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  1. ItsMeAgain

    Buyers Remorse!

    Hi Nickole75! Don't get discouraged! I know its hard in the very beginning to deal with your new stomach and I promise it does get much easier sooner than what you think. I too was hungry when I 1st started and I found out that taking my Pepsid helped half of that (stomach acid tricks you into thinking its hunger). The other half was me really getting hungry (my stomach would growl). After a few weeks I was able to eat soft foods and I could barely eat one scrambled egg. Trust me, enjoy this now as time goes fast and you really want to lose as much weight as your body allows in the early weeks and months. I'm almost 5 months out and I still have great restriction of course but I can eat more than 1 scrambled egg...that's for sure. Rest assured that you are right on target and you're going through the same thing we all went through. In a couple of months you will hardly remember the issues you "used" to have. Good luck on your journey and don't give up!
  2. ItsMeAgain

    5 months out...tortoise or the hare?

    That's awesome LBD! Good luck on that last leg of the race...you're almost there!
  3. ItsMeAgain

    Exercising vs not exercising

    Hey...I posted about something similar today. I didn't really consider the whole exercising with weights being the culprit. I too haven't lost as much weight as I should have by now but maybe the other posters have an excellent point about exercising and the result of a slow moving scale. I too must agree with them about continuing your exercise regime. I'm also going to keep it moving and hopefully that mean ole scale will eventually get the hint and show us some love. Lol
  4. ItsMeAgain

    5 months out...tortoise or the hare?

    Honestly, I think we all compare with each other's results on this journey and I think it can be a bit emotionally damaging especially when we see those large numbers other people are putting out there (congrats to them btw). The problem I have is that I'm not losing 1 or 2lbs per week at all (I wish it were that steady). I'm on this weird stair step trend where I drop a couple pounds, gain a couple, lose some again and then stall for a few weeks. It makes me feel like I'm not doing my personal best and that's the psychological part I've hated about this journey. The diets I'd been on since 2012 had been more of a steady loss so I ended up getting used to that type of weight loss cycle. But this one is taking quite a bit of getting used to for me. Maybe I have some Fluid retention which causes the crazy fluctuations...IDK All in all I'm very happy I got the surgery and wouldn't change a thing. I know that in the long run VSG will help me stay the course and give me the opportunity to bounce back from any future weight gain I may have. I absolutely know for a fact I wouldn't be able to do it on my own if I hadn't gone this route so I'm extremely thankful I could afford to pay for this. Good luck to everyone who's working hard to stay the course and I'm happy to be on this journey with you all!
  5. ItsMeAgain

    5 months out...tortoise or the hare?

    Oh yeah I take a high count B12 once per week as prescribed by my doctor. I enjoy that little piece of sweetness on Monday's. It taste like a sweet tart. LoL
  6. ItsMeAgain

    5 months out...tortoise or the hare?

    You have a great point about juices but I'm not that person. I drink coffee (1 cup per day), Water and the typical sugar free drinks like crystal light and those store brand kinds. I once weighed 335 after having my last kid in 2011 so I've been working on myself through various diets since 2012. I'm proud of my accomplishments but I was hoping the surgery would push my loss a little quicker since it's the most drastic thing I could have done for optimal weight loss. Congrats on your loss so far and thanks for replying to my post!
  7. ItsMeAgain

    5 months out...tortoise or the hare?

