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  1. I agree with calling doc but I also had a really sore, painful back the first week. I think it was muscle pain from anesthesia, being guarded from pain (tense muscles) and probably just gas. The heating pad was my best pain - right in the middle of my shoulder blades. But, no thread on this site can replace what your doc says. Let us know what you find out.
  2. CrazyJaney

    Before and After Pics

    6 months post op VSG yesterday. 95 gone, 65 left to go. I'm still a work in process. Weight loss has slowed down, only 7 gone in the last month. Seem to be fighting for each pound now. Started at 325 so I've still got more to go but I sure feel better. Pictures DO help encourage me (for all you contemplating or pre-op). I'm so thankful for the excellent program at Vanderbilt University and for my awesome friends and family who have supported me. Just signed up for my first 5K in December. Time to take exercise seriously.
  3. CrazyJaney

    5 months

    From the album: The Afters

    5 Months Post op
  4. CrazyJaney

    Image 3

    From the album: The Afters

    Almost 4 Months Post Op
  5. CrazyJaney

    Image 4

    From the album: The Afters

    Three Months Post Op
  6. CrazyJaney

    Image 5

    From the album: The Afters

    Two months post op
  7. CrazyJaney

    Image 6

    From the album: The Afters

    One month post op
  8. CrazyJaney

    NSV shout outs

    Went shopping at Target because clothes are cheap and I still have a long way to go... BUT - went last night and completely bypassed the plus size section. Had to remind myself that nothing in that section would fit! Bought a cute maxi skirt and top in regular sizes, fits great! Such a great feeling!
  9. CrazyJaney

    100 lbs. lost!

    Congrats! I'm green with envy! I'm at 94 lost just before my 6 month mark. I had hoped to be at 100 for my 6 month visit (23rd). Still, much to celebrate! You look awesome!!!!!
  10. CrazyJaney

    Sleevers over 300lbs?

    Welcome! Just want to encourage you that what you're feeling is so normal! I started the journey a year ago. I weighed 325 in the office last August. It's starling and baffling and degrading. But - you are on the right road! I lost 28 preop over 6 months. You'll get there. You're doing exactly what you need to do to get there. I did 1400-1600 cal, low carb and water aerobics. Just stay the course. I has surgery in March. I'm down 94 total. Life is good. I wish I'd had done this sooner! Good luck.
  11. CrazyJaney


    I had surgery in March. I quit a week preop and I seriously thought I had the flu. It was not fun. Not telling you that to scare you, just want you to be prepared. I DO recommend doing it preop. If I had had those symptoms immediately post op, I'd have been even more miserable. I got through it with decaf tea (hot) and decaf Protein coffee. It was doable but I won't lie, pretty impressive. The worst was day 2-3 then it was mild withdrawal and over by day 5. I started drinking it again at 1 month post op but mostly I stayed with hot tea for a few months. Now I have 1-2 cups French Roast with half and half in am and discovered Starbucks iced coffee+milk which has 50 calories and 5 carbs (light blue top) for afternoon pick me up. I try to limit the Iced coffee to only a few times a week because 1) it's expensive 2) bothers my reflux 3) don't want to go back to a raging habit. I still love that first cup in the morning. My doc is good with all of it, just need to limit due to reflux. Good luck and try not to worry. This is hands down the best thing I've ever done. Those rough days seem like a blip on the radar, seems like eons ago. I'm down 90 pounds. Life is good and worth every temporary discomfort.
  12. I'm 5.5 months and just came out of a difficult stall. It last 3 weeks. I seemed to gain and lose the same 3 pounds for a month. So very frustrating. In back to losing again. But it's definitly getting harder.
  13. I hit a long stall (3-4 weeks) at 1 month and again at 5 months. I also know I retain fluid big time when I'm PMSing. The thing is, I'm not having periods, just cyclical pms. Haven't had one since April or May. My face breaks out, I'm moody and the scale just stands still, even without an actual period. As soon as symptoms go always, weight falls off. I've done nothing but keep doing what I need to do. I've lost 92 since last August. 28 preop. The rest since surgery in March. All this despite stalls that made me want to cry. Point is, stay the course and it will budge, eventually.
  14. CrazyJaney

    Dreaded 3 week stall!

