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    I had my gastric sleeve surgery in 2014 and have never looked back - best thing I ever did for myself in terms of my health.
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    Writing, reading, photography, dancing and the outdoors. Spending time with my adult children, family and friends.
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  1. My results with the sleeve are completely different. I DO get sick eating sugar, rich foods, etc. It has been 8 years since my surgery and I have kept the weight off (100+ lb. weight loss).
  2. patrice1

    Before and After Pics

    Hi! All the best to you - I remember being where you are and looking at all the photos (I still am in progress!) Here are a few of mine. I started out at 289.8 pounds on day of surgery (6/20/2014) and am at 206 pounds currently with 56 pounds left to go. Excited for all of us; I don't regret a single day after having my surgery.
  3. patrice1


    These are my before and after photos - will get more. I am 56 pounds away from goal (almost to Onederland, after starting out at almost 300 pounds in June 2014).
  4. Hi LaJ! Yes, totally crazy. So exciting and you are getting great results too, congrats!!!!!!!
  5. HI Re! I am so sorry it is taking longer for you ... what does your NUT say? But here's the deal -- I bet it picks up. I have heard that some lose slower to begin with and they get faster later, then others go faster in the beginning and slow down. I know there are plateaus.... but if you have hypothyroidism that will totally mess with it. Here's to hoping your doc is on top of it and I really feel for you!
  6. Queenie - It is SOOO exciting! I totally have not been hungry either, and am experiencing all that you said. Looking forward to tomorrow too and my Protein shakes and yogurt -- yay! I am so with you - I am so happy to have my sleeve too. My face is no longer puffy, and my legs aren't swollen, and I am AMAZED at the results. Let's stay in touch - since we had the surgery at the same time it will be fun to share results.
  7. I am so excited! Since my surgery on June 20th, I have lost 13.1 pounds! Incredible. I never thought I would get results like this so quickly. I know it may slow down of course, and sometimes stall along the way, but I am on my way to a healthier, happier, thinner me! Just had to share. NOTE: I was on a 3 day clear liquid diet before the surgery, and even though the hospital scale said 289.1 lbs - some of the 13.1 could also be from the pre-op diet and hadn't shown up yet, if that makes sense? But regardless, wonderful weight loss. I came home from surgery the next day and only showed a few pounds lost. Then all of a sudden, wham!!!!
  8. I have worked my entire life, even when I was a kid, I found odd jobs to do: a paper route, picking fruits and vegetables at a farm in the summer... I was raised that way. Through the births of my children, I was back to work quickly. I also have a developmentally disabled adult child to care for, and although she is in an adult residential program, she comes home frequently and I am involved in her care. I have relocated to other states four times in my career, and work long hours in a demanding job that I love, but it is stressful. I also take two classes a term on top of that to keep my skills up. As you can see, I have driven myself for a long time and take pride in my work ethic. I am also almost 56 years old. So , all that being said..... I decided to take the advice of my surgeon who wants me off for 6 weeks. To take the time to take care of myself and use the time to heal and truly rest and get used to my new smaller stomach and digestive issues. I decided to be kind to myself and take the time I need to take care of me. So much of my life has been about taking care of others and getting things done (all of which I loved doing). But there comes a time when I knew I needed to truly rest and take care of myself for perhaps really the first time in my life. Perhaps the lack of making self-care a priority is part of the reason I got so overweight (I think so). In other words, learning healthy self-care and compassion for what my body may need to fully recover, seems wise to me. Sure, it's hard, I think about work and all I need to do. But this is all part of learning a new lifestyle for myself. I also am very fortunate that my wonderful company pays 100% of my salary for the first 6 weeks, so that makes it easier perhaps than some others to do this. And one last thing -- several WLS speakers came to the classes that we were required to take prior to surgery, who gave their testimony that they fought their doctors on returning to work too early (in a week or two). Both ended up having complications that set them back. For me, I'd rather get solid first, and then go back and stay back. Just my thoughts - everyone is different! Patrice
  9. patrice1

    I Cant Believe its Finally Here!

    Hi All! So here's my update. The first hour after waking up from the anesthesia was the hardest, but they took good care of me with painkillers. The first day was the second hardest - lots of nausea and I threw up once. They gave me great meds to deal with that too. I went home Saturday afternoon (my surgery was Friday morning the 20th). At home, I've had no issues. Just trying to get my fluids in, which takes some constant vigilance. I know this part gets better after my stomach heals and can hold more, but for now - it is sip sip sip as they say. I am so happy I did this, praying that there are no complications (i've had none yet). To those who have not had the surgery yet, it's well worth those first two hard days. I know for some it is rougher and my heart and prayers go out to you. However, for me, I've been amazed at how well everything has gone so far. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Patrice
  10. patrice1

    I Cant Believe its Finally Here!

