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  1. Rev - you do stir up the best conversations! Roo - you just put to words my deepest fears about this journey. I have always been the big girl with the pretty face and great hair. At 45, weight falls off differently. I've only lost 20 preop but I can tell my skin won't hold up. My face is already sharper with more lines. I've had many a moments like feeling like Jabba but I've also been the pretty girl with a fair amount of attention. It's scary to think there won't be that one shining moment where you go "Yes - this is it". For me, I think those moments might come when I am DOING something I wouldn't do before. It's the freedom that health brings, not so much the beauty. Butterflies are Free aren't they? But what a thought to think you do this and no one SEES it. Ugh.
  2. CrazyJaney

    Introducing myself

    Tons of us have done the sleep Study as it is often a criteria for insurance approval. Search for threads on it because there are many posts about it. Good luck!
  3. Governor of Sparkly Princess Land!
  4. GMan - I love your posts. I really do. This is one of my all time favorites!
  5. You just hit the nail. This is exactly why I'm not fully going "out". I can deflect a certain amount of unsolicited comments, but after a while, it's a distraction and becomes exhausting. When I lost 40 pounds (was only 30 from goal) many years ago I felt like I was under a microscope. I work in a hospital. One of the housekeepers made a comment EVERY SINGLE DAY. She was a bit "simple" and loved to talk. She was one of those people you'd want to avoid in a crowded waiting room. She'd go on and on and on about my weight loss. I didn't even know her name. We weren't even acquaintances. It drove me nuts. Anyway, your posts nailed it. It's about authenticity. I can't wait to have my butterfly moment but I'm still me. Don't make me think less of you because you're a shallow person who only sees my weight loss (or gain). Madame, you are smoking hot regardless of the number on the scale - I think your group probably sees the overall hotness you exude. Just saying.
  6. "Patience Butterfly". New favorite quote.
  7. Absolutely amazing. Just stunning! I'm down to 304 preop and I entertained the goal of 140 but then I think I'll never do that. I'm 45 so in reality, 160 or 170 is probably more realistic. I imagine you feel great! Congrats! Very inspiring!
  8. CrazyJaney

    Breakfast suggestions

    I just found Chicken Sausage and can't wait to try it!
  9. CrazyJaney


    Headphones and music. Air freshner. Internet shop for new bathing suits. You're still so early in the healing process. Today is a crappy day but these days will pass. I'm preop so what do I know but that's what I plan to do! Lol
  10. No expert here by any means. Please get help soon! Body dysmophic syndromes mean we don't always have a good reality of what our bodies really look like. Much like the anorexic, I think it affects us similarly. I love my curves. I hope they never go away. But my HEALTH is suffering and that's a reality. Focus on the unwritten chapters and where your body will take you! Get a massage, a haircut, some new makeup, try a new exercise regime or yoga. Love your skin you are in! I am sending prayers for peace of mind and comfort.
  11. CrazyJaney

    Not bragging but.....

    My doctor said success is gauged over the first 18 months, and then hopefully maintainece. I also agree that age plays into this. I've lost 20 pre op but is so slow at 45. My joints are killing me from exercising. How I wish this surgery had been around 20 years ago! I'll take what I can get though. Glad to read some success stories from the early weeks. I want to get back to work without too much difficulty. I have a busy, stressful job. Very worried I will be distracted, weak, in pain, not meeting intake goals and constipated - all at work!!! Glad to hear it's going great for some!
  12. CrazyJaney

    Just Wanted To Rant

    I have a sister I'm very close to. I'd be so hurt if she felt that way. But I agree with the others. It's her baggage and crap. Not yours. Remember these words: THE BEST REVENGE IS A LIFE WELL LIVED. Not that you're in the business of revenge but.... Go live your very best life. Seize the day! Find your true you and be HAPPY. She may never find hers. Your transformation is perfect for you. But my heart aches a little for you because those digs sting. No one knows how to push a button like a sister.
  13. CrazyJaney

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    I got it about a week after my test. Find out which medical supply company your doc uses and who takes your insurance (only 2 companies in a 60 mile radius of Nashville took Aetna - crazy, I know). Call tomorrow and set up an appointment for early next week. I see a lot of posts that people don't have to take their CPAP to the hospital since it's a short stay but I'm now at the point I don't sleep well without it. Do they say why they would delay it? I thought it was more for insurance approval rather than needing to use it. Good luck!
  14. CrazyJaney

    Sleevers by profession.

    Nurse manager of a cardiac unit and 2 ICU's in TN. Stress is my middle name. Can't wait to get this done. Sometimes I fantasize about career changes or going into Bariatrics when I'm to the "other side" of this journey. I believe the medical profession causes something in the brain to overeat. Nurses are often guilty of putting ourselves last. All that conditioning to "put patients first" - it can become pathological for some of us "do gooders". But I'm truly just trying to take this one step at a time. Last preop apt next week. Next stop - per approval.
  15. CrazyJaney

    struggling a little

    I think January has been harder to eat clean and low carb than December was. You'd think the holidays would be worse. I've posted before about my experience and injury with a personal trainer. It's so frustrating. If I ever get another again, it's going to be someone who rehabbed from WLS and became a trainer. Now that's an untapped market! Our joints are not ever going to be the same as someone who has been mildly obese, or unless you are in your 20's. From what I've read, pain from arthritis is erased but not the structural damage. I hope you feel better soon. Everyone around me is in a mid winter funk. Me included. You are one of my biggest inspiration CGJ so hang tough. You've got this!
  16. Congrats! Very inspiring!
  17. CrazyJaney

    Any February 2014 Sleevers?

    Lol! I love this post!
  18. CrazyJaney

    very confused

    My doctor (practicing in a major University hospital) is not a fan of the band either. Too many complications. I was interested in it a few years ago, even got as far as an appointment. Glad I waited. Nothing is fool proof or perfect but the data does not bode well for the band.
  19. CrazyJaney

    Upper GI

    I had mine today too! It was gross. So glad that's behind me! I didn't drink enough water today, noemi paranoid I'll get constipated. :-(
  20. You are right! I'm totally gonna do it. It might become my first tattoo eventually too. I'm glad you pointed that out! Thank you!
  21. CrazyJaney

    Did you keep it a secret?

    And what gets me is those who will sit and watch and WAIT for failure so they can pity you. I realize there are far more out there who love me and want me to succeed but the few who don't "get it" and who enjoy suffering, they make it hard. I don't have many of those in my immediate circle but enough acquaintances that fall into that category. My blood is kinda boiling now for you but DC is right. They talked trash about Jesus too. Be strong and have faith in yourself. (I'm all fired up now! Lol)
  22. CrazyJaney

    Did you keep it a secret?

    That just sucks. My husband told my 86 year old mother in law who has dementia (mild). She's not a nice person to begin with - a true small town gossip. She calls everyone she knows and talks and talks about everyone (not remembering the multiple times she's told the same story). I was so pissed at my husband. I can relate to your hurt. But this is about you and your health. To hell with the gossips! Be strong. You got this. Best wishes for an uneventful and speedy recovery.
  23. Are you sure you peeled the back off properly? Those things are super sticky. At least the ones il had. I know that seems like a dumb question but I've had several and that stuff is very sticky! Maybe its a different brand.....

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