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    Need a Pep Talk

    I am right there with you ...... I seem to have lost all willpower when it comes to not eating candy (Butterfingers to be specific).....
  2. I have 6 1/2 or 7 in my band (lost track)....but I don't recall how many fills it took to get me there. My first fill was 4ccs then after that it was 1-2 cc's each time....so with that I'd say 3 fills...now some doctors, or so I've read on here, are slow with the fills....1/2 cc or 1 cc tops per fill....all depends as you know...
  3. Is/Did your insurance pay for both surgeries?
  4. same here...I had a stall around 40lbs...then lost 12 in one month....stalled again at 80..that lasted about 2/3 months and then I lost 8 when I was positive that I had gained...so much so I was afraid to weigh myself...I about passed out when I got on their scales and they told me how much I had lost Hang in there - it will pass and the scales will move again. Don't know if you are able to add some exercise to your process yet, if so - start walking...that helped me too.... Don't give up!!!!
  5. did the doctor find something wrong when he did the EGD that made him remove the fill?


    You look amazing!!! Keep up the great work...

    One year April 11th!

    Congrats on the loss..doesn't it feel awesome..I wish I had thought to take a "before" picture like that. I only have a few "accidental" full body ones where I didn't know I was in the background lol the only ones I really have are face ones....though a friend of mine said she was 10 lbs from being back into onederland and I thought wow, you weigh 210 and I'm only 30lbs more than you......but I still see that same really big girl when I look in the mirror..wonder if that will ever change.....do you have this problem too?

    EGD - 1 Year Post-Op

    Thank you so very much for the encouraging words....you are doing amazing as well....

    EGD - 1 Year Post-Op

    I saw my doctor yesterday. He removed 1/2 cc and I'm amazed at the difference...he said I was probably too tight to begin with and the EGD irritated by band...the amazing thing is now I get full (or notice) quicker than I did before the EGD...this may be because I'm still irritated but I LIKE it...lol I'm eating half of what I normally would eat....hope this stays around a long time.....
  10. ABLOND

    EGD - 1 Year Post-Op

    My surgeon performs an EGD after being banded for one year to check that my band is where it's supposed to be...I had it last Wednesday (7 days ago)...since then I have had difficulty eating....as in if its "good" for me - it's going to get stuck or make me feel extremely full after eating maybe 1/2 cup....and eventually make me throw up...not only do I get the "stuck" feeling..but my stomach actually hurts. Normally every morning I eat a greek yogurt before I take my morning meds. .yesterday I couldn't even eat the yogurt. This morning I'm having trouble drinking coffee, but I think that's because I tried to eat a small baked chicken breast for dinner last night and it's still hanging around..... My question is, has anyone else ever experienced this after having an EGD? If so, how long did it last and did you do anything ? I almost feel like maybe I'm too tight right now..I know my stomach/band is irritated and swollen but is this a normal experience after an EGD?
  11. ABLOND

    Belly Button

    Hi folks. I have a question about belly buttons? Has anyone who had weight loss surgery ever experienced a sore belly button? I was banded in 1/2014....around November I noticed a brownish ring around my belly button that had an odor to it. I cleaned it, used proxide and forgot about it for the day. The next morning before my shower, I noticed that outside my bellybutton had a red ring and inside it was as wet as could be.... now three months later, still have a sore spot in my belly button, still wet/oozing and sometimes appears to be thick slime inside my belly button. It hasn't had an odor since the first couple days in November, but never has there been a day that it hasn't been wet and/or oozing. Has anyone experienced this and if so, does it have anything to do with the lapband or weightloss? I'm leaning toward it being a weightloss issue as my friend had the sleeve and she is having the same issues... Any suggestions??
  12. ABLOND

    Oh my goodness the pain

    How are you doing? Did you ever find out why you were in so much pain?
  13. ABLOND

    My Lap Band Journey

    Sorry to hear of your trouble...may I ask what the picture you attached, is of?
  14. ABLOND

    Endoscopy -- what to expect

    May I ask what possessed you to try this "unsedated"???? LOL
  15. ABLOND

    band slip/dilated esophagus

    Good luck and definitely keep us posted please

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