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    NancyintheNorth got a reaction from Leepers in The Land of Healthy   
    great amazing wonderful post
    I wonder if a difference between those that lose 60 lbs and those that continue on to lose the extra 40 lbs is just getting back up after a slip and carrying on? Maybe that's determination, I don't know. It's hard after a slip or a weight gain to get back on the horse.
    Maybe too, others are okay with that 60% of weight loss.
    Thanks for your insights
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    NancyintheNorth reacted to Pepper123 in old habits die hard   
    Don't beat you're self up…what is life with out a few bumps…mistakes make should never be repeated..keep that in mind…be strong after all we are all human and prone to make mistakes…good luck!!!!
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    NancyintheNorth reacted to ReeByrd in old habits die hard   
    Don't be so hard on yourself, Nancy. Your "head" wants to eat, not your belly, and you don't have to drag your self-esteem in either, you said it best -- old habits die hard. They do, and sometimes they don't die; they stick around and rear their ugly heads every so often. It may take a little time for you to substitute snacks that you find pleasurable. I know that feeling of wanting to eat, even though you KNOW you can't get anything down, and I've done the slow eating thing as well. I just got an adequate fill last week, so I'm still learning how to eat. It can be frustrating, but I've learned to like Jello and my protein shakes, and I'm learning to eat slowly and to savor what I eat. You will get there too, just be easy on yourself, otherwise you will talk yourself out of good habits you could be developing. {Been there, and that doesn't work.}
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    NancyintheNorth reacted to SoonergirlLayla in old habits die hard   
    Hopefully you have been able to get back on track. It is a journey, not a destination. This was just a flat tire on the way, so get it changed and keep on driving. Good luck!
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    NancyintheNorth reacted to StephanieRR in old habits die hard   
    So sorry Nancy, but you are right..It is an old habit. An old habit that we had done for years to comfort ourselves. I am only just about 2 mos out so I have not went back to my old habits, nor do I ever hope to. However, I always did in the past, or I wouldn't have got into the shape I was in. It is human that we take comfort in old habits sometimes.,Forgive yourself and move on. Wishing you peace and happiness today. Keep holding your head high and dwell on your accomplishments, not your downfalls. You will be fine I have no doubt.
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    NancyintheNorth reacted to luckyknickers57 in 2 weeks out - better and stronger   
    Hi Nancy
    I've been following your progress for a while now. I find strength in your journey. Also I am understanding my overeating as a way of coping with being abused physically by my mother as a child. I too was not allowed to show emotions, as this would lead to further beatings, and verbal abuse. I learned to clean, tidy up, iron and cook as a young child to help stop abuse, keeping my mother happy. I too am taller than average, although not as tall as you, and of course I'm on the very large side!!! I also do not like standing out. I find comfort in your words. Thank you
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    NancyintheNorth got a reaction from luckyknickers57 in 2 weeks out - better and stronger   
    Thanks for your comment!
    I had lap band surgery on March 5th
    What type of surgery are you considering?
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    NancyintheNorth reacted to LindafromFlorida in The day of surgery   
    Happy for you! A better life ahead!
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    NancyintheNorth reacted to luckyknickers57 in The day of surgery   
    Well done Nancy,
    so glad your over the worst, and on the way to your new life. Try not to be too impatient, enjoy the ride.
    Best wishes from the UK
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    NancyintheNorth got a reaction from rhodywoman in Origins of Overeating   
    You are so right, our posts are similar. Thanks for the lead on the book, I will absolutely get it. I look forward to following your posts!
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    NancyintheNorth got a reaction from rhodywoman in Again...   
    You will find lots of help here. Congratulations as you focus on taking care of you and doing what you need to do!
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    NancyintheNorth got a reaction from emsgma in The seven week stall   
    I'd do something out of the ordinary. Take a day off and go and play somewhere. Go to a museum, or a park, or go to a nearby city or town that you haven't visited recently.
    go to a library, call a friend, go see someone you'd like to see. Visit a gardening centre just to look at flowers
    For me - the worst is doing nothing but stewing.
    I'm thinking about you!
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    NancyintheNorth reacted to luckyknickers57 in Day 4 Pre-op   
    Keep up the good work Nancy
    Its a real eye opener, reading this. We went out for a meal yesterday, and although I'm only waiting for my next pre op appointment, (not dieting yet) I found myself wondering..... what will I eat? There was nothing much on the menu that I could eat (in the future), without asking for a special order to be made up, almost everything comes with sauce, fried in butter, with lashings of carbs... even the side salad had oily dressing.
    Not going to be easy, but then if you want it bad enough..........
    Good luck Nancy, keep us posted please
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    NancyintheNorth got a reaction from luckyknickers57 in On the downlow   
    Toniakaye - yes, at least there is this place and I have a friend who had long ago admitted to me that she had a gastic bypass. I wish you the very best too
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    NancyintheNorth reacted to Leepers in On the downlow   
    My first thought was that it's proabably a good idea not to tell everyone, for the exact reasons you listed. My second thought was, how sad that we feel like we have to hide this from others. I too, kept is from most people until after my surgery. Then I did tell everyone and I regret doing that too. It's hard because we want those around us to share and support our experiences, but that's not how it always ends up.
    You may be making the right choice. Stay positive. Until those people have walked in your shoes.....
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    NancyintheNorth reacted to TK Sleever in On the downlow   
    Nancy, isn't it nice that at least there is a place like this where you can find like-minded people? I'm just starting out, going to my first session at the WL center in 10 days. I haven't mentioned my desire for a gastric sleeve to a soul other than my wife. And I researched and thought about it for a couple of months before I even told her about it. I wish you the best!
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    NancyintheNorth got a reaction from MrsVanderbilt in Initial Consultation   
    Be nice to you! You say you're a 'fat chick in a weight loss surgery office' - seems to me you're exactly where you should be. Everyone starts off at ground zero! Thinking of you
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    NancyintheNorth reacted to luckyknickers57 in An Introduction   
    It certainly seems that everyone on this site has addictions, also that we have had not such a good time in our pasts, or presents. BUT we are doing something about it, that's the important thing to me, also, that I'm not alone here..... You're right, unless you've got it, you don't get it.... You know the comments, you JUST need to eat less and move more, you're uneducated, you're lazy, you're crazy, you're full of excuses. They are NOT excuses, they are REASONS. I'm here not to judge, but to find and give support. Hopefully you'll find the same, good luck to you Nancy, most people here understand totally. X
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    NancyintheNorth reacted to LindafromFlorida in An Introduction   
    We are all addicted to something, whether it be food, alcohol, work, drugs, adventure, pills, bulimia, sex, etc. Food has been my addiction. Alcohol was my family addiction on my mother and dad's sides of the family. We are here to change our addictions, and I wish I were 50 instead of 66 (when I had better health). But I sure plan on living the best life I can now that I am sleeved! Best of luck Nancy!

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