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  1. scarlet333

    Calling all vets. Need help 4 years post op

    Some dense protein breakfast ideas? I usually eat eggs and turkey bacon or Greek yogurt.
  2. I also regained 55 pounds and am 4 years out. I also am saying enough! My feet hurt almost all the time, lacking energy and don't want to socialize since I'm busting out of my size 16s. Today I started back on these forums, logged my food into my fitness pal and started getting my water sipping back in. Let's try to lean on each other for support. We did it before we can do it again.
  3. scarlet333

    Calling all vets. Need help 4 years post op

    Thank you both for your replies. So sad to see so many veterans, myself included have left these forums. Everything is dated from so long ago. The weird thing is throughout my 2 year weight gain I regularly e exercised which proves to me that diet is much more important than exercise. The points of not keeping bad foods in the house is a good one for me. I researched macro nutritional goals (which I had forgotten) and set up my fitness pal again. Went to the grocery store and only bought ice cream flavor and snacks I don't like for the rest of my family. Carried my water around all day and sipped all day. Thank you for the advice. Love to hear more if any other veterans want to participate.
  4. I haven't been on these forums in about 2 years but decided I needed serious help and was hoping to be inspired again as I was 4 years ago when I had surgery. The bottom line is I've fallen back into old habits. I've regained almost all the weight I lost. Have had many false starts. Can't seem to stick with anything. I'm eating like a truck driver (no offense to truck drivers). Feel out of control. Weighed myself this morning. Refreshed my fitness app with new goals and started reading here. Words of advice much appreciated.
  5. scarlet333

    sleeve reset was successful

    I can't get focused. I keep eating pita chips....I'm going to just start now and forget about trying to wait until tomorrow.....u said it Diet is the key Don't wait start right away. Just focus on getting through this one day meeting Protein goals, Water goals, and keeping carbs low. Go to sleep tonight feeling good about what you ate that day. Then the next day same thing. Once a few days past it starts getting easier. So far down 6.4 pounds and will weigh in tomorrow hopefully adding to this total. Good luck!
  6. scarlet333

    Halloween Challenge!

    What's the 5 day pouch test? Its a plan many weight loss surgery people use to get restriction back. I found out about it on another thread and it worked for me. Helped me to feel more in control of my hunger and got me back to following all the rules about eating protein first, not drinking before and after eating for a period of time etc. The link to the web page is http://www.5daypouchtest.com/plan/theplan.html
  7. scarlet333

    Halloween Challenge!

    Week 1 weigh in 170.2. Thank you 5 Day pouch test for giving me a great jumpstart. Please change my goal to 164. Thank you for doing this.
  8. scarlet333

    sleeve reset was successful

    I have to share this. I finished 5 day pouch test today and weighed in at a 6.4 pound loss. This proves to me that diet is everything in weight loss. I regained 33 pounds while vigorously exercising 5 days per week. This does not mean I will stop my exercise routing for health, toning and help with loss but diet is the real key. I am going to seriously consider the 5:2 diet to help with get the rest of the weight off and help maintain. Another plus has been a feeling of power over constant carb craving and the power of portion control. Happy to be back on this site.
  9. scarlet333

    sleeve reset was successful

    I need to restart again I fell off and gained 8 pounds after came home from Paris. I'm starting today. Let's do this together Yes lets do this. On day 4 of the test and feeling good. Its totally doable and I think it broke my carb cravings. Will post back next week to report progress. Did 30 minutes on elliptical. Hope Paris was great!
  10. scarlet333

    sleeve reset was successful

    Ok so I started the 5 day pouch test yesterday. Surprisingly it wasn't that hard in terms of hunger but have had a headache this morning which I think is a withdrawal symptom from all of the sugar. That's ok with me. I ate or more accurately drank 4 cups of Soup yesterday which added up to a lot of carbs for the day (I had tomato soup and split pea). Ironically I got a letter in the mail from my bariatric surgeon that its time to schedule an appointment. This I took as a sign that its time to conquer this weight gain. I would dread to go back a failure. Going for a nice long walk now. Will check back again soon.
  11. For those of you that have done the 5 day pouch test, can you use canned Soups for the "hearty soups" on days 1 and 2? I see all the delicious sounding Soup recipes that are listed at the 5 day pouch test website but I confess I am not a cooking type and would never prepare those soups. After surgery I mostly had pea soup, tomato soup, broth (all canned) can I substitute those soups and also buy other canned soup like clam chowder, beef barley etc. Do I need to puree them? Please help, I want to start today.
  12. scarlet333

    sleeve reset was successful

    I am so happy to have found this thread and group. I am 2 1/2 years out and had been so successful. Although I had not reached goal I was at a healthy and happy weight. Slowly but surely old habits started to creep back in. Grazing all day. Eating too many carbs (mostly sweets). The result is that I have gained back 33 pounds and am struggling to keep off the 50 other pounds I had lost. The fact that I have kept to my exercise routine is probably the only thing that has saved me from complete failure. I am starting the 5 day pouch test today and the other thing is I have joined the Halloween challenge in another forum which I think will also help me with accountability. Please lets keep encouraging each other and get back control of our sleeves. Lets remember how good it felt to wake up each morning knowing that we could fit into anything hanging in our closets (unless it was too big of course). Glad I have started back with checking in with bariatric pal. Thank you so much to the person who started this thread and to all participating.
  13. scarlet333

    Halloween Challenge!

    Thank you for doing all of this work. CW 176.4 GW 169.9
  14. scarlet333

    Labor Day Challenge!

    Need some extra motivation. Can anyone tell me what the next challenge is and where to find it?
  15. scarlet333

    Garmin fitness band users

    I got a vivofit a few days ago and so far it is very motivating as I am just figuring it out. I was only able to connect to heynowkc.

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