    Hi Cheryl! Best of luck on your surgery tomorrow. I am feeling great - better everyday. I didn't go through any complications so far .... but I will tell you that when you first wake up from surgery, it is the toughest part. They will give you painkillers right away, and the first 2 days is second hardest. But I was able to get through it far better than I thought! Anyway, I am very excited for you. I was nervous too - but just remind yourself that the first few days are worth having a new life.
  11. Your post made me totally jazzed! Congrats. You are beautiful and I could relate to everything you said. Your post is the last one I read tonight ... And I will carry it with me in mind as I go for my surgery tomorrow morning! Yay!!!!
  12. patrice1

    I Cant Believe its Finally Here!

    Thank you - I will!
  13. My VSG takes place tomorrow morning at 8:30 am. I have to be at the hospital at 6:30 a.m. I can't sleep and I am very very very happy that at last my Day has come. I had been contemplating WLS for over a year and a half. Almost nine months ago I started the process....and now it's here! It seems a bit unreal still but I am ready for my new life and my new "tool." I know how many of the stories I have read here inspired me and have supported me through this process. I was excited for every person posting about their own surgery day. And now, it is my turn! Yay! I know I should be sleeping, but I am wide awake. Anyone else experience that? Wish me well, fellow Sleevers! Patrice
  14. My surgery date is in 6 days for the gastric sleeve. I have asked myself these same questions, and had other people say the same to me: "If you have to watch what you eat and exercise anyway, just do it without the surgery." Well, if I had been able to do that before, I would never have contemplated surgery. However, your question is one that everyone must answer for themselves, that I know. I have lost (and regained) significant amounts of weight repeatedly throughout my life. The sorry statistic of 3-5% of those who are successful at keeping it off (without surgery) is dismal. As my nurse said to me in my last pre-surgery appointment: "We all know we don't just eat when we are hungry." I have been in therapy ever since I decided to get weight loss surgery, and I have learned a lot about myself. I was on the fence until I took a long hard look at the type of eater I am. I eat very well until my binges. Overeating and binging (I never purged, thankfully) is considered an eating disorder (as my therapist told me). I need to have the tool that will keep me from overeating in a frenzy during times of emotional stress. Sure, I could force more food down my soon to be tiny stomach every 30 minutes as another person said earlier in this thread, but that 30 minute delay (which I didn't have before) is usually a good space to get myself together. With a large stomach, I go until I am sick. Someone else may not need this restriction, I do. This gives me a tool, "a slap in the face"if you will, if I do get out of control. I also know I am going to stay in therapy as I get used to my new lifestyle. Can I still beat the system later? Sure. People do. It's personal choice, just like everything is: We have to make the choice to do what is best for us long-term. For me, this gives me a sense of security knowing that restriction is there. I need it. I know I do. I also spoke with people who have had WLS and had the same issue I did. While they ate healthily, exercised, much of the time, they also had these severe binges that caused them to gain weight back, and thus were never successful in permanently keeping it off. I followed their advice: get therapy, work your program, do what your doctor says, exercise, keep track of everything that goes into your mouth, join a support group, get therapy if you need it, and stay in touch with your NUT (all the things we know)... However, all of them said that their taste buds changed after surgery, that they no longer craved the foods they did before surgery, and the sense of fullness after a small portion kept them on track. THAT is what the surgery gave them in addition to the usual smart things we all know to do and couldn't do permanently before WLS. That makes me hopeful, and at the same time knowing that this is up to me.... but whatever you choose, you know what is right for you. I have a suggestion - look at why you eat and your patterns that led to gaining weight. You might have a different solution than I did, or someone else does. If you can do it without WLS, and keep it off on a permanent basis, wonderful, wonderful. You are right to ask yourself all these questions. Go on a program that fits your lifestyle and see if you can keep it off. Give yourself a timeline. If you reach that timeline and still aren't satisfied that you were able to get your weight under control, despite everything, you can reconsider the surgery. That's exactly what I did. I reached that time, and realized that WLS was necessary. But I went into it with the peace of knowing I had done everything else I could. Best of luck and grace to you on your journey! Patrice
  15. patrice1

    Where r all the June sleevers?

    There are several topics devoted to June Sleevers! If you search you'll find them. My surgery is on June 20th. All the best to you! Like you, I would like to check in with people who are having the surgery at the same time as me.

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