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  1. On 2/6/2017 at 2:07 PM, _Kate_ said:

    So I have posted my tummy and horrific eye bags and now for the boobs :)

    I cant tell you how happy I am with the result. I am posting with Viamin E cream on the scars and nipples as I dont know how to cover nipples on photos. I am a complete tenchnaphobe. There are a couple of dressings on which will be removed on Thursday this week.. whooot whoot

    Before post-255457-0-19147100-1486410909_thumb.jpg

    Three weeks out from surgery post-255457-0-86541400-1486411620_thumb.jpg

    At least now when I take my bra off my boobs don't hit the floor lol


    Did you have a lift and implant or just a lift? They look GREAT!

  2. Thank you everyone for sharing and especially sharing pictures. I am currently a 36 D with a lot of volume loss. I saw a reputable PS who thinks I could benefit from the lift alone and possibly be a C cup. I don't know if I want to go through this and come out smaller than I am now. I am very curvy and have wide hips. The bigger breast kind of balance it out. I am MUCH smaller on top as I also have lymphedema of my legs so being much smaller on top can accentuate the bottom. I like being a D and not sure if I would be okay with just the lift. He was 50/50 on with or without the implant. I don't like the thought of it looking unnatural but he did say it would be under the muscle so it wouldn't look completely unnatural. He never mentioned any "maintenance" and I don't think any of my girlfriends with them have had to change them out? HE did say that with the lift and implant they tend to be very HIGH and then settle down after a few months. He says many people do the lift first then come back for the implant. I do NOT want to do back to back anesthesia and surgery ($$$) so that is part of why I want to do the implant on the front end. So many decisions!!! I am also still losing (I am 3 years out, lost 135, gained back 30, lost 25 and currently doing the Whole 30 and losing more). I do appreciate the input!

  3. I am new to the site and I have read each post, and I can relate to some of them.

    so the last straw was finding out I was prediabetic last year. I have been trying my hardest to lose the weight, however, when I lose the weight it comes back. I have always been fat my whole life, my 98 year old great aunt refers to me as the "plump girl." The next thing is i have a very active 10year old girl who has already ran 3 5k's starting at 8 years old.

    I want for us to be able to run one together. That's a goal.

    I want to be here for her and see her have a family and get married.

    I just knew I needed help to keep losing , so I've went to my doctor and poured my heart out about my weight and I was leaning towards wls, he proceeded to tell me I don't think your a good fit. Your still young and you can lose it on my own. He's right I am young, I am 33 but this has been a struggle for year and for you to offer me the weight management class and try to get me to pay for a program for them to fix my food for me was out the question.

    So I kicked him to the curb and my sis in law referred me to her PCP, because she had wls back in September 2013. I went last Monday and did the same pouring out to her and she agreed that was would be a great choice for me! I go to my first seminar on Wednesday, I have my orientation on 7/16! I'm ready to get this show on the road! I have Kaiser in northern California and its moving pretty fast. I'm just happy I went for a second opinion .

    I'm so happy for you! I waited until I was 45. That is my only regret - thinking I could do it "on my own" and losing precious time. 50 is looming in the future and I want to live every moment realizing how much I missed out on. Good god you for pushing on!!

  4. I've done my before and after sleeve surgery pics before in this thread. Here are my before and after abdominoplasty and panni pics. Don't worry the scar is covered with scar sheets, so it's safe for the weak of stomach. 155 pounds gone for good and 26 inches off my stomach gone for good from pre-op sleeve (9/12/13) to 1 month post op Tummy Tuck (6/12/15).

    PS. don't mind the stretch marks. I wear them proudly as a momma of 4 amazing kiddos.

    Bravo! Gorgeous!!!!

  5. I know this is an old thread but I'm hoping to resurrect it. Having serious, sleep depriving Hot Flashes. I'm 46, almost 47 and GYN checked levels. Levels have all dropped but I'm not done. Started taking Black Cohash. Having strange dreams (many about sex ????) and it gives me almost a hang over headache in morning. Anyone else experience that with Black Cohash? Would love to know.

  6. I always say this journey is as much mental as it is physical. People do treat you differently. Mostly better but that kind of pisses me off as much as those that were ignoring or mean when I was big. Shallow people suck. I think real friends stay the same. I think acquaintances might change. I definitely feel like I'm scrutinized and under a microscope a little more than I was. Whatever you do, please stay focused on yourself. I have very thick skin. I'm a nurse manager. I walk around with a target on my back most days. I was already used to "holding my head up and being assertive". It's easier now. But it still pisses me off that size matters. This is a journey about you. Best thing to do is NOT make it about others. You will never please everyone - why even try! Be prepared for comments, good and bad. Having a plan on how to talk about it helps. Being unprepared for the negativity or the over eager-can't-stop-talking about your weight loss friend is helpful. You're in charge - not them! Good luck. It's worth every worry.

  7. The older i get the more private i become i think maybe its bc I'm not out for others approval, acceptance nor opinions. If i want someones input I'll ask. Its like i was talking to therapist about it ..before this was done its hard enuff emotionally and mentally i didn't want or need to hear others neg input..i don't no if i mentioned this on this tgread or not just thought about it. But to each their own..????

    I wholeheartedly agree.

  8. When I was preop, this was the thread I came back to over and over again. The fact that I weighed 325 (as high as 330's) was the shock I needed (along with rapidly deteriorating health) to make a change. When I started researching WLS I would come to this thread and read, and re-read just to convince myself of the possibilities that existed. It's hard (preop) to believe in yourself enough to see the possibilities I think. I just wanted to come back to say thanks to all those who inspired me on this thread. I hit "onederland" today. It was strangely anticlimactic in a way. But I've been waiting a long time to see that number. My one year Sleeversary was last Friday 3/13. There were moments when I thought I'd fail. I have 25-30 to go. I'm beyond grateful for a second chance at life. And those who shared their stories on this thread were a huge part of getting me there. Thank you - especially to Cowgirl Jane. To all those starting out: BELIEVE IN THE POSSIBILITIES! Keep reading, keep healing, keep talking, keep believing. It's so worth it.

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