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    I am So very Grateful I got your replies, I truly appreciate every one of them. I started at 278, I’m currently 227, - I’m 5’7 - I’m a full figured hourglass. I stopped going to the gym - I didn’t see results and working out increased my appetite to eat and/or gave me the perception I could indulge in more food. I rarely get hungry but I get the empty feeling and desire something Good. I’m a foodie but only quality food rich in flavor. I don’t eat junk food often but I will snack on nuts, chips, crackers, I love salt. I’m a home chef. I’ve tried vegan, vegetarian for several months, didn’t lose a pound, but maintained. Seems I got the maintenance under control. I guess on some level, I’ve been to embarrassed to follow-up with my surgeon. Ok so duh! In writing this I realize the salt may be the issue, how do I give it up! Oh man.
  2. I’ had my surgery in 2013, I lost 50 lbs, within the first 3/4 months, I looked and felt great, that’s it, weight stalled and I never lost more that 8/9 lbs thereafter. I’ve tried, and I only go up and down between the 8/9 lbs. I look at myself now and realize, I’m still fat! What the heck? My mind played tricked on me, I thought I was smaller, lol .... yeah I look alright, I feel good but I can stand to loss 20/30 lbs but nothing works. I feel like I did this surgery for a mere 50lbs granted I wouldn’t have loss anything without it but I needed more. I still can’t eat a full meal in one sitting. I’m always the last one to get started eating and the first one done, Just venting .
  3. Sweetsoul

    Todays the day

    Good luck, today's my day too. Checking in now for a 10:30 surgery! I'm in constant prayer.
  4. Sweetsoul we are all in this together i get the anxiety part but trust your not alone!! I have crazy anxiety at times... Thank you, SleevinlT much appreciated.
  5. My date is Dec 20th, Today is the last of my pre-op testing. I have anxiety but no one to share it with besides this group. I feel alone, ooh! Only my immediate family and my closest sisters know I'm about to make a major change in my lifestyle but they can't relate, one sister is morbidity obese, but has yet to consider surgery. I'm sure my surgery will be transparent to most of my close friends as I'm the "chef" and I won't be cooking for sometime. Good luck to all, happiness comes in many forms and I choose to be hopeful, healthy and happy.
  6. Sweetsoul

    Sleeved September 30 Th

    Wow, sorry you are having a difficult time right now. It's easy for me to say, as I have not walked a day in your shoes, (SD - Dec. 20th) but try to focus on the goals you set. The goal of this long journey and the end rewards. I know it's a struggle but food and sweets will always be here, so when you've reached your goals you can endulge a little. Stay focus for now. Best of luck. I hope this help, I feel for you.
  7. Sweetsoul

    Anybody Else In December?

    Hello, I'm scheduled for Dec. 20th, yes, that my christmas present to myself. My two children are young adults and I don't have grands yet, so I figured why not, I'm off from work until the new year so the time fit good.