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  1. 1newday2

    Feel like im losing slow

    I had the revision done 12-28-13 starting weight 246 and I'm now 206. I feel like my weight loss has been slow. Keep your head up and continue to move forward and we will get there.
  2. 1newday2

    Bye bye band

    I had my band removed and revised to the sleeve but had to wait 6 weeks before the doctor would sleeve me. I was afraid I would gain weight although I had already done that with the band. I didn't gain any weight in fact it felt like I still had the band. I trust my surgeon. So if he said I need to wait then I needed to wait even if I didn't like it. I knew a lot of people that were had their band removed and sleeved same day. My surgeon told me my stomach needed time to heal.
  3. You might what to so what Beyonce said To The Left. To The Left.
  4. HW 286. in life HW 246. when I started revision from band SW 227 CW 216
  5. 1newday2

    Help Please! So Many Questions?

    I think you have some valid questions. I had the band removed 6 weeks ago and will revise to the sleeve on 12-28-13. With the band I lost almost no weight. I could never get the fills correct. To tight or to loss etc. My band slipped and had it removed. I think all insurance company might be different when it comes to revision. I know some insurance company only allow one weight loss surgery. You never know we're you will be in terms of insurance down the road. With my insurance I was already seeing a nutritionist for 6 months before going to see the weight loss surgeon. After they discovered the slip the submitted everything to insurance. My surgeon which does all type of weight loss.surgery said they band only has a 50 % successful rate and in 2013 the hospital only did 1. I think that speaks volumes. I think with any surgery you must make sure you have an experienced surgeon or things might go wrong.
  6. HW of my life 286 HW when I started this 246 SW not until 12-28-13 CW 228 GW 160 maybe it depends on how my clothes fit.
  7. 1newday2

    Dallas, Texas Sleevers! !

    I'm in Dallas, surgeon will be with Dr. Kuhn on 12-28-13. Lapland removed about six weeks ago and will be revising to sleeve.
  8. My goal is to lose about 70 pounds. Current weight 228 highest weight in my life around 280.
  9. 1newday2

    Insurance Approval!

    Congrats.........do you have a date yet
  10. 1newday2

    African American Sleevers

    Congrats you look great.
  11. So far so good with the food. I still feel like I have a little restriction even though the band has been taken out .

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