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  1. Birthsjourney

    Throwing up

    Too much volume of food?? More than 1/2 to 1 cup can't fit 😳
  2. Birthsjourney


    GNC protein drinks.. Not at all nasty ( pumpkin pie or banana 👍🏼). Also lthe clear ones in fruit flavors lived on cold shrimp from 2.5 -6 months .. Lost all 80#s in 5 months ( i was 66 yoa) haven't gained a pound back. Roun Y
  3. Birthsjourney

    Not expected...roux n y

    I was 65 and did this., it has been 3 years and I had questions at first but NO regrets now.. I had trouble staying hydrated and had to eat from medicine cups.. give your body time to adjust! And don't eat the wrong foods or overeat.
  4. Birthsjourney

    2 months today

    How can u drink a highly carbonated drink??? Try a ginger decaf ☕️ tea.. I am three years out and would never drink a carbonated drink .. glad your over the hump of that post op stabilization ??
  5. Birthsjourney


    Not true dumping.. you will learn quickly from what happened. Your pouch can't handle 6 oyster crackers this soon! Carbs convert to sugar.. you overfilled it. Keep your eye on the new you! I had RounY 3 years ago.. lost 70 pounds in 5 months and have not gained back a pound of it...follow your plan..This works but if you think oh, just a few crackers.. NOT Worth it ever.. you got this!!
  6. Just got home today from my panni.. I no longer have a belly button LOL pain is tolerable as long as your getting a good amount of MEDS every few hours! I had morophine every hour.. Came Home with oral Hicet.. Works awesome! Surgery was at 1:00 Friday ( 2.5 hours then 2 hours in recovery) Home in my own bed tonight ( Sunday ) so far NO regrets! Love the binder and I thought it would of made me nuts...????????????
  7. Birthsjourney

    Panni in 10 days!

    Panni was done Friday! In OR about 2.5 hours... Then reCoveRy 2 hours. Going home from hospital this afternoon ???? Pain is what you would think ( incision goes from hip to hip) 2 drains in. Best advice I would say 1. Take the pain med everytime it can be given. 2. Walk. As much as tolerated.... Swollen but binder feels good on my belly ( I no longer have a belly button ). LOL
  8. Birthsjourney

    Panni in 10 days!

    Thanks for the input! Sounds much like I am figuring on! ????. Good idea about the back up belly binder... Congrats to you on your WLS JOURNEY! I have NO regrets so far.. I was one year out on Nov 18th and it's not been bad at all
  9. My panni is scheduled for next Friday ( the 19th) excited but would love to hear from pals who have stepped through this journey! Medicare approved me at age 65... Figured it must be an omen to do it ????
  10. Birthsjourney

    Medicare skin removal

    I am 65 and have Medicare... They approved my panni and I am scheduled for Dec 19th.. Feeling like it will be the prize at the end of my WLS journey! Any advice from post op panni folks?
  11. Birthsjourney

    Panni in 10 days!

    Arty mama.. I am 65 and scheduled for a panini on Dec 19th.. Thanks for the advice! Nervous but excited at this point. How long were you in hospital?
  12. I am scheduled for a panini on the 19th of Dec. please repost how you did... Would love to hear your story!
  13. Birthsjourney

    Welcome Gastric Bypass Veterans!

    Great idea for a forum! Thanks Alex... We all need support after the weight loss slows down! This IS when it would be so much easier to stray away from the plan
  14. My surgeon says never a glucose tablet.. I am type 1 and can only treat with milk and a few peanut butter crackers! Those tabs are pure sugar and can cause Dumping symptoms
  15. Birthsjourney

    Surgery after 65

    Today I am 6 months post RNY surgery! I will be 65 in a few months.... I sure understand your concerns but my Only regret is that I didn't do this years ago! The entire journey has been fairly easy and I am down 70# and off most of my former meds... Love shopping at Old Navy again! I have 20 more pounds to go but the weight loss has slowed now, but I am fine with it! Stay positive, the first few weeks were not terrible but it becomes a balancing act! Track everything makes it soooo much easier. I use my fitness pal and wear a fit bit wrist band... Who ever would of thought with 4 kids and ten Grandkids I would be doing a 5K on Memorial Day!! Love'n the new me

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