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    What Grinds your Gears?

    Oh boy this could turn into a rant for me! The Cell phone. Makes me crazy. I dont particularly care when they ring, its when the person cannot seem to answer the stupid thing until every single person around them knows they have a cell phone and exactly what tune it is playing. Then if that is not bad enough to have to listen to all these stupid conversations that are always really loud because people just cannot talk on them in a normal voice... dont even get me started on people driving and yapping on them..... I could go on and on... Cell phones....make me crazy!
  2. Well I didnt see this post until tonight, so by now your probably banded (whoohoo) and on your way to recuperation (even though it might not feel like it right at this moment). I just wanted to say that who here in our heart of hearts havent asked themselves.... will I fail? I think we all do, because we have in the past.... but this is a new beginning. You can do this, I can do this, we All can do this! Now that my pep talk is finished you take care of yourself, walk and sip... in a couple of days you will feel better and in a couple of months you will be amazed at how you feel!
  3. I am a strong supporter of papaya enzyme. I only take it when I get that "stuck" feeling along with some slimy stuff. Then I take it, not before or regularly. I do keep some in my purse for when I am not at home "just in case". I have only had to use it 5 or 6 times and it has worked for me every time - no pbing, just helps it work its way through the band. I wont leave home without it.
  4. I also agree that we all feel like "why will this work when everything else failed", I dont think there is one person on this board who never, ever tried any kind of diet. I think it is natural for us to doubt ourselves, look at what we are doing to achieve sucsess, but that is the key. We ARE doing something to change this body we have. It is time to put that self-doubt behind us and believe in ourselves. We are all stronger than we give credit. It takes some hard work and sweat but We can do this!
  5. I find this all quite amusing. I never even thought about it as a foriegn body inside me. I guess if I could feel it moving around or something then it would bug me but I dont even notice it. Now these new bony feelings I have, that is a foriegn body (the first time I noticed my wrist bone I was like, LOOKIT what grew overnight, never had one of them bones before!). My band is the least weird thing in me.
  6. I told lots of people and was quite upfront about it. That is just the way I am, a very open person. I figure if somebody don't like it.... good for them, they dont have to live my life. Truth be told, I have not had one single negative comment from anybody.
  7. j.s.


    I am 14 months post-banding. I do not regret it one little bit. I have lost close to 80 pounds. I feel better and if I may say so myself, I think I look better too. I have not had any complications at all. I would recommend it to others, and I have.
  8. j.s.


    I am a coffee drinker, I had to stop before surgery and then had to be good for the first month or so after surgery. Now I am back to drinking coffee regularly. My doc has no problem with that, like Elizabeth said, just nothing carbonated.
  9. Ddiedre, You and me are in the same boat (come on, kick me out and let somebody else have a ride!). I have been on the longest plateau known to man and I hate it. But you are right about the body changing, I can see that. Right now I have noticed a huge differnce in my bat wings (heck they are bigger than bats wings, I wish they were the size of a bat) back to the story, my upper arm fat has really diminished. I thought there was no way I could wear a sleeveless shirt but if I hold myself "just" right, I am not self concious about them at all. So I know things are changing, it just gets dissappointing not to see that scale move. I know, its not about the numbers but you know all the way up the scale it always WAS about the number, now they tell me its not.... hard concept to adjust to. I feel restriction. I am being good and exercising.... just not seeing the scale move. At this stage I am just happy not to see the numbers go UP! I have not tried that diet yet.... I have been thinking about it an awful lot tho. I figure when I have just had it, then I will try that. Sorry I cant be helpful at all..... P.s. I just noticed we were banded at the same time, started at about the same weight and lost the same.... think there is anything to that? I was banded on 4/8/05, started at 287 lb.
  10. I am one of those people who told everybody. I have had nothing but support from people that I have told and it sure does make life a lot easier not having to remember who you told what to. If I have a problem with something I can go to anyone and they will try to help me through it, that is everything from yakkin up dinner to being on the longest plataue known to man (and woman). I am a very open person and for me that was the only way to go and I am happy I did. There is no right or wrong answer to this one, it is what makes you comfortable.
  11. j.s.

    Where did I go? Who am I now?

