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  1. TriciaC.

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Hi, I also had my surgery close to your date(April 28). My headaches came intermittently but not often so I bought liquid Tylenol. I thought maybe it had to do with coffee withdrawals or because I can NEVER get 64 oz. Of water into a day. I then started exercising; working up a sweat and oxygenating my brain and body. Things got a lot better afterwards. Not saying this would be the problem for you but it might help to troubleshoot these things. I also noticed that I feel awful when I don't get a bowel movement as often as I feel I need it and my head starts to hurt so I use Soylent Protein drinks (just a few sips) to get things moving. You can buy on Amazon. Now that I'm ending the 5th week, I've found that just a few sips of espresso with cream helps to regulate me too. As a previously heavy coffee drinker, this has become my wonderful heavenly treat.
  2. TriciaC.

    Sleeve today, in recovery

    I had my wife's iPad Mini and was posting from the wifi at the weight loss center They have their own surgical/recovery, so no hospital for me. I was in and out from sleep as well, I would take a sip and do something until I nodded off, which usually happened within 15 minutes. I'm at home now (was discharged around 8am this morning). Feeling pretty good, minimal pain so far, I'm being careful to keep up on the hydrocodone and Zofran. Its nice to be home isn't it? I hope you have all the support you need in place. I was curious, though, how long will it be before you follow up with your surgeon and how long did your surgeon say to wait before you could exercise? It's great to be home! Exercise wise, walking daily, work up to 60 minutes a day, can be broken up to start. I don't have any specific dates for weights or anything more strenuous as of yet, I hope to start cycling after the weather gets better. I have a 1 week follow up scheduled for the 4th, and then monthly appointments for the at least the next 6 months (might be 12), then yearly appointments. I'll also be following up with my PCP in April or May for my diabetes. Additionally, I'm also going to be testing my daily blood sugar more often and keeping more detailed logs so that my PCP can help me reduce my dosages - I'm currently on 2000mg metformin ER and 10mg glipizide daily) Wow, so happy to hear that walking can be immediate since I am an avid walker, (did 7 miles in 2 hours today!) If and when I get my sleeve, (not sure now, cuz I'm doing so well on my own since I had to cancel because of big out of pocket expense), I wouldn't want to give up any of the activities I do now. Your follow ups sound very well organized, too. I wish you the best in your journey and although my revision from band to sleeve is probably not going to happen, I will follow you to support you when I can. :-)
  3. TriciaC.

    Sleeve today, in recovery

    ur one tough cookie! Don't know if I would even think about posting on the day of my surgery. I wish you the best recovery and since I have had previous surgeries, (including the band) I would only advise you to stay on top of your pain meds because often we try to "tough" things out because we get that false sense of security from the anesthesia still being in our system. And then "WHAM!" it wears off and we are then playing catch up with our pain meds. Better safe than sorry, imo. Take care :-)
  4. TriciaC.


    I thought I was the only one with the rotten luck. Despite all these cancellations, are you staying on a pre-op diet prescribed by the doctor for the original date of surgery?

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