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  1. i don't remember what my first real food was but I can say that I still drink Protein drinks, eat scrambled eggs and a lot of cheese and greek yogurt. Im about 4 months out now and there are still some things I just cant tolerate any more. Mostly its heavier and denser foods/meats.
  2. JadedMage

    Back in the hospital.

    ugh hope you feel better soon !
  3. JadedMage

    Learning the hard way

    im over two months out and I still have problems getting some things down no matter how they are cooked. I usually just go back to it in a few weeks see if i can tolerate it then. If not, then I dont eat it again. Its really that simple.
  4. I have to agree with Jamie, dark Urine is a sign of dehydration. then there is the swelling and it also sounds like you have gas. try some gas x strips, they desolve on your tongue. the swelling will go down in time I am also about 3 weeks out and had some adjusting to do at first also.
  5. JadedMage

    Where to begin?

    first of all i do not know how you can possibly be regretful if you have lost 100 lbs! hell yes this is hard work, but as for me, after being grossly overweight for most of my life I was estatic that I could actually GET this surgery in the at all. Also why would you even think that you "can never have...." again? where did you get that from? I mean I know right now (im 3 weeks out from surgery) there are some things I just cant have and Lawd knows i can only eat a half cup of anything at a time but thats what so great! Try to be creative with your food, you may be a lot less un-happy! I never had any self control and I always knew it was my portion sizes that were killing me, making me fatter by the day, NOW I just cant eat alot, this surgery fixed that 1 problem all fat people in the world have, no self control with portion sizes! Do not think for a second that I do not crave some of the stuff i used to eat, pizza, chinese food, mexican, but you know what? Its a small price to pay for extending the quality of my life, to live another year or two, to not have limbs fall off from diabetes, or have a heart attack or stroke because of my weight. Just think if this, how unhappy and regretful would you be in a coffin?
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    Ugh the first week sucked so bad!! i feel your pain. It does get better. However, how inconsiderate of your hubby! wow just wow, hes lucky he isnt married to me, his arse would be sleeping in the garage with his two pizzas! (one of my favs btw)!!!
  7. JadedMage

    Pureed stage

    wow Bufflehead thats just what I was looking for. Im at the pureed stage now and so glad I ran across this post! thanks again JM
  8. You see thats where the problem starts at "one bite" that "one bite" got us where we are now. and it is possible to stretch your stomach after the operation. My point is why would you want to do that to yourself, foods that you know you love and would be gutonous over in the past, to take one bite is like torture!
  9. ok i hate to be the killjoy, but after i go through this surgery, there is NO WAY i am going back to what I was eating before surgery. Lets Face it, we the overweight or obese are just like junkies or alcoholics. Part of recovery is not going back to those things that got you there in the first place for a very very long time or even at all! From every thing i have read, you are supposed to eat Protein first, then veggies and fruits, then if there is room carbs. I get it that you will most likely have cravings but fight them! don't give in! If you are not going to do what you know you are supposed to do, why did you have the surgery in the 1st place? I am still a few weeks out and I have already started preparing myself for what is to come. Ive gotten rid of all the crap in my house, started drinking Protein shakes twice a day. I made this decision and became informed. And although I may miss some foods, I will not cave into them, not this time!!!
  10. JadedMage

    2.5 months post sleeve - bored w/ foods

    I haven't had the surgery yet, my date isn't until next month but i have already started to try to make some changes. Its really easy to roll back to your normal routine, i know i have dont it at least a million times. But I would have to say the most important thing you can do now, is track your intake, dont stop tracking. For me, tracking keeps me grounded.
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