr. Alexander Abkin

    @@JustJaime5 no regrets!!! 49lbs gone in 31/2 months! I probably should have lost more but I'm not exercising yet and I have a desk job... I'm very happy!!! I want to lose 15lbs before I start exercising! Love my sleeve!!! <3
  4. sleeve30

    100 lbs. lost!

  5. I'm 7 weeks out and I don't get hungry.
  6. Amazing!!!! You are doing great you need to give me some tips!!! Congrats you look amazing!
  7. sleeve30

    3 week stall

    I had a stall at 3 weeks and then dropped 7lbs in a week!!!
  8. sleeve30

    Dr. Alexander Abkin

    I feel great!!! People at work are starting to notice... I'm just so grateful for this I'm in the regular foods stage I was able to get down 2 slides whole wheat bread toasted with almond butter and 6oz of oatmeal with stevia. I'm happy.. I feel good and can't wait to start the gym! Congratulations!!! That's so awesome that's a lot in two weeks I lost 16lbs. I'm so happy we are on the other side!
  9. sleeve30

    Dr. Alexander Abkin

    1 month out 30lbs down!!! Yay
  10. Lindsay that's amazing!!! Congrats.
  11. sleeve30

    Delayed by cancer

    That's the attitude!!! You got this!!!
  12. sleeve30

    Progresso Nuddle Soup

    Thank you very much!
  13. sleeve30

    Progresso Nuddle Soup

    Thanks...It has carrots and pieces of chicken and noodles... Can I have the chicken and carrots?
  14. Can you have it in soft foods stage?

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