    I had a really tough stall at 3 weeks and at 5 months. I mean REALLY frustrating. There is no solution except to keep doing what you're doing. Also, vary up what you eat. I'd eat some carbs but stay in my calorie range and it sometimes seems to boost my metabolism again. If only do that 1-2 days a week. But overall, I've lost 90 pounds (62 post op) in 5.5 months, even with stalls. I lost 28 pre op but I count it all. A year ago I weighed 325. Hard to believe. Just stay the course. You've got a great tool for success. Unfortunately, we have to be patient and wait for it. So dang frustrating though.
  15. CrazyJaney

    Riding a bike? What?.

    I had the same wonderful experience in June. Wasn't it such an awesome feeling? I'm down another 30 since then and keep having those moments. Such a great investment, I agree!
  16. @@ready2B Good thread. This is the one I was talking about.
  17. CrazyJaney


    I'm 5 months post. It was at it's worst the first 2 months. Miralax started to do nothing for me. I would have to take MOM a few days a week in addition to get me going. Then I switched from Miralax to generic stool softners without lax. That eventually didn't help. So I tried stool softners with a lax a and now I only take something 3 times a week. I added berries back to my diet and that has also helped. It is frustrating!!! I'm a nurse. When it gets bad, you have to address from the top and the bottom. Now I just try to stay ahead. Travelling makes it so bad.
  18. Great post! You're gonna do great and you'll find your voice and the tools to deal with it all. I know we PM'ed about this but I just have to say, you are so normal going through all this preop! I so get what you're saying!
  19. I regret many, many things in my life. High school boyfriend. College boyfriend. Not going to Europe when I was in college. The horrible female mullet with big bangs haircut in 1990. But I don't regret having lost 90 pounds in the last year. I don't regret that I still have 70 to go and it's getting harder. I would greatly regret still weighing 325 pounds and being flat out miserable. I know the surgery isn't for everyone. It is work. But to image going back and the struggle it was to lose just 20 pounds back then - I can't even fathom it. There is work, no doubt, but regret for me would be never having done it. To those of you searching threads on "regret", think about how you feel NOW, last year, last time you wanted to do something and couldn't. That is regret EVERYDAY. Research every option and educate yourself thoroughly. Don't let any ONE experience (good or bad) influence you. It is a huge decision that you can't turn away from but this is not a one size fits all.
  20. CrazyJaney

    What's Your Favorite Store Now?

    I just re-read the original post. I hit 90 pounds gone this morning and my clothes are falling off. I went to Kohls and bought an XL sweater in the regular women section without trying it on. It was way too big. I can't wrap my head around what size clothes I really am. It is such a strange phenomenom when you have been shopping plus size for so long. On the down side, I am very pear shaped and pretty sure I won't see a size 12 or 14 until I am at goal. I haven't even tried on anything yet because I don't want to be disappointed. But, overall - what a thrill to shop now! I am probably a bit too old for Victoria Secrets but I find sexy stuff all the time! I wore a fitted black sweater with black pants to work the other day, people were awestruck at work. It was crazy how the tight black accentuated the curves and weight loss. Crazy! Now to lose the last 70 and finance my house for plastics - lol - just kidding - well….. maybe!
  21. CrazyJaney

    gossip stories/ haters gonna hate

    Amen!!!!!! Living well is the best revenge!
  22. CrazyJaney

    gossip stories/ haters gonna hate

    Hubby is right. Sit back and laugh at their ridiculousness. You will be surprised how much confidence you might find in yourself in the months to come. This is all about you and you are worthy of the good things that will come. Smile, be the bigger person, and focus only on you and yours. Good luck!
  23. CrazyJaney

    Period Question!

    I had a period the day after surgery (light), then one a month later, and then none since May. But I'm 46 and was becoming regular. Keep feeling pms-ish but never start. Frustrating.
  24. CrazyJaney

    Sleevers over 300lbs?

    I'll be 5 months post op on Aug 13th. 85-ish gone but sooooo far to go. Struggling with the fact that I have done well but it's not as easy as it was. I'm headed home from the beach with my girlfriends. Had a great time despite my first experience with dumping (note to self: Bushwhackers are made with ice cream and will make you feel horrible, even if you ALWYS have one at the beach - no more). I look at the pictures and I'm so far from being happy where I am right now. I guess that is motivation to keep going. A year ago I was 325 pounds. This is better but it's not enough. This trip (and the photographic evidence) has been hard on my brain. People telling me I look great, me seeing pics and just wanting more. It's like I see every flaw now. Keep me in your prayers this week. It's also my 46th birthday and just not feeling the self worth I should have. ????

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