    Oh yeah, my weight info is a little misleading. I was 301 BEFORE the 1 week pre-op diet but lost 10lbs by day of surgery.
  8. TORTOISE...unfortunately I'm what most people would call a slow loser or stair step loser...I suppose. However, I really hate having to own those titles because quite frankly I'm a little teed off about my weight loss thus far. Yes, I've lost weight and I really do feel better about myself BUT I really think there's got to be more I can do to enhance the movement of this very slow losing process. I've only lost 45lbs from day of surgery and I'm going on my 5th month out! If you do the math I can barely get 8lbs a month on average after the 1st big drop in Month #1. So, with that said, I've really been contemplating on going back to my old HcG diet days with some slight modification (to ensure I get my Protein and Water intake) since I was losing more quickly with that than what I am now. I'm not giving up on the typical WLS diet but this slow movement is getting on my last nerves. And yes...I do eat right, drink close to 64oz of Fluid daily, and exercise hard plus alternate days of weights too (5-6 days/week)!!! Every now and then I eat a piece of chocolate or two when its close to my TOM and I have no guilt about that because I'm human and I do a darn good job of eating right and exercising as a whole. BUT for the life of me I just don't get why I lose so slow. It's really a pain in the rear! I suppose I just have to keep figuring this thing out until I can beat my own statistics. Anyone else have this issue that's truly doing all the right things but having SLOW results? Have YOU found a cure for this madness? Thanks all for reading my rant!
  9. ItsMeAgain

    When people ask "How did you lose weight?"

    I totally agree with you MichiganChic! It's nobody's business but your own and who you decide to share your life with. People tend to be so nosey and gossipy and judgmental that I care not to be watched like a hawk at my job. I also don't need their approval or support since I've got plenty of that from family and close friends who really DO care about my health and well being. Some people don't have that and rely on co-workers as a support system. The only thing I say to that is be careful since jealousy can ensue from time to time when the overweight you has transformed into the new sexier you.
  10. Pattierie...Don't worry about the crazy post-op diet! I've had my own issues with what exactly to do these 1st few weeks. I'm eating any flavored soup I can find without the chunks of course. I bought plain Greek yogurt and added some watermelon crystal light to it (taste good!). I have a whole box of different flavors of sugar free jello/pudding (Costco had them on sale now!) and SF popsicles and the lovely protein powder of course. My biggest issue is staying FULL! My body seriously wants real food and not just liquids! I can't stop being hungry after a short time and it has nothing to do with my head or stomach acid. I stayed more full on the pre-op diet which was more restrictive (if you can believe that!) I personally can't wait until the mushies stage because this is totally bogus! Okay so I'm done complaining now. LoL
  11. Hey startingoveryetagain, Don't worry about that mean ole scale! Its just being a pain because you probably still have some swelling around your abdomen that fools it into thinking you haven't lost weight. Also if you haven't had a BM in a while that can keep you second guessing about how the surgery will help you lose weight. Personally, I've seen my scale go down AND up which made me go...hmmm wth?! However, I know I didn't do anything wrong so I'm going on like I hadn't been checking a few days this week. My personal advice is to continue drinking water or clear fluids so it can flush your system and in the next couple of days I'm sure you'll see the results you need to keep you focused on your goals. Good Luck!
  12. Hello! I'm from Texas and was sleeved last week! Here's the bad: The 1st couple days were rough for me unfortunately. I kept throwing up when I tried to drink water, I had tremendous gas pains...the nausea medicines I was given didn't help at all, and I was extremely thirsty. Here's the good: I started feeling like a new person by day 3! I was drinking water by day 5 with ease but was very hungry even after taking the Pepcid to help with the acid in my stomach, which was kinda rough for a couple of days. Also, I had staples placed on all my incisions and was itching like crazy for two days straight until I got them out at my post-op yesterday. I can truly say that I feel awesome right now. I've gone back to the gym a couple of days this week only to walk on the treadmill for about 30 minutes. I can say that I felt kinda worn out after that which is crazy since I was going slow as all heck. I could do more but my stomach muscles won't let me. I'm not fit obviously, but I'm not super out of shape either since I enjoy bike rides with the family. Anyway, I'm learning things about myself everyday since the surgery. I don't have any advice other than to say keep doing what you do and don't let temptation get to you! Stay strong and good luck to everyone on their journeys!
  13. ItsMeAgain

    Oct 28 dr kim

    Hello there! I hope you are recovering well from surgery! I was just sleeved myself last week by Dr. Kim! The 1st few days are rough but things will get better each day! Feel free to leave me a message when you're feeling up to it.