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  1. irockedthe80s

    Can I Do This?

    You can do this!!! In my experience, the pre-op diet (specifically the first 3 days) was way more difficult than post op has been. Try to stay busy and drink, drink, drink!! It will be over before you know it and you'll be so happy that you stuck it out! Best of luck to you!!
  2. irockedthe80s

    Dance Walking

    I love this!! Thanks for sharing!
  3. irockedthe80s

    Four months out- bizarre occurrence today

    I was having really bad dizzy spells right after surgery. Dr said it was blood pressure and took me off my meds. Not one spell since then. Hope they figure it out fast!! Take care until they do!
  4. irockedthe80s

    Newbie needs help!

    I'd say that's normal. They pump you full of fluids in a normal procedure. If you were only on fluids for that long I'm sure they really did for you in order to avoid dehydration. Also, you're swollen internally and body just went through some trauma. Try to avoid the scales for a couple of weeks and give your body a chance to heal. You'll see the numbers move in no time!!
  5. irockedthe80s

    I rarely use the bathroom anymore?

    The smooth moves tea? I found it at Walgreens.
  6. irockedthe80s

    I rarely use the bathroom anymore?

    I'm so sorry!! The only other thing I've done that works is Smooth Moves tea. Drink it before bed and works every time the next morning. I found it in the laxative section.
  7. irockedthe80s

    Feeling discouraged

    Thanks everyone! I have tried numerous different proteins; ready to drink and powder . The premiere protein is the best I've found but is the one that made me sick. I struggle with the sweetness as well. Just thinking about it makes my tummy rumble. I have a tub of unflavored but it just looks so bad I've been afraid to try it. I will though, that's great advice. Was thinking about some quest bars but can't try those for 2 more weeks. This is the first time I've been discouraged, and I know it will pass. You all sure make a girl feel not so alone in it all.
  8. irockedthe80s

    Not enjoying food:(

    This thread blesses me. I'm really struggling with this and it helps so much to not feel so alone in it. Thanks and best of luck to you all!!
  9. irockedthe80s

    I rarely use the bathroom anymore?

    I've really been struggling with this since surgery. Nurse had me try milk of magnesia last week; it worked within 2 hours. Might be worth a shot!! It's miserable. Good luck!!
  10. I've never taken that but have been having what I would describe as intestine pain. What is that???
  11. Hi all. Just feeling discouraged and need to vent to people that can relate. I'll be 6 weeks out on Thursday and am struggling. I was feeling really badly last week after being constipated for a week (sorry if tmi). The nurse have me some suggestions that got things moving but then I spent several days cramping and feeling naseau. She put me back on clears for a day, which did help a little, but I got off track with liquids and Proteins. I'm really having a hard time getting back on track. I'm trying to make myself drink the Protein shakes once a day but last night it made me literally sick. I'm only supposed to eat 3x per day and just can't get enough protein in with the amount of good I can eat. Nothing tastes good or satisfies and I don't even really want to eat. Water even upsets my stomach so getting at least one power ade zero per day, but lacking in fluids as well. I'm tired and don't feel good if I don't eat but feel even worse if I do. I hate to be a whiner, and I certainly never thought I would see the day that I didn't want to eat, but it's all catching up with me. I'm worried about the effects over the next few months of me not getting the protein I need now. Can anyone relate? Any tips?
  12. irockedthe80s

    Kansas city area?

    How have you done? Did you have a good experience?
  13. irockedthe80s

    Kansas city area?

    Hi! I'm not in KC but did travel there for sleeve on February 6 with Dr Hoehn at KC Bariatric. You will not regret it. Dr, his staff and surgical staff are beyond great!! The care I received after surgery at the surgery center was really amazing!! I can't say enough about what a great experience it was for me. I'm excited for you!!
  14. irockedthe80s

    Did you exercise today! I did

    Forgive me if I'm not posting in the right place... I will be 4 weeks out this Thursday and am wondering how long everyone waited to start exercising after sleeve?? I know I can walk but have some cardio dance videos I'd like to do. I have emailed surgeons office and haven't heard back. Any advice is appreciated!
  15. irockedthe80s

    How long should it take to eat?

    Yeah it was!! Lol!! I've struggled all day with posting because I know everyone's post op diets are so different and I didn't want to be bombarded with a bunch of "omg, you're eating that?!!" I have questioned it myself, but am following Dr's orders re: food I'm eating. I'm open to advice, just trying to learn and don't want to mess up. Thanks!! I tried not to but I was a little shocked lol And I am one who says listen to what you’re told! I am also in the uk I think we are told different things a lot of the time to the us. I remember my first few weeks holey moley I could barely take in liquid the pain and general ugh feeling if I tried food I think I would have cried. Plus egg is a massive no no for me the reaction I had when I tried it I think about having that reaction 9 days after my op and it makes me shudder lol Dunno about others but as far as shakes go I was told not by my nut but by the department head and my actual consultant that I would be drinking shakes for about 2 years I could continue to drink them if I wished as there is no harm in them and the Protein is vital for keeping muscle mass as well as everything else during this process. I’m told the same things as all protein first that I can get a substantial amount via food in every meal so its not a instead of actual food thing more of a topup to make sure my levels never drop and i am always in a healthy consumption range. I have a smaller sleeve so food does take me a long time and it’s a moody cow of a sleeve too it likes certain thing and hates others like I can not eat when I wake up I can’t even take a sip of Water it acts up and is mad at me for hours I have to warm mine up with a cup of tea miss that tea and i have hell to pay lol I eat the exact same thing for breakfast every day because I tried other things the moody cow acted up! Just wanted to give you a little food for thought (yeah I looked it up and worked it out lol) There is 6.29g in one boiled egg to get 81.77g of protein in a day you would need to eat 13 eggs it takes you a hour so that’s 13 hours of the day just eating eggs to get that in! That’s a lot of time eating to get protein in that’s why we top up with the shakes as it’s an easier way to get in what we need at the takes forever to eat stage. Still not going to tell you what to do its not my place, but now you know why I was a little shocked. Thanks for the info, all good things to consider! It is surprising to me, too, how much different Dr's/plans vary. Whatever you're doing, keep it up, you're beautiful!!

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