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  1. Does anyone know if it is safe to take cold meds? I am 2 months post op and have a yucky cold and a dry cough. I am not sure if we are allowed them. Anybody out there know?
  2. Aunt GG

    Pre-op diet begins tomorrow

    Best wishes to you during your pre-op and for a quick recovery afterward! I was so determined that I never once felt like I was missing out on anything during my pre-op time. I wasn't hungry, and even though I didn't like the Protein shakes, I managed to get them down. The think I missed the most was my coffee with cream and sugar. You can do this, and before you know it, you will be sitting right beside all of us on the loser's bench!!! Go get em! You got this!!!
  3. Aunt GG

    Help! Scale not moving

    I had a 2 week stall on the scale, but I could feel my body changing shape. Pants were all getting bigger, and I was still getting smaller, even though the scale wasn't moving. I actually had to put my scale away and only get it out once a week! I was becoming obsessed with the fact that it wasn't moving. It has started moving downward again though, and it will for you too. As NMJG said, your body is saying "WTH happened here"?
  4. Aunt GG

    Bloated stomach!

    I actually called my surgeon about this last week. I am 5 weeks post op as of tomorrow, and last week had one day when I felt terrible. Bloating and a burning pain in the lower left of my abdomen. Anyway, my surgeon suggested that I stay away from milk and see if that helped. I had mixed a Protein shake with skim milk that morning, and he hit it right on the head - pain is gone, never returned, and I am much much better. I can get away with low fat cheese, and yogurt doesn't seem to bother me, I just think for some reason I can't tolerate milk anymore. I hope you feel better!!!
  5. Aunt GG

    Feeling icky!

    I feel much better today! I really believe it was the milk I made my protein shake with for breakfast. I felt completely better by 4:00. My doc felt it was the milk too. Thank you all for all your support!
  6. Aunt GG

    Feeling icky!

    Oh no! Hope you feel better! I just talked to my surgeon and he said to avoid all milk and milk products as well as anything sugar free and just go to broth and things like chicken soup. Oh and of course stay hydrated. He said if it worsens to go to the ER, but I am nowhere near that bad.
  7. Don't know whether to be worried or not, but just not feeling too well today. A little nausea and lower left side abdominal pain and burning. Anyone else experienced this? I am 4 weeks post op and have had no problems at all until today.
  8. Mmmmmm... That sounds yummy! Thanks!
  9. I haven't been able to find fat free but that is what the NUT told me to buy. I will have to compare labels. Thanks for the tip!
  10. I am a Hellman's girl but they don't seem to have a fat free. They have a light and an olive oil one but I can't find a fat free. Does anybody know of a good one?
  11. I am allowed to have light bread but I have been extremely careful about not having it very often. I am just worried that I will eat more than I should. But maybe my sleeve will prevent that. I just eat a few bites and then stop.
  12. I am on soft foods right now, ready to start trying regular foods very soon. I am concerned about how much I should be eating. It seems like I have more room now than I did 2 weeks ago. Is this normal? For example, I ate 1/2 sandwich with Peanut Butter for lunch today, and then finished the other half for a snack around 4:00 this afternoon. Is that too much? I don't feel uncomfortable, I'm just worried that it is too much food. I am terrified that I will stretch my sleeve out! Advice anyone?????
  13. Sleeved 2/24, down 34 pounds
  14. Aunt GG

    Anyone not tell family?

    Oh boy, do I ever understand your situation! I have many family members (my husband's side) who know nothing about my surgery. Frankly, I looked at it as it was none of their business. And I still feel that way about it. Do what you feel is the right thing for you and your hubby!!! And if that includes keeping that information from them, then that is the right thing to do! I wish the very best to you both! Go get em!
  15. Aunt GG

    3 weeks post op

    Wow, I was 3 weeks post op this past Monday, and I am feeling pretty lucky after reading these. I have been very lucky to have no nausea, no fatigue, and no soreness since the 5th or 6th day. I kind of was bad and skipped right over the pureed food stage, and went right to soft. I just couldn't stand the thought of pureed. But please don't change what you are doing because of me. I was just so careful to chew it until it was pureed. I am still on soft foods, and it is so much better. I did learn a valuable lesson yesterday though.....I had errands to run on my lunch hour, and ate my lunch way too fast. Let me tell you, it was awful. Instant nausea, sweating, and felt awful for about 15 mins. So I learned the hard way......eat VERY slowly. I wish you the best - hope you continue to feel better and better! Maybe you had a stomach bug? There is a nasty one going around where I live, and I live in mortal fear of getting it! Take care of yourself, and feel better soon!