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  1. auntiemel

    Hair loss!

    I have thick hair so I'm wondering if it's more than what some people have. I've always wanted thinner hair but now I'm regretting that wish. I want my hair back! I'm thinking of getting some biotin shampoo. I wear my hair up in pigtails all day so I know that shedding seems worse when I'm in the shower since it doesn't have a chance to shed like people with their hair down
  2. auntiemel

    Popcorn my most favorite snack!

    I've been making homemade popcorn, I'm a little over 3 months out. I put butter and salt on it, I can eat a little so I'm guessing it isn't too bad for me as its a source of fiber lol
  3. auntiemel

    Hair loss!

    Oh my goodness! I am shedding so much hair! I'm a little over 3 months and am freaking out! I know it is supposed to stop at some point! What can I do? Anyone have any tips or tricks?
  4. I tried turkey pepperoni too early on and paid for it. It's wise to eat blander foods for a while. I also put my usual amount of pepper in stew and noticed that my tastes are different. I couldn't handle as much, it was spicy in my mouth and irritated my stomach.
  5. I never get growling or feel hunger pains like before. I just feel like a pang of hunger/thirst. It's nothing that lasts long, it just makes me aware that I need to eat or drink something. It's the weirdest sensation. Not really hungry, but knowing I need food.
  6. auntiemel

    Thanksgiving Puree

    When I was on purees food I was able to mince some turkey/chicken and mix it with my mashed potatoes and gravy. My mom makes a wetter stuffing so if you do that it would be easy to eat. I plan on taking a bite of each food starting with turkey. If I can't eat after turkey, then I can always put my plate in the fridge and save it! I feel like I'm becoming the queen of leftovers
  7. I buy when old navy has sales and you can sign up with an email address and get a 25 or 20% coupon. I just bought some tank tops and sweats since that's what I'm going to live in for the next year or so lol
  8. auntiemel

    Learning to cook

    I want to get like a learning to cook cookbook lol...learn how to pan sear chicken and meats for my family (I don't eat red meat or pork) and make things like I see chefs make on tv. It would be amazing to be handed a basket of ingredients and know what to make from it
  9. auntiemel

    Weight gain before period?

    Laser hair removal hurts! I did it years ago and my face was red and bumpy for a few days. The silk'n doesn't hurt even on highest setting. Only spot that gets a tad sensitive is upper lip. I've used it on my face, legs, arms, and armpits without jumping like I did with laser hair removal. It was worth every penny!
  10. auntiemel

    Weight gain before period?

    I have a silk'n ipl to use at home. It sure kills the hair! I love it! I still have patches, but it's better than before.
  11. auntiemel

    Weight gain before period?

    I have PCOS/insulin resistance and didn't have a regular period for years! It took about 30 lbs lost before having one last month and now I'm about a week out if I have regulated at all. I am keeping track on an app to see any trends. I want to have kids so bad and that's one of the reasons I really wanted and had the sleeve done. I'm hoping when I make it to goal I get pregnant right away. I tried for years and then gave up, and specialists tell you to lose weight first so here I am!
  12. auntiemel

    Weight gain before period?

    Perfect thanks! I thought "NO WAY can I be going up!" Kinda scared me for a second. I stalled last week so I'm assuming it's hormones and Water weight. Grrrr
  13. Anyone else see a gain of a few pounds the week or even a few days before period? I know I haven't been eating different and the scale says I'm up 3 lbs? I guess this is what happens when you go from not having periods forever to actually getting them
  14. I still love seasonings, just not as much. I forgot my acid reducer for a few days which caused the reflux! Oops! Lesson learned. Tonight I had a few bites of each thing, a slice of a tiny potato, a carrot, chicken, and stuffing. I made a gravy with the liquid in the crockpot and it wasn't half bad lol...not as good as my moms gravy though. I just savor each tiny bite and made a "casserole" out of the leftovers for tomorrow.
  15. auntiemel

    Morning nausea

    I would get nausea every morning before I started taking Zyrtec. I have allergies and the mucus draining into my tummy was really bothering it. As soon as I ate one thing, or drank something, I puked up mucus. Eww it was gross!