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  1. grandmaacj

    December 2013 Sleevers Come In!

    great job way to hit that 100 lb off goal. I wish I could figure out how to get my weight loss moving again. If you have any secrets you could share for a slow looser what would it be?
  2. grandmaacj

    Ok imma try to stop weighing EVERYday!

    I'm right there with you head to that scale 1st thing in morning daily. GRRRR need to put it in the other bathroom where I never go.
  3. grandmaacj

    Breaking A Weight Loss Plateau

    thanks for the modivation as I am guilty of getting on scale daily.
  4. I will have to try the fat free refried beans for breakfast. Yummy.
  5. Arlene that is fantastic how much weight you have lost. You are doing way better than me. But I'm doing ok just at a stall for some time now. I'm hoping new exercise, adding shakes back in, etc will give me boost. Good luck and keep up great job.
  6. Miss Mac thank you for encouragement. I have stepped up my exercise more, added shakes back into my diet, and try not to be focused on the scale so much. I an my next appointment with surgeon for follow up next month. I will ask for other suggestions at that time.
  7. just click on topic that you would like to respond to and go to bottom add reply and click on post.
  8. I will do that Jenn1 to see if it helps. I fell great just not seeing weight fall off any longer.
  9. I have only lost 45 lbs. any suggestions to get back on track or shake things up a little?
  10. Am I the only one that gets the shakes if doesn't eat every 3-4 hours? This is very concerning and frustrating as it always happens at worst time.
  11. you look amazing. It is a life long journey as you know keep up hard work.
  12. I don't think it was stretched as I was able to eat more once on solids and needed to eat about every 3 hours or so. Good luck and hang in there.
  13. I would love for someone to help inspire us WLS on our journey to better health, longer lives, and new us. Good luck. I have only lost 37 pounds since sleeve on 12/04/13. I am a slow with weight loss and no explanation as to why not losing as quickly as my daughter had surgery one week after me lost 69 pounds. Oh well I feel great no complaints just not sure why it is going so slow for me.
  14. Is anyone having unusual bruising since surgery? I wake up daily with new bruise somewhere on my body. I'm not sure if it is because I'm more active, had more cushion before surgery, or just part of ongoing issue sleeve issue that I will have to deal with going forward. Let me know your thoughts. FYI.... finally under 200 pounds just hit 199 pounds this morning. My next goal is 180 pounds.