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    Thanks for the tips!
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    Betternowthanever you do look amazing and just congrats on your success I am going to follow your lead and do everything I can to get to where I want to be too!!! You did an amazing job and you are my inspiration!!! Thank you for posting your story!!!
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    Cat225 reacted to betternowthanever in Almost halfway done!   
    Set goals and stick to them girl!
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    Oh you can do it...don't doubt it for a moment. I was also a 4X this time last year and now I'm now wearing (depending on the manufacturer) anywhere from medium to XL...which is not the same as 1X..I know because 1X is still larger than XL.
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    I told him what you wrote! Lol He's kind of being responsible for his own meals. He said he'd do the grocery shopping, too.
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    Is there any way to have your husband be responsible for the meals? It would be hard to cook when you can't have it.
    I found after three days, I stopped being quite as hungry. You can do it! Best wishes!

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