    Photonut- GREAT Thread!! This is a topic that interests me greatly. I can relate to so much that so many of you have stated (its freaky really). Alexandra- you could have written that post from my book, almost exactly but exchange Optifast for medifast. Same- same. And in the end.... here I am. TommyO- that is a great idea and I think I may have to give that a try, I feel there may be something to what you said.... maybe its the ritual that I need. Dianechef- I also can relate to your post. When I did lose the weight on the medifast, I also had a hard time dealing with the way people treated me differently even though I did not feel different. I couldnt understand why people would act like they did, when I was still the same person inside. It was hurtful and it made me very angry and it confused me as well. So I took care of that and got back to a comfortable size really quickly. Only then was I able to discuss what I felt with the people that I needed to discuss this with. When I had to see the psych doc for banding I told her about this time in my life and how I had felt and the fact that I gained the weight back so quickly. She told me in true psych doc fashion, when you are ready and you feel those feelings coming back.... "come see me, we can fix that". It was not so suprising to her at all and she said it was actually quite common. I dont know about that, but I do know that I will take her up on that offer. I must stop now before this is a book. I could add so much more.....
  12. Bummer missed out again..... that is what I get for not being attentive.:faint:
  13. I always have my shoes off in my own home. I will take my shoes off if I am comfortable and that would be at family and close friends houses. If somebody asked me to take my shoes off I would gladly do so and would not be offended but rather pleased, like I said, I hate wearing shoes. To me it has nothing to do with cleanliness but rather comfort.
  14. I only had a krispy creme one time a couple years back. I also do not "get it". I was not impressed at all.
  15. j.s.

    I've lost 204 pounds! YEAY!

    Audrey, I am so sorry for your loss. You are so very inspiring! you really got a lot of emotions popping up for me. I am sorry for the loss of your mother but then I am totally inspired by your weight loss and you give me the hope, that I too can do this! Wow!!!
  16. j.s.

    Inamed survey?

    I too got that survey. I thought some of the things mentioned were good (esp. the plataue stuff since I seem to have moved into a huge plataue) but as far as paying for them, I gave no price. I felt like some of that should just be offered automatically.
  17. j.s.

    Whiskers On Kittens

    The smell of fresh cut grass. The sound my cat makes when she is totally contented and purring. I love the way a rose petal feels. Oh and the smell of coffee when you first open that can up and it makes that little hissy sound...
  18. j.s.

    fun thread: help me name my tumor

    Mr. Toomey Bob - I think the name bob goes for just about anything. Lumpy
  19. j.s.

    OT: Help, my Jade plant is dying..

    Ha, isnt it funny to see this thread back, just as I was looking at home depot for more plants!! Now that spring is thinking about coming to wisconsin and I have that itch to plant. I am trying to come up with different things that hopefully can make it through most of the summer to plant in my front yard. Northern exposure, shade all day from eaves overhanging front yard... any ideas. p.s. i tried impatiens, they die. so do allysum (sp). So do those kinda purple chinese lantern thingys.... well most everything dies.... any suggestions for a sturdy sun-hating flower?
  20. j.s.

    I'm Back....

    Hey Margo, I am definitely glad your back AND I missed you bunches! Gotta see your smiling face! I am glad you've come back. Hope everything is okay with your sis.
  21. j.s.

    May I have your attention, please?

    Tricia, WHOOOHOOO! I LOVE the toes! Boy this gets me all fired up! I cant wait to get there! Another big WHOOHOOO to you!
  22. j.s.

    Eating out

    I dont eat out too often but when I do I want to enjoy whatevery it is I ordered. What I found works for me is as soon as the order is brought to the table, you know how they come back to see how everything is, usually within the first couple minutes of you actually getting your meal, that is when I say oh, could you bring me a to-go, "I didnt realize it would be soo much". That makes them happy, I get my box in short order, win - win situation.
  23. j.s.

    Cute Kitties and other Pets

    I sure do like your kitty pictures (and everybody elses pet pics!). I just love it when kitties snuggle! I would love to post my kitty pics but I dont know how. I tried but it seems to be beyond my scope of expertise!!
  24. j.s.

    Gastric bypass patients

    You know, I had sort of the same thoughts. No, I dont wish I had the bypass, I think I just wish I lost weight LIKE i had the bypass. I too had a goal for 100 pounds in my first year, well that come and went I lost 76. Maybe that is our problem, being stuck in the numbers.... (personally I know that is my own private hell). But I am very happy with losing 76 pounds. It seems when I am getting really frustrated, scale is not moving, then I wonder... but when I am not thinking about the numbers I am totally happy. I like that I can eat regular food. I like that I am not rearranged. I know this was the only choice for me and one day I too will reach my goal.
  25. j.s.


    Kat, Congrats on your banding!!! You will feel better soon, dont rush anything.... it will come!

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