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  1. CarolinaCutie

    Passing out

    May I ask how your surgery has helped your Type 2 diabetes? I am going to have bypass soon and am also Type 2 with great difficulty controlling because of severe insulin resistance. Do you still take meds and how is your blood sugar both pre and post op? Thank you. Ms. renkoss before surgery (vertical sleeve) my A1C was 12. At my last doctor's visit in December 2015, it was 6.5. I too have struggled with uncontrolled diabetes. I was even on the insulin pump before surgery. It helped control the diabetes, but I gained over 100 lbs. I am no longer on the pump and my sugar levels have leveled out. I still take 500 mgs of Metformin twice a day. Although I've been having a lot of lows, which makes me think maybe I don't even need The Metformin. My overall health has improved so much. I am so happy I had this surgery!
  2. CarolinaCutie

    Passing out

    I have diabetes type 2 and it sounds like low sugar to me. It's very scary, you literally feel like you're dying.. The worst feeling ever
  3. CarolinaCutie

    I want the TRUTH about vitamins!

    I took vitamins the first few months after surgery. They started making me sick, so I stopped. I see my doctor every six months and my lab results are always fine. May not work for everyone, but I've literally has no issues and I'm 2.5 yrs out
  4. I didn't need prior authorization for my secondary insurance. Just the primary one. And they both paid!
  5. I'm 1.5 years out and it's still a struggle. Food still makes me nauseous at times. Also, sometimes I may have a certain food on my mind, and can be extremly hungry, but only eat A very small amount before I'm full.
  6. CarolinaCutie


    Since the surgery, I cannot tolerate milk at all. It makes me extremely nauseated
  7. CarolinaCutie

    W I G S

    At about 8 months in, I started losing my hair. I found a few websites that sell nice wigs at decent prices. Check them out: http://www.hairtobeauty.com https://www.hairsisters.com https://www.ebonyline.com These wigs look good on any ethnicity. Hope this helps. Send me a message and I'll send you a pic of me wearing a few different wigs. Hope this helps!
  8. Absolutely! I had diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and metabolic syndrome. Not to mention I was always fatigued and depressed. Most of my issues have completely been eliminated or has significantly improved. Even if there was no weight loss, I would have had the surgery
  9. CarolinaCutie

    Sleep Study

    My sleep study was pretty simple. Like above, it was done at a facility with about 5 private rooms. I had my own shower/bathroom. List of wires were attached beforehand. Nothing painful involved. I had to ask if it was ok to take my Ambien because I couldn't fall asleep naturally! Turns out, I wake up 23 times an hour which turns out to be mild apnea.
  10. Do you have questions about the surgery that you're afraid to ask in a public forum? Well I'm open to any question and I will answer honestly. Ask away!
  11. @@JamieLogical, I sure hope that's the case with me. My face looks very much hollowed out right now:(
  12. Lol @@sharon I like that, thanks!
  13. @@Cara 24 I'm 5'9. For me a size 8 is perfect but anything less looks really skinny. I still like curves. And yes I've made an appt with my dr., he couldn't get me in till. February. I think part of the issue is that I'm losing muscle. I don't exercise. I don't really watch my Protein intake either. I just eat when I'm hungry which is not much.

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